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Poland Student Visa - Application Process & Requirements


04 October 2023



Poland has emerged as a preferred destination for international students seeking quality education in Europe, and every year, many students get an offer letter from Polish universities. However, they fail to study in Poland due to loopholes in the student visa application process.


Then, questions like how to apply for Poland Student Visa and what documents are required for Poland Student Visa pop up. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of obtaining a student Visa, including the Poland study visa requirements.


Poland Student Visa

Poland Study Visa is a crucial document that allows international students to study in Poland. It is a temporary residence permit that grants students access to Polish education institutions. Further, the visa is typically issued for the duration of your study program.


Where to Apply for Poland Student Visa?

To apply for Poland Study Visa, you should visit the nearest Polish consulate or embassy in your home country. However, choosing the correct consulate responsible for your region is important, as the application process may vary slightly depending on the location. 


Poland Student Visa Application Process

The application process for Poland Student Visa involves the following steps:


Step 1 - You must obtain an acceptance letter from a recognised university or institution in Poland before applying for a Poland study visa. This letter serves as a proof of your admission.

Step 2 – If you have a university’s acceptance letter, then you can apply for a student visa. Download the Poland Student Visa application form from the official consulate website and complete it accurately.

Step 3 – Some documents must be submitted to the embassy to complete the visa application process, described in the blog's next section. Therefore, collect all the necessary documents required for Poland student visa.

Step 4 – Now, visit the consulate and submit your application with the required documents.

Step 5 - Sometimes, you may be required to attend an interview at the consulate. So, always be prepared for the interview round.

Step 6 - Pay the applicable visa fee.

Step 7 - The processing time for Poland Student Visa varies, but it typically takes several weeks.


Documents Required for Poland Student Visa

To ensure a smooth visa application process, you will need to provide specific documents. Below, you can check the list of documents required for Poland Student Visa.

  • A valid passport with at least two blank pages

  • Recent photos adhering to the consulate's specifications

  • Proof of acceptance from a Polish educational institution

  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses

  • Valid health insurance coverage in Poland

  • Confirmation of where you will reside in Poland

  • A certificate stating you have no criminal record

  • Payment receipt for the visa application fee


Poland Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for Poland Student Visa can vary depending on your home country, the time of year, and the consulate's workload. It is advisable to apply well in advance to ensure you receive your visa before your intended departure date. Typically, the Poland study visa processing time is from a few weeks to a few months.


Poland Study Visa Validity

Poland Study Visa is usually issued for the duration of your study program. Thus, it is essential to keep your visa valid throughout your stay in Poland. Moreover, you can apply for an extension if your program exceeds the visa's validity. The embassy will consider your request and provide an extension on your visa.



Securing a Poland Student Visa is a significant step in pursuing your education in this beautiful European country. It is crucial to follow the application process meticulously, gather all Poland study visa requirements for Indian students, and meet all the necessary criteria. By doing so, you will be well on your way to experiencing Poland's rich culture and high-quality education.



Q1. Can I work in Poland with a student visa?

Ans. Yes, you can work part-time in Poland while studying with a student visa. However, there are restrictions on the number of hours you can work, typically around 20 hours per week during the academic year.


Q2. Is it easy to get a job in Poland as a student?

Ans. Finding a job in Poland as a student can vary depending on your field of study, language skills, and the city you are living in. Some students find part-time jobs to support themselves, which may require effort and persistence.


Q3. Are family members allowed with a student on a Poland student visa?

Ans. Generally, family members (spouse and children) can accompany you if you are pursuing a full-time course in Poland. They can apply for a residence permit as an accompanying family member.


Q4. Can I extend a Poland study visa?

Ans. Yes, you can extend your Poland study visa if your study program requires more time than initially granted. You should apply for an extension well before your current visa expires.


Q5. How can I stay in Poland after graduation?

Ans. After graduation, you can apply for a Temporary Residence Permit for a job search or to start working in Poland. It is essential to secure a job within a specified period to continue your stay.


Q6. How do you get permanent residence in Poland after a student visa?

Ans. To obtain permanent residence in Poland, you typically need to have lived there for several years, have stable employment, and meet specific criteria. Your years as a student can count toward this residency requirement, but you must consult with Polish authorities for particular details.


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