September Intake in Canada



Are you planning to study for Canada's September intake or fall intake? Well, a myriad of international students choose the same. Not only is this country a popular study destination, but its fall intake in Canada is also quite famous among students from around the world.

You will get premier-quality education here, as most universities provide various programs in the September intake. In addition to programs, you will also get several scholarships in Canada. There are three intakes: September/Fall intake, January/Winter intake, and May/Summer intake.

September Intake in Canada is the popular one, and its application window opens in December and closes around February and March. With the increased demand for this intake, you should be completely aware of its details. From courses to scholarships, there are several opportunities available for your career ahead.

September Intake in Canada 2025 Application Deadlines December 2024 - February/ March 2025
Starting Date of Semester (Classes) September
End Date of Semester (Classes) February
Popular Programs
  • Medicine

  • Business

  • Biotechnology

  • Nursing

  • Law

  • Education

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

Top Reasons to Opt for September Intake in Canada

Check the below points for September Intake in Canada.

  • Academic Excellence : Universities and colleges in Canada provide diverse programs in a wide range of fields during the September intake, ensuring a high-quality education.

  • Earn While You Learn : You can start working part-time throughout your studies and apply for post-study work permits for up to 3 years to supplement your income and get practical experience.

  • Affordability : The cost of studying in Canada is quite reasonable compared to other top-notch study destinations. Scholarships are plentiful, and the career possibilities provide a good return on investment.

  • Quality of Life : Canada has a safe and serene environment that includes clean air, water, and access to healthcare, as well as a friendly and diverse community.

  • Cultural Diversity : Canada celebrates cultural diversity by hosting festivals for various ethnic groups across the country, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

  • Immigration Opportunities : You can pursue permanent residency after completing your higher studies. However, you must prove your eligibility to get the PR in Canada.

Study in Canada Intakes 2025

After understanding why you should study in Canada, you should look ahead for intakes in the below points.

  • Fall Intake in Canada (Primary) : This period lasts from September to December and January. It provides the most diverse variety of courses and degrees, making it the most sought-after intake for those seeking admission to universities in Canada.

  • Winter Intake in Canada (Secondary) : This intake, which runs from January to May, accommodates students who missed the Fall intake. It gives them a second chance for admission to their desired universities.

  • Spring/Summer Intake in Canada (Minor) : From May to August, this intake has a smaller range of courses and colleges than the Fall and Winter intakes.

When to Apply

September Intake in Canada Universities 2025

Below, you can check the list of top universities for the September Intake in Canada. These universities accept international applications for Fall intake.

University QS Rankings Date
Queen's University at Kingston 209 February 15, 2025
Langara College - April 30, 2025
University of British Columbia 34 January 15, 2025
University of Waterloo 112 February 16, 2025
Western University 114 February 1, 2025
Toronto Metropolitan University 851-900 February 1, 2025
University of Ottawa 203 Varies February - April
Concordia University 387 March 1, 2025
McMaster University 189 April 1, 2025
University of Alberta 111 July 1, 2025

If you have any questions regarding the September Intake in Canada, you can contact one of our professional advisers or DM us on Instagram. We will provide the finest guidance and support during the application process.

Top 5 September Intake Universities in Canada

Check the top 5 universities in Canada for September Intake. You must apply to these universities if you have an excellent academic score.

  • University of British Columbia - Ranked 34 in QS World University Rankings, the University of British Columbia offers 254 undergraduate and 244 postgraduate programs and offers scholarships to help international students financially.

  • University of Waterloo - Based in Waterloo, Canada, the University of Waterloo is ranked 112th globally in the QS World University Rankings. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs and is well-known for its creativity and research. The university provides scholarships to students who want to pursue their academic goals.

  • Western University - This university, located in London, Canada, is ranked 114th globally by the QS World University Rankings. Moreover, QS stars have awarded it a prestigious 5+ star rating. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

  • The University of Alberta - According to the QS World University Rankings, it is ranked 111th in the world and is located in Edmonton, Canada. It welcomes a varied group of international students and provides a broad choice of undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • University of Ottawa - Situated in Ottawa, Canada, the University of Ottawa holds the 203rd position in the world according to the QS World University Rankings. The university offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs and scholarship opportunities to help students with their academic endeavours.

