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What is the PTE Academic Exam? The PTE exam is among the most trusted and extensively undertaken English tests by Indian students seeking to apply to universities abroad, utilising English as a primary language for communication. PTE scores are accepted in more than 3,000 colleges and universities for visa applications to the UK, New Zealand and Australia. The PTE Academic evaluates candidates' reading, writing, listening and speaking competencies concerning the English language in a two-hour session. The PTE complete form is the Pearson Test of English. Let us know about the PTE exam in detail in this section.




Table Of Content
  1. PTE Exam 2024: Key Highlights

  2. PTE Academic Exam

  3. PTE Exam Fee 2024

  4. PTE Exam Types

  5. PTE Academic Exam Eligibility

  6. PTE Registration 2024

  7. PTE Exam Fee

  8. PTE Exam Dates 2024

  9. PTE Exam Centres

  10. PTE Exam Pattern 2024

  11. PTE Syllabus 2024

  12. PTE Results and Score

  13. PTE Exam Tips

  14. PTE Sample Paper

  15. PTE Scholarships

  16. FAQs


PTE Exam 2024: Key Highlights

Exam Name


PTE full form

Pearson Test of English

Official Website

Conducting Body

Pearson PLC Group

Widely popular as

English language proficiency test

Generally accepted by

UK, Australia, and New Zealand universities

Types of exam

PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI

Mode of exam


PTE Exam Fees

INR 15,900

Skills Tested

English Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading

PTE Helplin

00080 0440 2020

PTE Academic Exam

The conducting authority of the PTE Exam 2024 is PLC Group. Students can also book the PTE exam date at the last minute, owing to the availability of PTE exam dates around the clock. Further, candidates can select the test centre from a vast network of 35 PTE test centres within India or choose to appear for the PTE exam from home via the PTE at-home edition only if they have the necessary system requirements.


The PTE exam pattern needs candidates to attempt and answer different questions in the test, from essay writing to multiple choice questions. Aspirants aiming to take the PTE exam must go to the official website for registration. Candidates need to log in to the “my pte” page or create an account if they have not created one yet and then proceed with the slot booking for the PTE exam. After completing the registration, candidates must pay INR 15,900, the PTE exam fee.


It is important to note that the PTE exam is scored on a 10-90 scale, and results for the PTE exam become available on “my pte” dashboard to candidates within two working days. The automated scoring system deployed via PTE needs zero human interference in the scoring procedure, eliminating chances for any error. Candidates can forward digital copies of the PTE exam scorecards on the ‘my pte’ dashboard to several colleges and universities as they wish, free of charge. Moreover, remember that your PTE exam scores are valid for two years from the date of the PTE exam.


The PTE Academic is a computer-based test conducted in English and is accepted by educational institutions across the globe. This exam is taken by aspirants and students who wish to study abroad or immigrate to English-speaking nations. It is necessary to undertake this exam to prove their English language prowess.


The PTE at Home is the same as the PTE exam and is launched via the Pearson PLC Group to keep students safe and secure. In November 2021, the conducting body reduced the exam duration and made it a 2 hours exam instead of a 3 hours exam.


The PTE Syllabus encompasses daily use of English instead of high-level English and examines the ability of students to understand the daily use English effectively. Further, the PTE exam’s multi-level grading system aids in better understanding aspirants’ English language efficacy.


Several factors differentiate the PTE Academic from IELTS, TOEFL and other English proficiency exams. The first significant facet is the results and the scoring pattern that differentiate the PTE exam from similar exams. Because the PTE exam is completely computerised, the scores and the results are declared quicker, mainly in 2 business days. This factor makes it apt for aspirants who rush to seek early results. The following section covers the most pivotal topics related to the PTE exam, so go through the details carefully if you consider appearing for the PTE Exam 2024.


  • Why appear for the PTE Exam?

PTE Academic is for non-native English speakers who intend to study abroad. It evaluates the aspirants' Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing competencies. The test is curated so that most of the questions assess two skills together of candidates, like Speaking and Reading or Reading and Listening. 


  • PTE Exam Full Form

The PTE exam complete form is the Pearson Test of English, wherein PTE-A (Academic) is taken by students looking forward to going for higher education abroad. PTE-A is accepted across 70 nations, including Canada, New Zealand, Germany, the USA and Australia. It is already mentioned that the Pearson Test of English assesses the candidates’ English speaking, writing, listening and reading abilities.

