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Amity University Dubai is a private university located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Formerly known as Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), the university was established in 2011 and is part of the Amity Education Group, a leading education group founded in India.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, business, law, journalism, hospitality, psychology, fashion, and communication. The courses are designed to cater to the needs of the local and international community and are taught by experienced and qualified faculty members.

Amity University Dubai provides state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, libraries, labs, and sports facilities. The campus is equipped with smart technology to enhance the learning experience of students.


Why Choose the Amity University, Dubai?

There are several reasons why students may choose to study at Amity University Dubai:

  1. International Recognition: Amity University Dubai is recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education and has international accreditation from several organizations.

  2. Quality Education: The university offers a rigorous academic curriculum taught by highly qualified faculty members, providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their careers.

  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including smart classrooms, libraries, labs, and sports facilities, providing students with a conducive environment for learning.

  4. Global Exposure: The university offers international exposure through exchange programs, study tours, and industry internships, giving students an opportunity to gain a global perspective and improve their employability.

  5. Holistic Development: Amity Dubai focuses on providing students with holistic development through co-curricular and extracurricular activities, unlike students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build a well-rounded personality.

  6. Diversity: The university has a diverse community of students from over 100 countries, offering students a multicultural and inclusive learning environment.

  7. Career Opportunities: The university has strong industry partnerships and a dedicated career development center that offers students career guidance, internship opportunities, and job placements after graduation.


Key Features

Some of the key features of Amity University, Dubai is:

  1. Infrastructure: The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as smart classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and advanced labs that provide an enhanced learning environment for the students.

  2. Accreditation: University has international accreditation from various reputed bodies that ensures the quality of education and its recognition worldwide.

  3. Experienced Faculty: The faculty members are highly qualified, and experienced, and come from diverse academic backgrounds that provide students with a broad range of knowledge and perspectives.

  4. Industry Collaboration: The university has strong partnerships with leading companies and organizations that offer students internship and job placement opportunities.

  5. Student Support Services: The university provides various support services, such as counselling, career guidance, and financial aid, to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

  6. Holistic Development: The university focuses on providing a holistic approach to education by offering co-curricular and extracurricular activities, building leadership skills, and encouraging community service.

  7. Global Exposure: The university provides international exposure to students through study tours and exchange programs that help students experience diverse cultures and gain a global perspective.

Amity University, Dubai Courses & Fees

Amity University, Dubai Courses

Amity University, Dubai offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines such as Business, Engineering, Law, Journalism, Hospitality, and more.

Here are some of the Amity University, Dubai Courses offered and their estimated Amity University, Dubai fees:

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Admission Criteria

Amity University, Dubai has a comprehensive admission process to ensure that the selected candidates have the potential to thrive in their chosen programs. The admission criteria vary for different programs and levels of study.

Here are some Amity University, Dubai Admission Criteria for undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Completed 12 years of schooling (or equivalent) from a recognized board or institution.

  • Minimum 50% marks in some programs, while 60% marks in some other programs

  • English Language Proficiency test scores (TOEFL or IELTS) for international students

  • Personal Statement and/or Letters of Recommendation

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) from a recognized institution

  • Minimum of 50% or 60% marks depending on the program

  • Work Experience and/or Letters of Recommendation (depending on the program)

  • English Language Proficiency test scores (TOEFL or IELTS) for international students

  • Personal Statement

Apart from the above requirements, students may also be required to appear for an entrance exam or an interview as part of the selection process.

It is important to note that Amity University, Dubai acceptance rate may vary based on the number of applications received, the quality of the applicants, the number of available seats, and various other factors. The admission process at Amity University, Dubai is highly competitive, with a comprehensive selection process designed to ensure that only deserving candidates and those who meet the admission criteria are admitted.

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Amity University, Dubai Scholarships

Amity University, Dubai offers a range of scholarships to support deserving students who have a strong academic record and who face financial constraints. Here are some of the Amity University, Dubai Scholarships:

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Academic Merit Scholarship 50% of the tuition fees
2 Sports Scholarship 50% of the tuition fees
3 Need-Based Scholarship 30% of the tuition fees


Amity University Dubai offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, community service projects, and student clubs and societies.

Yes, Amity University Dubai is a very diverse institution, with students and faculty members from different cultural and national backgrounds.

Amity University Dubai graduates have excellent career prospects, with many of them securing jobs in top companies in the UAE and beyond.

Yes, Amity University Dubai offers scholarships to deserving students based on academic merit, sports achievements, and financial need.

International students are allowed to work part-time while studying in Dubai. However, they must obtain a work permit from the UAE government.

Yes, Amity University Dubai offers on-campus accommodations to students. The university has separate hostels for male and female students.

The medium of instruction at Amity University Dubai is English.

Admission requirements vary depending on the program of study. Generally, applicants are required to provide academic transcripts, English language proficiency scores (for international students), a personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

Yes, Amity University Dubai is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Amity University Dubai offers a wide range of programs in various disciplines, including Management, Engineering, Law, Architecture, Fashion, Journalism, Psychology, and many more.

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