Bachelor’s Courses in September Intake in Canada 2025

University Name Courses Fees(CAD)

Queen’s University

Physical & Health Education & Kinesiology

Health and Dental



Langara College





The University of British Columbia

Business and Computer Science



Chemical and Biological Engineerin


University of Waterloo

Accounting and Financial Management

Chemical Engineering

Environment, Resources and Sustainability


Western University

Digital Humanities

Bioinformatics Electrical Engineering

Foods & Nutrition

Health Sciences

$18,436 (⅓ instalment)

Toronto Metropolitan University

Aerospace Engineering - BEng

Computer Science - BSc (Hons)

Financial Mathematics - BSc (Hons)

$33,423 - $38,584

University of Ottawa

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

$30,626.00 - $38,714.90

McMaster University

Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science

Health and Society


$1400-$1750 per Unit

University of Alberta


Business and Economics

Media and Fine Arts

CAD 9,322 - CAD 36,000

Master’s Courses in September Intake in Canada 2025

University Name Courses Fees

Queen’s University

Master of Public Health


Civil Engineering


Langara College

Business Administration (Post-Degree)

Data Analytics

Applied Planning


The University of British Columbia

Master of Education in Adult Learning and Education

Master of Arts in Anthropology

Master of Architecture (MARCH)

$22,141.00 per Instalment

University of Waterloo

MAcc Accounting

Master Economic Development and Innovation

Master Quantitative Finance

CAD 26,676 - CAD 46,782

Western University

MClSc Advanced Health Care Practice

MClSc Family Medicine

Master Health Equity and Sustainability

$18,436 (⅓ instalment)

Toronto Metropolitan University


Civil Engineering

Computer Science

Digital Media

Early Childhood Studies

$33,423 to $38,584

University of Ottawa



Human Kinetics

$21,100 per year

Concordia University

Biology (MSc)

Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies (MA)

Economics (MA)

Educational Technology (MA)

History (MA)

McMaster University

Master of Finance


Master of Engineering Design

Master of Biomedical Innovation

$3,794.40 per course - $20,000.00 per term

University of Alberta

Master of Accounting

Master of Pharmacology

Master of Law (LLM)

CAD 9,322 - CAD 36,000

Deadlines For September Intake

To apply for the September intake in USA, it is essential to know the important dates. This will help you to submit your application on time. So, check the timeline to apply for the Fall intake in USA below.

  • Application Deadline : February - March 2025

  • Meeting Conditions and Deposit : April - May 2025

  • Induction and orientation : August 2025

  • Course start date : September 2025

Timeline for September (Fall) Intake 2025 Things To Do
January 2025 Research about the universities/colleges and courses.
February 2025 Take standardised tests (GMAT/GRE/SAT) and English language proficiency tests (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE).
February - March 2025 Submit the application forms.
April - May 2025 Reply to college emails and responses and receive the acceptance letter.
July - August 2025 Apply for a Canadian student visa and settle your finances.
September 2025 Start your course studies now.

Eligibility Criteria in Canada for September Intake

Meeting the admission eligibility criteria will tell you whether you can apply to the September intake in Canada or not. It is a highly crucial factor for international students for their higher studies. The requirements below vary according to the level of the desired course:

English Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English is an important admission requirement. Standardised tests are used to assess your English language skills. Let’s take a look below:

Other Academic Test Scores

To study in Canada, you will be required to present some academic eligibility requirements, which entail an average score in your previous qualifications. Academic scores ensure you have a strong foundation for your chosen program or course.

Moreover, you might need to provide scores like GMAT or GRE for special programs like MBA. So, let’s take a look ahead over them:

Passport and Visa

You will need the Letter of Acceptance received from the university and other required documents to get your passport and student visa in Canada. And then, you will again be asked to show these to an immigration officer at the airport for validation.

Acceptance by a designated learning institute (DLI), proof of funds, a clean background, a medical certificate, and assurance of departure post-studies are among the eligibility requirements. Furthermore, if you apply through the SDS method, the processing time for a Canadian student visa following biometrics is 20 calendar days.

Documents Required

  • Academic certificates and transcripts

  • Updated CV or resume

  • Passport

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

  • English proficiency certificate

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Professional experience letters

  • Certificate of extracurricular activities (if any)

  • Proof of financial support

  • Letter of Acceptance

How to Apply

Now that you have learnt everything about September Intake in Canada, you must look further into how and when to apply. Below is a detailed guide on how to apply for the September intake in Canada:

  • Research & Shortlist - You must shortlist fields of study and research at a few universities according to your preferences. Further, check each university's application deadlines and requirements.

  • Requirements - After reviewing all the requirements of your shortlisted universities, you must show your English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) and attain the required scores.

