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Overview of IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Meridean Overseas Education Consultants, a top-notch IELTS coaching in Delhi, is a nurturing hub for Indian students aspiring to study, work or migrate to English countries.

The only thing stopping them from moving forward is English. We want to help them succeed, and that's where Meridean Overseas comes in. They focus on every aspect to help students grow and thrive.

Meridean Overseas use AI-empowered technologies, use novel teaching approaches, and examines aspirants' English skills in real-time. Get in touch with our Delhi office now to join for group coaching or classes or one-on-one coaching for IELTS.

Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Meridean Overseas is not merely a leading IELTS coaching centre in Delhi; it stands as a supreme-level institute acclaimed for its purpose-driven, meticulously structured, and highly effective instructional approach. The institute prides itself on offering an array of schedules for IELTS exams, accommodating diverse learning preferences through dynamic group classes or personalised one-on-one sessions.

Understanding of IELTS

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is undertaken by individuals for jobs, study, and moving to English-speaking countries. It's been around for 30 years and is well-trusted.

Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK prefer the IELTS score. It's so popular that it's recognised in 9,000 places, and you can take the test in over 1,000 centres in 140+ countries.

IELTS has four parts : Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. If you do well in IELTS, especially with good training, you open doors to study and work all around the world.

Features of IELTS Classes at Meridean Overseas Education

Robust Program Design :

Are you ready to enhance your English language proficiency? Meridean Overseas offers an exclusive "Prepare IELTS Exam" PI portal which makes us one of the best IELTS coaching in Delhi.

Our top-notch classes offer effective programs, ensuring success in just 15 days. Beyond traditional methods, we provide personalised study plans, flexible training (online and offline), and engaging live classes on the PI portal with experienced mentors.

Our unique approach combines technology, personal guidance, and strategic planning for comprehensive IELTS preparation. Access valuable resources on our PI portal for a dynamic learning experience. Join us for the best IELTS coaching in Delhi.

Student-Centric Plan

Meridean Overseas provides one-on-one sessions with experienced mentors who address specific challenges and provide personalised guidance.

We tailor personalised study plans for each student, highlighting strengths and addressing areas for improvement. Our IELTS coaching centre in Delhi simplifies the registration process, guiding a stress-free experience.

As the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, we aim to ensure every student receives the necessary support.

Comprehensive Study Plan

You can use our simple and helpful materials to prepare for the IELTS exam. These materials include practice tests, vocabulary boosters, and grammar guides.

By doing our 16 practice tests, you will discover what you are good at and where you can improve. We want to help students looking for IELTS classes in Delhi, so check out our institute. We have skilled tutors and study materials to make you feel confident about the IELTS exam.

Holistic Support System

Apart from getting ready for the exam, our IELTS classes in Delhi provide you with complete support. We help you in making the application process easy, guide you on entering university, and assist with visa applications.

As the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, we focus on making your journey smooth. A dedicated mentor is there to guide you, answer your questions, and be a supportive friend who understands your experience.

Discover the best IELTS coaching in Delhi with our help for a hassle-free journey from preparing for the exam to settling into your new school.

Why Join IELTS Coaching at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants

  • Skill Boost : Personalized guidance employing targeted strategies for skill enhancement.

  • Exam Ready : A thorough understanding of the test format, nuances of each section, and exposure to diverse question types.

  • Flexible Coaching Options : Recognition of diverse learning preferences with a spectrum of flexible coaching options, encompassing both online and offline modes.

  • Unlimited Doubt-Solving Sessions : Access to an unlimited reservoir of doubt-solving sessions, fostering a more profound understanding by systematically addressing questions and challenges.

  • Personalised Mentorship : Individualized mentorship ensures one-on-one guidance, addressing unique challenges, and creating a supportive, personalised learning environment.

  • Exclusive PI Portal Access : Gain exclusive access to the "Prepare IELTS Portal" for supplementary resources, practice tests, and invaluable insights, enriching the IELTS preparation journey.

  • Student-Centric Plan : Tailored IELTS coaching with one-on-one mentor sessions, customising plans based on individual strengths and improvement areas, championing a student-centric approach.

  • Comprehensive Study Materials and Practice Tests : The inclusion of an extensive arsenal of practice tests, vocabulary boosters, and grammar guides, featuring 16 sectional tests and 16 practice tests to bolster confidence for the real exam.

Embark on a positive and stress-free journey from exam preparation to settling into your new school with the best IELTS coaching in Delhi at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants.

About IELTS Exam:

  • IELTS exams are easy and non-competitive exams.
  • There are no criteria.
  • No minimum marks are required for cut-offs.
  • It is conducted by the joint universities
  • The result may take up to 50 days to be announced.
  • One should be good and proficient in English.
  • Coaching is a must to stay focused and it provides a mock test which is good to boost confidence.
  • The registration process is also an easy way to enrol for the exam. For that, you need to shortlist the best institute and get yourself enrolled.


For studying abroad there is no other better option than IELTS. IELTS provides a very good platform for the student to explore themselves and able to widen their knowledge. IELTS also increase the necessary skill required for better communication and personality development .it is also the basic certified course which many of the countries requires for in studying abroad.

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