Australia July Intake

 Australia July Intake


Australia is among the top countries selected by Indian students to study abroad. The country is always preferable for international students due to its quality education, safest environment, top opportunities, and healthcare facilities. It also allows international students to get a work permit after completing their studies.

Thousands of students want to go to this country for higher education every year. But what is the right time to study in Australia? Is the July Intake in Australia suitable for Indian students?

The government allows international students 3 times to get admission to Universities in Australia.

  • February Intake

  • July Intake

  • November Intake

But July intake & February Intake are the top positions as most colleges open their doors in these intakes. Also, they provide various opportunities in different fields.

As per the latest news, the February intake has recently been closed, and the July intake has been opened for international students.

So, if you want to study here, read the article. We have provided the complete details of July Intake in Australia 2024, its deadline, admission process & criteria, Universities, etc.

Timeline for Application

Actions Taken by the Students

Last Dates to Apply


The commencing date of the classes

Late June or Early July

Popular Courses

Accounting, Architecture, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science & IT, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Psychology, Nursing.

July Intake in Australia

We all know that the primary purpose of studying abroad is to get numerous job opportunities and access high-quality education coupled with enticing research opportunities. But for this, it is crucial to identify whether your intake opens up various career options. How many universities participate in it?

Well, July Intake in Australia is the most popular intake after February. It is also called Secondary Intake in Australia.

Reasons to Opt for Secondary Intake in Australia

Australia ranks third as the most preferred destination for Indian students. Australian universities have also experienced exponential growth in the applications they receive from India over the last decade, owing to their world-class education, multi-cultural campuses, and post-study work opportunities provided to international students.

The reasons to choose Australia July intake are:

  • 40+ leading universities offer a wide choice of programmes.

  • Excellent academic scholarships.

  • It is famous for its accounting, information technology, hospitality, and mining courses.

  • Excellent employment opportunities and stay-back choices.

Important Highlights of Australia July Intake 2024

Check the essential highlights of the July intake in Australia that will help you to know why the July intake is suitable for international students out of all other Australian intakes in 2024.

  • It’s a significant intake, and all the universities participated in the July intake 2024.

  • Candidates can gain admission at different levels, such as master’s, bachelor’s, Ph.D., etc.

  • Indian students can apply for thousands of scholarships and get financial support.

  • The highest number of journals and thesis are published in July Intake.

Deadline for July Intake in Australia – When to Apply?

Now that you have made up your mind to take admission in the July intake, then, first of all, you should know when to apply. Recently, most universities in Australia opened their doors for July intake. Below, we provide the primary deadline before you complete the required actions.

Australia July Intake Deadline 2024 Actions Taken by the Students
August to November

Check the universities that accept applications in the July intake, and know the courses you want to apply to. Shortlist them as per your preference and check their eligibility criteria.

December to February

Apply for English proficiency tests such as IELTS / TOEFL / PTE and appear for standardised admission tests such as GRE / GMAT (Optional), which are required to study at your preferred university.

February to March

Apply to all shortlisted universities as soon as possible after collecting all the required documents.

March to April

If you get selected for the university, you will receive an email for an interview. Appear in the interview conducted by the university.

April to June

If you clear your interview, then you will receive an offer letter. Apply for a student visa. Also, to manage your expenses, apply for scholarships if you are eligible.

June to July

Go to Australia, find accommodation, and wait for the session.

Australia February Intake

Universities Accepting July Intake

As we have mentioned, all the universities accept international students' applications in the July intake in Australia, so to study in this intake, you must shortlist the college to which you want to apply. Below, you can check the top universities for Australia July Intake 2024 and their ranking.

How do you apply for July Intake Universities in Australia?

Once you shortlist the universities to apply to, it’s obvious to have a question – How to apply to universities in Australia?

Before applying to any university, you should check the complete process to ensure you complete all the requirements and make any mistakes during the application filling process. A complete form and all the required information may lead to your form being accepted on the first chance.

So, check the step-by-step procedure for July Intake in Australia universities.

Step 1 - First, research the university and their courses for July intake in Australia and then pick some of them per your preference.

Step 2 - Check their eligibility criteria and documents required for college application.

Step 3 - Prepare all the documents or get an English proficiency exam certificate (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL).

Step 4 - Once you gather all the information, apply for all the selected universities without making any mistakes. For this, you can talk to our Overseas Counsellors.

Step 5 - Wait for the universities' reply. If you receive an offer letter, then accept it. Some universities provide the offer letter on behalf of the interview. It would be best if you also prepared for the interview.

Step 6 - Now, apply for the student visa, as it will be time-consuming.

Step 7 - Go to Australia and wait for the session to start. That time, you should find accommodation.

Australia February Intake

Documents Required for July Intake in Australia

The first and foremost step to applying abroad to universities is having all the required documents. So, what documents are needed for the July Intake in Australia? Well, we are providing the list of documents that you need to submit with the application.

  • Transcripts from the previous academic year, i.e. 12th, bachelor's, master’s

  • English proficiency test score acceptable by your selected university

  • Certificate of completion of the previous degree (if applying for a master's degree program)

  • GRE or GMAT score (If required by the university)

  • Statement of purpose (SOP) to get admission to a particular university or country

  • Letter of recommendation (Required 2 LOR – Depends on the university)

  • Evidence of financial resources

  • Updated CV with educational & professional detail

  • Certificate of Work Experience (If required)

  • Passport size photograph


International students can apply to Australian universities three times a year for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, i.e., February, July, and November. Different universities start their numerous programs in other months. You can refer to the university website for specific course commencement dates.

The minimum IELTS requirement for undergraduates is an overall 6, with a band of 5.5 in most universities. At the same time, some universities look for an overall 6 band score with no band less than 6. For postgraduate students, an overall IELTS score of 6.5 is required, with no band less than 6. However, some specific programs have higher requirements for English proficiency scores.

Australia typically offers two prominent intakes: February and July. Each intake has its merits, and the choice depends on individual circumstances. Certain educational institutions also provide limited admission opportunities in November and December for specific programs.

The deadline for July intake in Australian universities varies from university to university. Most educational institutes usually book April and May as July intake deadlines. Hence, you must apply for admission before April to secure a seat at your preferred university.

La Trobe University has the highest acceptance rate. It has an acceptance rate of 100% and welcomes more than 7,000 international students from 110 nations yearly.

The February 2024 intake in Australia is the primary intake, which implies that students who apply during this time have a better chance of being admitted because universities receive a large number of applications.

No, both Australian intakes must meet the entry requirements and minimum qualifying criteria. Only the course selections change with each intake, and in certain situations, a university or two may not offer admissions in a specific intake. Thus, admission conditions for Australia's July intake remain unchanged. In some situations, universities may admit students during the February intake rather than the July intake and vice versa. The candidate must check this before applying for admission.

In Australia, it is possible to defer an admission offer from the July intake to the February intake. This is only feasible if

  • Students provide a valid explanation for deferring admission.

  • The entrance course will be provided in the following intake.

  • If you defer your application from July to February, you should not seek or accept admission offers from other universities.

Australian institutions receive admission applications twice yearly, first in July and again in February. Australia's primary intake is in February, while its secondary intake is in July. In February, students will be able to locate practically all potential courses for admission; however, in July, they may or may not find a few courses for admission to Australian universities.

All major Australian institutions open and accept admission applications for the July intake. Some of the popular Australian universities offering applications for the July intake are listed below:

  • The University of Sydney

  • The University of Adelaide

  • The University of Queensland

  • The University of Melbourne

  • Australian National University

  • University of New South Wales

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