  • Application Preparation - Now gather essential documents, which encompasses transcripts and standardised tests (if applicable) like GMAT, SAT, or GRE, along with passport, CV, 2 LORs, and a Statement of Purpose (SOP).

  • Apply to Universities - You must complete your online applications for chosen universities and make sure that all documents are uploaded and fees paid.

  • Respond to University Communication - You have to monitor email and online portals for communication with universities concerning application status and other requirements.

  • Arrange Funds - You should start organising funds for tuition and living expenses. Keep in mind to explore scholarship options and prepare financial documents for visa applications.

Therefore, you can navigate the application process smoothly and enhance your chances of getting admission to your desired programs for the September intake in Canada 2025 by diligently following the above-mentioned steps.

Scholarships for September Intake in Canada

Now that you have learned the steps to apply for the September intake in Canada, you must also understand that several scholarships are available. So, cross-check your eligibility and apply to reduce the cost of your education.

The table below lists scholarship opportunities available in Canada for the September intake, with information on their value and application deadlines.

Scholarship Name Value Eligibility

President’s International Scholarship of Excellence

Up to CAD 45,000

Final admission average of at least 80%

TOEFL score of at least 88, IELTS score of 6.5, or PTE score of 60

Application to an undergraduate degree program

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

Up to CAD 35,000

Minimum IELTS score of 6.5, PTE score of 65, and TOEFL score of 90

High school completion no earlier than one gap year

President’s International Distinction Scholarship

CAD 120,000

Minimum IELTS score of 6.5, PTE score of 65, and TOEFL score of 90

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Covers tuition and living expenses

Enrollment in a full-time doctoral program

Doctoral work related to themes of human rights and dignity

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Up to CAD 50,000 per year

First-class degree in undergraduate and graduate studies

Enrollment in a doctoral program

Demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and research potential

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

$5,000 per session, up to $15,000

Graduate students in various disciplines

Tenure for one year (two to three academic sessions)

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

$25,000 per year

Studying in Quebec

Pursuing a doctoral or postdoctoral program

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

$40,000 annually

International PhD students based on merit & program criteria

Partnership Grants by SSHRC

Up to CAD 20,000

PhD candidates

Supports research initiatives in social sciences and humanities

Note : Scholarship amounts are approximate and subject to change. You must confirm current scholarship information with the relevant organisations or authorities as soon as possible.

For a smooth application process, contact Meridean Overseas experienced advisors. They can help you with the application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Well, there’s no ideal time to take the IELTS for the September Intake in Canada, but it’s better to schedule your English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL) approximately a year ahead of the intake. Registrations for these tests are always open, and you can schedule them according to your choice.

The application deadline for admission to the September intake generally falls between February and March. So, you must verify each university's specific deadline for September intake Canada and submit your application well in advance.

You should commence your application process around December of the previous year to apply for the September intake in Canada. Typically, the application window closes in February or March to give applicants enough time to complete their research and submit their work before classes start in September.

The September intake in Canada is one of the most popular options, as top-notch universities reserve slots for a diverse range of programs. September is a good choice, particularly if you plan to move to Canada for your education soon after finishing your studies in India because the academic year ends a little earlier in September.

Yes, many premier study abroad consultants, like Meridean Overseas, can help you get admission into the September intake in Canada. They have established partnerships with prestigious universities abroad, facilitating admission to your preferred institutions. These counsellors assist you in selecting suitable programs and universities that align with your career aspirations, ensuring a promising and fulfilling academic journey.

Study abroad consultants, such as Meridean Overseas, offer comprehensive advice and assistance throughout the visa process. They provide valuable insights, assist with document gathering, offer visa application advice, and ensure adherence to visa requirements, increasing the likelihood of visa approval.

Study abroad consultants provide students with tailored test preparation strategies and resources to help them succeed on standardised tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT. They offer practice materials, mock tests, and personalised coaching to help students boost their performance and confidence.

Study abroad consultants assist students in exploring the various scholarships and financial aid options available to international students. They help students find appropriate scholarships, guide them through the application process, and help them prepare scholarship essays and applications to increase their chances of success.

While submitting your application by the deadline is preferable, some institutions may accept late applications for the September Intake in Canada individually. You must contact your preferred university or college's admissions office directly to find out about their late application policy and any available options.

The September Intake in Canada typically runs from September to February, covering the entire academic semester. During this time, students engage in coursework, exams, and other academic activities, which culminate in the completion of their first semester or term of study.

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