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The University of Worcester has been pioneering higher education since 1948 in the city of Worcester. Initially known as Worcester Emergency Teacher Training College, it was renamed Worcester College of Higher Education in 1976. After being renamed one more time in 1997, it finally received university status in 2005 and became the University of Worcester. The University always ranks in the top 5 of the Times Higher Education Rankings for excellent UN SDG and Gender Equality practices.

The University of Worcester marks its presence from 1948 in Worcester city. Initially, it was known as the Worcester Emergency Teacher Training College. In 1976, the college was renamed Worcester College of Higher Education. After this, the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) gave the college the power to grant students valid degrees. In 1997, the University was again renamed by the Privy Council as University College Worcester. Finally, in 2005, the institution received university status and got its name, the University of Worcester.


Why Choose the University of Worcester?

The University of Worcester is home to more than 11,000 students. It has become the fastest-growing University in the UK. The University has 4 unique campuses in the Worcester region. The name of the campuses is St John's Campus, City Campus, Severn Campus, and Lakeside Campus. Also, the University encourages strategic partnerships with other local and international universities worldwide. The University is famous for its affordable fee structure and quality education. Students planning to study in UK, can enrol at the University of Worcester. This University provides a lot of reasons to become the first choice of the students. Some of them are explained below:

  • Fastest growing University – The University has consistently recorded significant application increases for 7 years. This indicates that the University has an impressive growth rate for international students. The Nine academic schools of Worcester University have a good amount of students. The percentage for the students in each academic school is given below:

  1. School of Education - 19.3%

  2. School of Allied Health Science and Community – 16.9%

  3. School of Nursing and Midwifery - 13.3%

  4. Worcester Business School – 13.2%

  5. School of Sport and Exercise - 11.1%

  6. School of Psychology – 8.5%

  7. School of Humanities – 6.1%

  8. School of Science and the Environment – 6.1%

  9. School of Arts – 5.5%

  • Best professors - The University falls under the top 20 universities in the UK, having outstanding teachers and staff. Also, the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has rated the University of Worcester with a Silver tag. The professors of the University manage small class sizes only. This helps the students and the teacher build a good rapport with each other. Also, the teachers of the University support the students and help them when needed.

  • Outstanding Library –Worcester University has a fantastic library called 'The Hive'. It is the joint public and university library in the University. The Hive has received more than 48 awards for its name. It is regarded as the most celebrated library in the country. The library has an iconic golden structure home to millions of books. Hence, it attracts many international students' attention and offers a great space to learn, read and explore new things. 

  • Support Environment Sustainability - The University was awarded the title of Sustainability Institution of the Year in 2019. The Green Gown institution provided this award. The University campus act as a living laboratory for developing, testing and implementing solutions for the people's and planet's health. Also, the University allows its students to research the environment's sustainability and Climate change.


Key Features

The University of Worcester has many features which attract students to enrol in this University. The University has a good infrastructure. Also, the University has the best ranking in the entire UK. The key features are explained below:

  • Public Research University in the UK.

  • 4 campuses in London city.

  • Bifurcated into 9 academic schools.

  • Famous for providing Quality education to the students.

  • Ranked in the top 20 universities in the UK for student satisfaction.

  • More than 82% of students are enrolled in the undergraduate program.

  • More than 15% of students study postgraduate programs.

  • 1.5% of the student population is enrolled in the PhD program at Worcester.

  • 94.6% of Worcester graduates are employed.

  • Around $47,000 is the average full-time salary of 2024 international Worcester graduates

University of Worcester Courses & Fees

University of Worcester Courses

Worcester University courses are very famous among international students. University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees at very economical prices. Students can pursue a master's in medical sciences only at the University of Worcester. This course provides an edge to the University over others in the UK.

The University of Worcester MBA program is also available at an affordable price of 14,400. Also, the students here receive scholarships that reduce their amount to 10,000 – 11,000 pounds. The Worcester University courses are given in the table. You can explore the courses and can contact us for more details regarding the courses.

Check the table for the undergraduate courses available at Worcester University.

University of Worcester Fees

To apply to the University, students first need to submit the application. This application submission has some charges -  $50. You can apply to the University of Worcester online or can contact us to make an application.

