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New Zealand, known for its picturesque landscapes and excellent education system, offers an exciting opportunity for international students with its July intake 2024. This mid-year intake allows students to embark on their educational journey in the stunning island nation and experience the best that New Zealand has to offer.

The July intake 2024 provides an alternative entry point for those who may have missed the traditional February intake or are seeking to start their studies at a different time. It opens doors to various universities, colleges, and institutes across New Zealand.

Whether they are interested in pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies, ample options are available to cater to diverse educational backgrounds and interests.

Let’s explore the July Intake in New Zealand.

July Intake in New Zealand

There are 2 intakes in New Zealand - February and July. July intake is also a major intake in New Zealand, as all universities and various institutions participate in it.

Recently, Universities in New Zealand have closed their doors for July Intake 2023. So, the candidates who want to study in this intake must especially wait for the next year.

However, candidates can start applying for July Intake 2024 in New Zealand from July 2023 itself. This will increase their chances of getting an offer letter as universities will receive a small number of applications initially and can review your application quickly.

Important Highlights of New Zealand July Intake

There are several reasons why you might consider choosing the New Zealand July intake for your studies:

Flexibility - The July intake provides flexibility in terms of starting your academic journey. If you missed the February intake or prefer to start your studies in the mid-year semester, the July intake allows you to do so. It provides an alternative timeline for commencing your program.

Availability of Courses - While not all courses may be available during the July intake, many universities and educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide range of programs and courses starting in July. This allows you to explore various options and find the program that aligns with your academic and career goals.

Smaller Intake Size - The July intake tends to have a smaller cohort of students compared to the February intake. This can be advantageous as it may lead to smaller class sizes, more personalised attention from instructors, and enhanced opportunities for interaction and engagement with professors and peers.

Increased Focus - You may experience a more concentrated and focused learning environment with a smaller intake size. This can facilitate deeper discussions, more individualised guidance, and increased opportunities for active class participation.

Off-Peak Travel and Accommodation - Choosing the July intake allows you to take advantage of off-peak travel and accommodation options. Flight tickets and accommodation costs may be cheaper during this time, offering potential savings for international students.

Winter Experience - The July intake provides an opportunity to experience the New Zealand winter season. Studying during this period can be a memorable and enriching experience if you enjoy winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding or simply appreciate the unique charm of winter landscapes.

Seamless Transition - Starting your studies in the July intake can allow for a seamless transition into the following academic year. By completing the mid-year semester, you can align your subsequent study periods with the regular academic calendar, enabling a smoother progression through your program.

Deadline for July Intake in New Zealand

If you want to study in July Intake in New Zealand, then check all the deadlines to submit your application below.

New Zealand July Intake Deadline 2024 Actions Taken by the Students
August to November 2023 Choose the universities and institutions based on the courses you want to take.
December 2023 to January 2024 Take English proficiency exams such as IELTS /TOEFL/PTE and, if necessary, standardised entrance examinations such as GRE/GMAT to apply to your selected university/institute.
February to March 2024 Apply as soon as possible to all prospective universities/institutions.
March to April 2024 Now you must wait for the university's response. You will receive an offer letter if your application is accepted.
April to June 2024 Accept the offer letter and pay the one-year cost in advance to book a seat and begin your Visa application process immediately.
June to July 2024 Purchase a plane ticket and travel to New Zealand for additional research.

In addition to the universities mentioned earlier, numerous institutes in New Zealand participate in the July intake. These institutes follow a rolling intake system, which means they accept students throughout the year. To obtain specific details about these institutes and their admission processes, prospective candidates can reach out to our dedicated team of Overseas Counsellors.

Our Counsellors are well-versed in assisting international students and have extensive knowledge about the various institutes and programs available in New Zealand. They can provide comprehensive information about admission requirements, application deadlines, course offerings, and any other queries related to studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand Universities for July Intake

Candidates who will apply in July Intake 2024 can check all the universities in New Zealand that participated in this intake and offer various courses for international students.

New Zealand Universities for July Intake QS World Ranking 2023
The University of Auckland 87
University of Otago 217
Victoria University of Wellington 275
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha 284
Massey University 292
University of Waikato 331
Lincoln University 368
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) 486

How to Apply for Universities for July Intake in New Zealand

Here is a concise guide to applying for New Zealand universities in July intake 2024.

Step 1 - Research institutions offering your desired program and check if they have a July intake.

Step 2 - Review admission requirements to ensure eligibility and complete the online application form accurately.

Step 3 - Pay the required application fee, verify the amount and payment method and submit your application online through the university's official website.

Step 4 - Explore scholarships for international students, and if you find any, apply for them.

Step 5 - Monitor the application status and scholarship status online or contact the admissions office for updates.

Step 6 - If you get the offer letter and scholarship, review them and then accept the offer as per the university's guidelines.

Step 7 - Apply for a student visa on the Immigration New Zealand website and go to New Zealand to further study.

Documents Required for July Intake in New Zealand

Below is the list of documents which are required to study in New Zealand Universities.

Documents Required for New Zealand July Intake

  • Transcripts from the preceding academic year, 12th grade, bachelor's & master's degree.

  • Proof of English language competency test (IELTS) results that meet the criteria of your chosen university

  • Certificate of completion for a previous degree (only required for master's degree candidates)

  • GRE or GMAT scores (if required)

  • A statement of purpose ( SOP) for admission to a certain university or country

  • Two letters of recommendation (LOR) (if required)

  • Documentation demonstrating adequate financial resources

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) updated with educational and professional information

  • Certificate of work experience (if necessary)

  • A current passport-size photograph


The July intake in New Zealand presents a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue their educational dreams. With a wide range of institutions, diverse programs, and a welcoming environment, students can embark on a rewarding educational journey while experiencing the unique charm and beauty of New Zealand.

We have provided sufficient information about July Intake in New Zealand.

If unsure or want deeper insight, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).

If you cannot travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide the best guidance regarding your application to study in New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

If you found this information useful, please share it with your friends looking to study in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, May Intake is not available in New Zealand. The country provides 2 intakes which is February Intake and July Intake.

Yes, the universities of New Zealand open up their doors for Feb Intake 2024 and July Intake 2024. Candidates can talk to our Study abroad counsellors to know the complete details.

The student visa process in New Zealand is quite difficult, but if you follow the proper instructions and have all documents & sufficient amount, then you can get a student visa to the country.

A student can apply to the university in New Zealand even after the gap of 10 years.

Before applying to New Zealand universities, you must be aware of the application deadline and the whole process. Pertaining to this, there are two intakes offered by universities in New Zealand - January and July Intake.

Students can apply for visas to come to New Zealand from 31 July – three months earlier than planned. The Government has announced that the borders will now be fully reopened by the end of July which means the opening date for student visa categories has been brought forward from October.

The coldest month is usually July and the warmest month is usually January or February. In New Zealand generally there are relatively small variations between summer and winter temperatures, although inland and to the east of the ranges the variation is greater (up to 14°C).

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