  • Major Updates for PTE Academic 

This section contains the latest information and updates on the PTE exam to benefit students aiming to take the PTE-A exam. 


PTE Exam Fee 2024

February 2024: Candidates aiming to take the PTE exam must pay INR 15,900, including taxes (18%). The base fee for this exam is INR 13,038 with an additional tax of 18% (INR 2,862), leading to the total PTE exam fee in India being 15,900 for Indian students.


Pearson launched a short version of the PTE at Home and the PTE Test in November 2021. With the introduction of the 'PTE at Home' mode of the exam, aspirants wanting to opt for the ‘PTE at Home’ can register for the PTE Academic online test.


PTE Exam Types

Pearson PLC Group’s unit, the Pearson Language Tests, is accountable for conducting three PTE exam formats to evaluate non-native speakers' English language competencies. Three PTE exam types are: 

  • PTE Academic

  • PTE Academic UKVI 

  • PTE Home


What is the PTE Academic Exam?

This exam is conducted annually for candidates seeking admission to a college or university. The exam encompasses four sections: writing, listening, speaking and reading. The validity of the PTE Academic exam is two years.


What is PTE Academic UKVI?

The PTE Academic UKVI is a Secure English Language Test (SELT). This exam is approved via the UK Home Office for UK visas requiring a 4-skill language examination. It is a convenient, quick and fair choice for students who wish to live, study or work in the UK. Please note that no difference exists in the format or content of the PTE Academic UKVI and the PTE Academic exam. However, there are minor differences in the registration procedure.


What is PTE Home?

The PTE Home is accepted via the UK home office for work and family visas. The PTE Home English test is categorised into PTE Home A1, PTE Home B1 and PTE Home A2 English tests. These serve distinct purposes when applying for numerous work and family visas.


Note: PTE Home is distinct from the PTE at Home version. The conducting authority recently introduced the PTE at Home, mainly an extension of the PTE Academic Exam. 


PTE Academic Exam Eligibility

There are no particular criteria set via the Pearson PLC Group. However, the following factors should be kept in mind.


Age Limit

The candidates should be at least 16 to appear for the PTE Academic exam. Further, candidates below 18 years of age require a parental consent form, which either guardians or parents sign before taking the test. Students can find the consent form on the PTE Academic exam’s official website and download it from there. 


Education Qualification

The conducting body of the PTE Academic still needs to lay out specific educational criteria for students looking forward to taking the PTE Academic exam. 


PTE Registration 2024

The following steps need to be considered for the PTE exam 2024 registration and seamlessly booking their PTE exam slot. Candidates must note that booking or registering for the PTE Academic online requires a valid ID such as an Indian passport. Further, candidates must present their valid ID on the day of the exam, or they are prohibited from entering the PTE exam centre.


Registration steps for PTE Academic online

  • Visit the official website of the PTE Academic 

  • Create an account on the PTE website by filling out personal details 

  • After completing the registration process for the PTE exam, you will get a mail, including your login details, from Pearson within 48 hours 

  • Search for the nearest PTE exam centre 

  • Students can choose the PTE at Home version of the exam in this step 

  • Choose a suitable time and date to take the PTE exam 

  • You are asked to checkout once you select the date, time and the PTE slot-related details 

  • Pay INR 15,900, which is the PTE exam fee, and complete your exam booking 


Other registration methods

PTE Phone Registration: students can register for the PTE Exam by phone. Thus, Indian students can contact the testing body of the PTE Academic through dialling 00080 0440 2020 to register for the PTE exam. The operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm local timings 

  • closed on local holidays


PTE Exam slot booking

Candidates aiming to take up the PTE Academic need to create an account on Pearson to register for exam booking. Candidates would get an email with their login credentials upon successful registration within 48 hours. However, candidates must ensure they read the handbook correctly before registering and booking a slot for the PTE exam.


Candidates must choose the test centre and the PTE exam date according to their preference and proceed with the exam booking. Please note that candidates must pay 15,900, the exam fee, and proceed with the registration procedure.


PTE at Home

Pearson PLC Group introduced PTE at Home after the pandemic outbreak amid changing scenarios by keeping candidates’ safety in mind. The PTE at Home is also known as the PTE Academic Online. However, some crucial factors must be considered before registering for the PTE at Home. 


The PTE at Home registration is now open, and candidates need to visit the exam’s official website and make a profile on the MyPTEaccount webpage. Also, note that you can schedule the test 24 hours in advance. Further, the PTE at Home and the PTE Academic exam fees are the same. Moreover, students who register for the PTE online must pay INR 15,900 for the PTE at Home. 


