Summer Intake in USA



The US summer intake is a great opportunity for international students to study in USA and take benefit of internships and part-time jobs. The United States is a global leader in education, welcoming thousands of study abroad aspirants every year to its universities. The US universities offer world-class education and rank among the top in the world. Although winter and fall intakes are more popular, summer intake provides many unique advantages. These benefits are attractive to students from across the globe. Summer intake universities in USA offer programs that are more flexible and adaptable. This allows students to also apply for spring internships while attending their classes.

If you study abroad in USA, you will be able to experience the diversity of the American culture and its highly advanced education system. There are several courses to choose from at different levels like graduate and postgraduate that prepare international students to become global leaders and high-skill professionals in their field of study. In most countries, holding a US degree can assure a prominent job. This demand for students from US universities is global. You can also step up your academic and professional life by applying for the summer intake in USA.

US Intake Types for International Students

There are three US universities intake options for international students to choose from:

US Intake Duration
Spring Intake in USA Spring intake or January intake in USA starts from January and lasts till April-May
Fall Intake in USA Fall intake or September intake in USA is from September to December
Summer Intake in USA Summer intake or May intake in USA starts from May and lasts till August

The United States provides these three admission intakes in order to make it easier for international students to study in USA. Students can choose their preferred intake depending on their completion of education, university preference and career goals. Students who want to study abroad in US can apply to top-ranked universities throughout the year with these three intakes in the USA. The admission process for US universities is highly competitive, with a large number of students applying for each of these intakes. Among these three, it is comparatively easier to get selected for the US summer intake.

When does Summer Intake Start in USA?

The spring intake session begins in January and ends in April-May. On the other hand, fall intake is from September to December. The summer intake in US universities begins in April or May and lasts till August.

Further in this article, the timeline for the summer intake in USA is provided in detail. If you wish to apply to the summer intake universities in US, you can also book a FREE ONLINE COUNSELLING with our expert counsellors.

Deadlines for Summer Intake in USA?

The universities in US provide admissions throughout the year with these three intakes. But it is important to prepare in advance based on the deadlines for each intake. If you wish to apply to a university in US for the May Intake, you need to apply before March. The applications generally start in January. It is imperative to check the deadline for your preferred university in the US for summer intake.

Benefits of US Summer Intake

The spring and fall intakes in US are popular among international students. But based on the requirements, summer intake in USA is also gaining popularity among students. Here are a few reasons to consider summer intake universities in USA:

  • Universities in USA offer summer intake admissions for several short-term, certification, and vocational courses. These short summer intake courses in the USA will give you a head start

  • Selection is relatively easier during summer intake in USA as the number of applications is currently less than the other intakes

  • The universities also provide online classes during the US summer intake.

  • With online classes, students can take the time to apply for spring internships in USA

US Summer Intake/ May Intake Timeline

Here is a simple guide for your admission to the summer intake universities in USA. If you seek to study abroad in USA, follow this timeline to ensure that you don't miss out on your dream US University for summer intake.

Task Description
Research for US Summer Intake Universities Decide the course you want to study in USA and find the best universities by considering all the factors
Take the Required Tests to Study in USA Appear for tests required to study in USA universities - GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. Language proficiency tests include IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc
Apply to Universities in USA Start applying to your selected universities in USA and attach the relevant documents with your student application for the US university
Offer Letter for US University Receive an offer letter from the university in USA if your application is selected
Get US Student Visa After getting an offer letter from a US summer intake universities, apply for the applicable US student visa and loans, if needed. Check for scholarship options.
Live Your Study Abroad Dream Once you receive your US student visa, you’re all set to fly to your university in the US

Documents Needed for Summer Intake Universities in USA

  • Previous academic year Marksheets

  • CV

  • Degree

  • 9 to 12th Marksheets (in case of UG)

  • SOP

  • LOR

  • Passport

  • Experience letters


  • Appointment Letter from the University

  • DS 160 Confirmation

  • SEVIS Fee Receipt

  • Passport size photographs

  • Application fee payment receipt (CGI)

  • I20 form

  • Offer Letter

  • Work Experience letter (in master’s)

  • Financial Documents

Top May Intake Universities for Summer Intake USA


  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Texas State University

  • Claremont Graduate University

  • State University of New York

  • University of Arizona

  • DePaul University

  • Illinois State University

  • Texas Wesleyan University

  • Arizona State University

  • Wright State University

  • State University of New York Oswego

  • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

  • Colorado State University

  • Florida Institute Of Technology

  • Arkansas State University

  • Dallas Baptist University

  • Oregon State University

  • University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL)

  • Weber State University

  • Lewis University

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs

  • University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

  • Northwest Missouri State University

  • University of New Mexico

  • University of Dayton

  • University of Hartford

  • The University of Findlay

  • Drexel University

  • Kennesaw State University

  • Webster University - (Orlando, Florida)

  • New York Film Academy

  • Florida International University, Florida

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

  • Webster University - (St. Louis, Missouri)

  • DeVry University

  • Auburn University, Alabama

  • Cleveland State University

  • University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • Franklin University

  • The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

  • Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi

  • Lawrence Technological University

  • Academy of Art University

  • University of New Hampshire

  • Duquesne University

  • Auburn University at Montgomery

  • Golden Gate University

  • Mississippi State University

  • Glasgow Caledonian New York College

  • California Lutheran University

  • New England College

  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

  • Western Kentucky University

  • California Baptist University

  • Northwood University

  • Saint Louis University

  • Marshall University

  • Slippery Rock University

  • Monroe College

  • Kent State University

  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  • University of Colorado Denver

  • Upper Iowa University

  • Montana State University

  • University of the Pacific

  • Southern New Hampshire University

  • New England Institute of Technology

  • American University Washington D.C.

  • Tennessee Tech University

  • State University of New York, Fredonia

  • Rivier University

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Mercer University

  • Midwestern State University

  • Adelphi University

  • Seattle University

  • Charleston Southern University

  • Westcliff University

  • Johnson & Wales University

  • Trine University


You can study in USA by applying to universities in one of the following intakes -

  • US Spring Intake or January Intake

  • US Fall Intake or September Intake

  • US Summer Intake or May Intake

If you wish to study abroad in USA, summer intake can be a good option for you. The competition is less and summer intake universities in USA also have options for online classes so that you can easily apply for spring internships in USA.

You need to apply to a university in USA for the May Intake before March. It is advised to follow the timeline provided above for successful application to US intake.

Yes, you can apply for the summer intake for your US admission in May. The application deadlines are generally by March.

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