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Cape Breton University is a public university in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, established in 1951. The university offers 30+ undergraduate degree programs, several graduate programs, and certificate and diploma programs. Cape Breton University has a student population of around 3,500, including international students from over 50 countries. The university is known for its strengths in multiple disciplines, with recognized faculty members and a high student-to-faculty ratio.

The campus is situated on the east coast of Canada over 250 acres with modern academic and research facilities, student residences, recreational amenities, and resources such as career services and on-campus health services. Cape Breton University offers various experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom through internships, co-op programs, and placements, including international exchange programs.


Why Choose the Cape Breton University?

There are several reasons why someone might choose Cape Breton University (CBU):

  1. Academic Excellence: CBU is recognized for its strengths in multiple disciplines and has highly qualified faculty members with numerous academic and research achievements.

  2. Personalized Attention: With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, students at CBU receive personalized attention and support from their instructors.

  3. Cultural Diversity: With over 50 countries represented among CBU's student population, the university offers a vibrant and diverse learning community.

  4. Experiential Learning Opportunities: CBU offers various opportunities for experiential learning, including internships, co-op programs, and placements in partnership with local employers and international exchange programs with universities worldwide.

  5. Stunning Natural Surroundings: The CBU campus is located on the east coast of Canada surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty that offers both tranquillity and adventure.

  6. Community and Student Life: CBU offers a friendly and welcoming community, with opportunities for involvement and leadership through various student clubs and organizations.


Key Features

Here are some key features of Cape Breton University:

  1. Quality Education: CBU provides a high-quality education with recognized faculty members, personalized attention, and a diverse range of academic programs.

  2. Experiential Learning: CBU provides hands-on learning opportunities, such as internships, co-op programs, and placements with local employers, as well as international exchange programs with universities worldwide.

  3. Stunning Natural Setting: The CBU campus is situated on the east coast of Canada with beautiful natural surroundings, offering a unique and serene learning environment.

  4. Community Engagement: CBU is committed to community engagement and social responsibility, with numerous initiatives geared towards community development and involvement.

  5. Support Services: CBU provides various support services to enable students to achieve their academic and personal goals, including career services, academic advising, a writing center, and on-campus health services.

  6. Innovative Research: CBU's faculty members are involved in innovative research in various fields, including business, engineering, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

  7. Average Salary: The Cape Breton University offers average salary is range from CAD 47,300 to CAD 1,11,000.

Cape Breton University Courses & Fees

Course Fees

UG Fees: 2,140,600.00 INR

PG Fees: 2,140,600.00 INR

Cape Breton University Courses

Cape Breton University offers a wide range of courses across various fields.

The following are some of the popular Cape Breton University Courses offered:

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Admission Criteria

Intake’s deadline

Fall (September): April, Spring (May): January, Winter (January): August, Summer (July): January

Cape Breton University (CBU) has different admission requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs, and these requirements may differ based on the program you are applying to.

Below are The Cape Breton University Admission Criteria for both undergraduate and graduate programs:

Admission Criteria




Doctorate (PHD)


Above 65% Above 65% Above 65%


Above 6.5 Above 6.5 Above 6.5


Above 80 Above 80 Above 80

PTE Academic

Above 59 Above 59 Above 59


Required Required Required

Work Experience

Accepted Accepted Accepted

Cape Breton University acceptance rate can fluctuate each year based on various factors, including the number of applications received, the available spots in the programs, and the competitiveness of the applicant pool.

However, according to Maclean's University Rankings, Cape Breton University has an acceptance rate of approximately 50%. Keep in mind that this is not an official figure and is subject to change over time.

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Cape Breton University Scholarships

Cape Breton University (CBU) offers several scholarships to help students finance their education. Some of the Cape Breton University Scholarships are:

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Entrance Scholarships $500 - $3,000
2 International Student Scholarships $500 - $8,000
3 CB Atlantic Scholarship for International Students $3,000
4 Cape Breton University International Excellence Awards Up to $25,000
5 Indigenous Student Entrance Scholarship Between $1,000 and $4,500, depending on GPA.
6 CBU Alumni Entrance Scholarship $1,000 for one year (renewable)
7 Entrance Scholarship for Students with Disabilities $2,000
8 President's Scholarship Up to $20,000
9 Study and Go Abroad Scholarship CAD $1,000
10 Viola Desmond Entrance Scholarship $5,000


There are 3 intakes in a year Summer, Fall and Winter.

6.5 is the minimum Score to get a admission in Cape Breton University, Canada.

50% is the acceptance rate for Cape Breton University Canada.

Cape Breton is a famous choice for international students because the university gives prestigious scholarships worth up to 2.5 million Canadian dollars every year. That's the reason students prefer this university more.

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