Test Requirements: PTE at Home 

Candidates must note that some obligations must be followed when opting for PTE at Home. These include: 

  • A private and quiet space

  • A reliable computer with a webcam

  • A wired headset

  • Seamless internet connection

  • Proper system requirements: Candidates must download and run the OnVUEsoftware on the system before scheduling the test.


PTE Exam Fee

The fee for the PTE Academic exam is Rs 17,000. If the candidate books his PTE exam within 48 hours before the test date, he will be charged a PTE Late Booking Fee.


Reschedule or Cancel PTE Exam

If you want to avoid appearing for the PTE exam after registration, you can get your refund within 14 days of the test. You can reschedule or cancel the exam through the PTE official website.


We will now discuss the PTE Reschedule and Cancellation Fees.


PTE Rescheduling Fees: Students who wish to reschedule the test in less than 14 calendar days but at least 7 full calendar days before the test date must pay 50% of the test cost. There will be no reimbursements for rescheduling the exam fewer than 7 calendar days before. Candidates should know that the rescheduling policy does not include your exam date.


PTE Cancellation Fees: After booking it online, students who decide not to take the PTE Academic test can get a full refund up to 14 calendar days before the test date. Candidates can cancel the test within less than 14 calendar days, but at least 7 calendar days before the test date will receive a 50% refund of the test price. However, refunds will only be issued to applicants who cancel the exam at least 7 calendar days before the exam. Candidates should know that the cancellation and reschedule policy does not include your exam date.


PTE Exam Dates 2024

The PTE exam is administered all year at certified PTE test centres nationwide. PTE exam dates in 2024 may differ from centre to centre. Students must use the Pearson PTE Academic website to seek available seats. Select the test centres closest to you and click Next. The website will direct you to a calendar showing the available dates.


PTE Exam Centres

Now that you know about PTE exam dates, here is a list of PTE exam centres for students planning to appear for the PTE exam. You can choose the nearest PTE exam centre.

PTE Exam Centre in Ahmedabad

PTE Exam Centre in Bangalore

PTE Exam Centre in Chandigarh

PTE Exam Centre in Delhi/ New Delhi

PTE Exam Centre in Kerala (Cochin)

PTE Exam Centre in  Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore)

PTE Exam Centre in Chennai

PTE Exam Centre in Hyderabad

Pearson Test Centre Jalandhar

PTE Test Centre in Mumbai

PTE Exam Centre in Ludhiana

PTE Exam Centre in Kolkata

PTE Exam Centre in Noida

PTE Exam Centre in Patiala

PTE Exam Centre in Pune

PTE Exam Centre in Rajkot

PTE Exam Centre in Vadodara

PTE Exam Centre in Vijayawada

PTE Exam Centre in Nagpur


PTE Exam Centre in Haryana

PTE Test Accommodations/ Special Arrangements

The PTE provides test accommodations for individuals with disabilities, known as special arrangements. Arranged accommodation includes:

  • A separate testing space

  • Extended testing time

  • Reader or Recorder


How do you request a test accommodation?

The student who requires a special arrangement has to mention their needs precisely and how this disability is a problem to appear for the exam. They need to provide all the proofs and apply for it a few weeks before to make all the arrangements.


PTE Exam Pattern 2024

The PTE exam syllabus consists of three sections- Speaking and writing, Reading and Listening. Students interested in the PTE Exam can find the PTE Exam Pattern 2024 below. 


Note- The PTE exam time has been changed from 2 hours to 1 hour.


PTE Syllabus 2024

A student must understand the PTE syllabus to appear for the PTE exam. The PTE syllabus consists of three sections- the PTE Speaking and Writing Section, the PTE Reading Section, and the PTE Listening Section. Check out the PTE syllabus in detail below.


PTE Speaking and Writing Section

The time duration and topics covered in the speaking and writing section are as follows.

PTE Course

Total Questions/Duration

Personal Introduction

Total Number of Questions: 28 - 36

Duration: 54 – 67 minutes

Read Aloud

Repeat Sentence

Describe Image

Re-Tell Lecture

Answer Short Questions

Summarise Written Text


PTE Reading Section

The time duration and topics covered in the reading section are as follows.

PTE Course

Total Questions/Duration

Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks

Total Number of Questions: 13 - 18

Duration: 29 – 30 minutes

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

Re-order Paragraphs

Fill in the Blanks

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

PTE Listening Section

The time duration and topics covered in the listening section are as follows.