The University of Worcester fees are very economical. This is the significant attracting point of this University. All the undergraduate programs cost only £14,700 per year. On the other hand, the postgraduate and doctorate programs cost £15,800 per year.



Fee Range per year

Undergraduate  degree

£14,700 per year (Approx.)

Postgraduate degree

£15,800-19,700 per year (Approx.)

Transportation £45 Woo Bike Subscription Plan for a Year


£131- £221 Per Week


The University of Worcester location is in Worcester city, which is 30 minutes away from London and Birmingham. Therefore, it is present outside London and hence has low living costs. The Living costs for international students outside London is £700 per month. Students can easily manage their living costs by earning Part-time.

University of Worcester Ranking & Intakes

University of Worcester Rankings

The University of Worcester ranking is majorly based on the teaching and student qualifications. The University possesses a rank in the Top 5 universities in the UK for the quality of education. According to the OFSTED report, the teacher's training was rated 'Outstanding'. Also, the overall standard of the Institute of Education's teaching programme graded the University as 'Excellent'. By these ratings, students can evaluate the standard of the University.

The University of Worcester Ranking is also provided by the various ranking systems of the world. Undoubtedly, the University possesses a good ranking in the world and hence, it proves to be the best University in the world. The significant ranking of the University of Worcester ranked by the prominent ranking systems is given below:


University of Worcester Ranking

Ranked By


QS Ranking

CU 85

The Complete University Ranking


The Guardian Ranking


Some of the Worcester University courses are ranked by Complete University Ranking.  The courses of the University stand in the top 100 list.  Students can check these rankings for the year 2023 below:


Complete University Guide UK Rankings 2023 for Courses 

Ranked By


Accounting & Finance 


Business & Management 




Art & Design


Computer Science


Biological Science






Communication and Media studies





The Guardian UK Rankings 2023 for Courses

Ranked By


Accounting & Finance


Business Management and Marketing


Media & Film 





University of Worcester Intakes

The University of Worcester accepts students in the 2 intakes only. These 2 intakes are called autumn and spring intake in the UK. The autumn intake starts in September, and the spring intake starts in January. Majorly most of the Worcester University courses get open in the September intake. Hence, this intake is the busiest intake for the University. Also, it receives a vast amount of applications. Students must apply for this University, keeping the application deadline in mind.



Month of intake 

Application deadline



UG: January 
PG Taught: Can apply anytime 

Admission criteria

The admission criteria for the University of Worcester are marginalised.  It is because the University has low entry requirements, with an acceptance rate of 80% for international students.  The table below will explain the requirements for the undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral degrees.


University of Worcester Entry Requirements



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)


3.5 GPA

3.5 GPA

3.5 GPA


6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component

6.5 with no less than 5.5 in any component

6.5 with no less than 5.5 in any component


Above 59, not less than 51 points in any of the 4 skills








Not accepted

Not accepted

Not accepted




Not accepted


Requires One

Requires Two

Requires Two

Work experience




Some of the Worcester University courses have higher requirements than mentioned above in the table. To know more contact our experts.

The University of Worcester Scholarships

The University of Worcester Scholarships is awarded to international students. Students who want to receive some financial assistance from the University can apply for the scholarship. The University offers multiple scholarships to international students. Only the eligibles tudents receive the scholarships. Check some scholarships here.

1. International Undergraduate Scholarships
Scholarship Name International Undergraduate Scholarships
Scholarship amount Up to 3000 pounds
Details This University of Worcester scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students. The major aim of the scholarship is to provide some financial relief to international students. The amount of the scholarship starts from 1000 pounds and goes up to 3,000 pounds. Students having more than 65% marks in their higher secondary (12th) can receive the maximum scholarship of 3,000 pounds.
2. International Postgraduate Scholarships
Scholarship Name International Postgraduate Scholarships
Scholarship amount Up to 3000 pounds
Details This University of Worcester scholarship is awarded to postgraduate students.The primary aim of the scholarship is to provide some financial relief to international students. The amount of the scholarship starts from 1000 pounds and goes up to 3,000 pounds. Students having more than 65% marks in their bachelor’s degree can receive a maximum scholarship of 3,000 pounds.
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