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The excellence in education, practical approach to teaching, and wide range of course options make UK a perfect study-abroad destination for international students. Masters in management (MIM) is one of the top courses that international students choose to study in UK. Playing a managerial role in companies will definitely offer you a handsome salary along with the opportunity to learn multiple skills. Undoubtedly pursuing a management course in UK will offer you a rewarding career in the field. Students who pursue a Master in Management in UK get a wide option for specialisation. In this blog, let’s explore the top management courses to study in UK.


Master’s in International Business Management


While studying master’s in international business, students will be able to learn a technique to recognise various challenges faced by international businesses. It will also equip you with skills and to operate, make strategies, and solve the issues of international businesses. Moreover, it covers a range of concepts, including international competition, the latest business models, innovation, optimising modern technology, and data analytics. With the growing globalisations, this course will make you an attractive employee to the top MNCs (Multi-National Companies). Some of the top universities in UK for masters in management :


Master’s in Human Resource Management


The master’s in human resource management will provide you with a rigorous and critical approach to making strategies and practising the field. Also, it will give you a broad overview of the major areas of human resources and employment relations policy. With a Master’s in human resource management, students will be prepared for s successful careers in a range of public, commercial sector and not-for-profit organisations. The best UK universities to pursue human resource management courses are:


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Master’s in Financial Management


The master’s in financial management will equip you with all the knowledge and principles of finance. The course will strengthen your understanding in areas like business intelligence, analytical thinking, financial management, cash flow management, etc. It covers a wide range of finance topics like accounting, corporate finance, financial valuation, behavioural finance, derivatives, capital markets, econometrics, financial modelling, quantitative methods, investment management, financial regulation, etc. Some of the finest UK universities to study finance with management are:


Master’s in Global Supply Chain Management


Master in Supply chain management (SCM) includes the techniques and methods to lower the costs of goods, and increase the productivity and sales of the company. Also, it provides you with the knowledge to perform the functions related to the procurement of materials, the transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products, and the distribution of these products to customers. Students will also be equipped with various skills like information technology and automation knowledge, a grasp of economics and market dynamics, an understanding of cost-to-serve, negotiating skills, the ability to get the best from people, etc. Top UK universities to study supply chain management courses are:


Master in Project Management


Master in project management will strengthen students understanding of both the people-related and technical requirements necessary for successfully managing projects, as well as the organisational and strategic aspects. It will allow students to develop professional skills and work on various projects. Some of the most prominent universities in UK to study project Management courses are:

  • Birmingham City University (BCU)

  • Queens University Belfast's

  • University of Manchester

  • University of Warwick

  • University of Birmingham

  • Lancaster University

  • University of Southampton

Master’s in Marketing Management


The masters in marketing management blend theoretical knowledge with the practical application of marketing concepts. While studying marketing courses, students will gain expertise in the latest ideologies and concepts to analyse and understand customer behaviours for making effective marketing strategies. They’ll also be trained to work in a variety of organisations and implement advertising and promotional strategies to attract target audiences. The major concepts of the marketing course include social media marketing, sales management, public relations, finance, marketing research, and Communication. Best UK universities to study marketing management courses:

  • Birmingham City University (BCU)

  • Queens University Belfast's

  • University of Westminster

  • London Business School

  • Greenwich School of Management

  • Sheffield University Management School

  • Oxford Brookes University

Master’s in Entrepreneurship Management


The masters in entrepreneurial management provide students with the tools, knowledge, and techniques to understand today’s business trends and grab the opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. It guides and encourages entrepreneurial thinkers to turn ideas into action. This course includes a range of modules like entrepreneurial process, organisational behaviour, business strategy, new venture creation, strategic marketing management, etc. Top universities in UK to study Entrepreneurship with management are mentioned below:

  • Birmingham City University (BCU)

  • Queens University Belfast's

  • University of Salford

  • University of Bath

  • Durham University

  • Cranfield University

  • University of Bristol

Master’s in Innovation and Technology Management- uni of bath


Through a Master’s in innovation and technology, students will be able to develop skills and knowledge to lead innovative projects. It is a perfect choice for students from engineering, management or science graduates who want to develop their expertise in innovation and technological advancement. While pursuing this course, students will learn to cope with rapidly changing technology and produce innovative products to solve the daily challenges in human life. Some of the top innovation universities in the UK are:

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Master’s in Engineering Business Management


A Master’s in Engineering Management will blend theory with practical knowledge of modern engineering along with managerial techniques and skills that are applicable to the field. The course links business knowledge with the field of engineering and technology. Also, it covers a range of topics, including mathematics, operations and project management, and technology management. It offers you a pathway to work in a managerial role as a professional Engineering. Top UK universities to study Engineering Management related courses


Master’s in Sports Management


Master in sports management is an interdisciplinary course that will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to manage the complexity of the sports industry. While pursuing this course, students will be able to learn from a wide range of different sports and get prepared to debate the pros and cons of recent developments in the sports industry. Students will also understand how to operate and manage sports events. This course includes a range of topics like sports marketing and sponsorship, sports legal environment, sports governance and strategic management, sport development and policy, etc. some of the finest universities in UK to pursue a master’s in sports management are:


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