PTE Course

Total Questions/Duration

Summarise Spoken Text

Total Number of Questions: 12 - 20

Duration: 30 – 43 minutes

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

Fill in the Blanks

Highlight Correct Summary

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Select Missing Word

Highlight Incorrect Words

Write From Dictation

PTE Results and Score

PTE results are available within two days from the test date. The PTE Academic results are available online. It can be viewed using your PTE Academic account. First, within five business days, you will receive an email with instructions for obtaining the results online. After that, follow the steps to log in to your Pearson account. Your results can be shared with the colleges and universities of your choice using your Pearson account.


The PTE Exam is marked on a scale of 10 to 90, with 10 being the lowest and increments of 1 point. The score, graded on a scale, measures the individual's ability to read, talk, understand verbal directions, and write in English. The scores are presented in a graph, making it easier to understand the candidate's basic language skills and areas for improvement.


How to Check the PTE Scores?

Students can check the PTE scores on the online portal. Also, students are notified through email that the scores are available. After getting the email, candidates must log in to their Pearson VUE account to book their tests and view their scores.


How to Send the PTE Score Report?

Students can send their scores directly through the PTE online portal. Paper or PDF score reports are not accepted by universities abroad. 


Steps to send the PTE score report

Check out the steps below to send the PTE exam score report:


  • Log into myPTE account.

  • Click on View Score Reports.

  • Click on Send Scores.

  • Type the name of your selected university.

  • Check your details, then scroll down the page and click 'Next', followed by 'Next' to confirm.


Note- The PTE scores are valid for two years. Moreover, you can appear in the PTE exam as often as possible. You can take the exam within the gap of 5 days.


Who Accepts PTE Academic Scores?

The PTE test score is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide. Also, the Australian and New Zealand governments accept PTE Academic for visa purposes. Those who want to study abroad in English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, or Canada take the PTE exam to demonstrate their English language proficiency. PTE Academic is among the most generally accepted English exams, with scores obtained by leading institutions and colleges worldwide.


PTE Exam Tips

Students prepare by joining the coaching centre or signing up for free sample papers. A student needs to realise that, like any other exam, language proficiency assessments must be administered using a technique. It is essential to emphasise, however, that more ideas, tactics, or tools can be needed to overcome the dedication and efficiency of practice. To succeed, improve and practice these talents repeatedly.


PTE Sample Paper

Practising with a PTE sample paper is the best way to prepare for the PTE exam. Candidates should solve many PTE practice papers to the student's advantage. The PTE exam is intended to improve your communication abilities by assessing your English speaking abilities. The PTE exam does not demand high-level language proficiency; it assesses your regular English speech, allowing you to grow more expressively. You should practice each portion independently with a relaxed and concentrated mind to thoroughly absorb the material and score high.


PTE Scholarships

There are various scholarships, loans and other financial aids available that may help their dreams come true. Students can apply for scholarships on the university's official website. Grants are also available for the deserving students.



1. Can I have my test rescored if I perform better?

To seek a test rescore, contact Pearson customer support. Remember, you should seek a reevaluation within 14 days of your results. The rescore incurs a price. However, if you receive a higher score than the one assigned initially, this fee will be repaid in full. However, before requesting a rescore for your PTE exam, you should consider the following:

  • As a computer-graded test, there is little chance of any alteration.

Only your spoken and open-ended written comments will be re-evaluated. There is no possible computer error in closed-answer activities such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.

  • After rescoring, your score may improve or drop. This revised score, even lower, will appear in your official results.


2. Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Your language skills and familiarity with the format determine the PTE exam's difficulty level. So, the difficulty level of competitive tests is defined by the test taker's ability to pass the test.


3. Can PTE scores be delivered directly to institutions or organisations?

You can send your PTE scores directly to the institutions or organisations of your choice during the test registration procedure or after receiving your scorecard. There may be additional expenses for mailing scores to multiple recipients.


4. How many days in advance may PTE be rescheduled?

You should reschedule the PTE at least 14 days before the test. If you reschedule between 14 and 7 days before the test, you will receive 50% of your money. You will not get a refund if you cancel or reschedule later than that.


5. How do I pay the PTE fee?

You can pay the PTE cost online. Once your slot has been confirmed, you can proceed with the registration procedure and pay the exam price. PTE allows a variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, and a few debit cards. PTE currently does not accept PayPal or any other UPI payment form.

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