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    Latvia is small as well as the safest country in Europe for international students. There are more than 10000 international students from 60+ countries coming to study in Latvia. Riga is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The Riga Stradins University is known for its medicine and dental courses.

    Moreover, more than 42% of locals (aged between 15 and 34) speak English, which is the best thing as international students can easily set their environment, enjoy their student life, and understand their culture. Candidates can also get free education or low-cost education due to scholarship opportunities.

    Below are the key points for international students to study in Latvia.

    • There are more than 1000 Indian students applying to study in Latvia every year.
    • There are a total of 23 universities in Latvia, including public and private universities, and one campus opens its doors to international students.
    • The country permits international students to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week.
    • Riga Technical University and Riga Stradins University are top universities in Latvia.
    • Students in the Bachelor’s Program can extend the resident permit up to 4 Months after the end of their studies. These post study work visas in Latvia for an additional 4 months are provided to allow students to apply for master's studies or find a job.
    • Candidates can get 430 Euros or 2.50 Euros Per hour in a part-time job.

    Key Highlights to Study in Latvia

    Here are the key highlights that you must know to study in Latvia.

    Aspects Detail
    Number of Universities & Colleges 23, including public, private, and one campus
    Indian students in Latvia 1000+
    Average Living Expenses 600 Euros per Month
    Average Cost of Studying 1,550 and 15,000 EUR per year
    Popular Courses in Latvia BDS, MS, BE/BTech, MIM, BBA
    Post Study Work Permit in Latvia Permitted
    Latvia Study Visa cost 60 EUR

    Study in Latvia: Top Universities for International Students

    Majorly, there are 3 universities that secured a position in the QS World University Ranking 2024. These universities are as follows

    Universities Name QS Ranking THE Rankings
    riga-technical-university 721-730 1001–1200
    riga-stradins-university 781-790 1501+
    university-of-latvia.webp 951-1000 1001–1200

    Why Study in Latvia?

    There are various benefits of studying in Latvia. Some of them are given below

    • Affordable Education – Universities in Latvia are known for their affordability. Their universities provide low-cost education and fully funded scholarships for international students.
    • Low Cost of Living – The country is more affordable than others. International candidates can easily live in Latvia at 600 Euros per Month. However, it will depend on your way of living, city, and extra expenses.
    • Various Internship Opportunities – Various internship options are available for international students in different fields. However, Software developers, Marketing specialists, accountants, and financial experts are always in demand in Latvia.
    • Multicultural Learning Environment – Universities in Latvia accept international applications from 40+ countries. Candidates have the opportunity to interact with students from different countries, understand their cultures, learn other languages, etc. The country provides personal and academic growth.
    • Globally renowned universities – More than 20 universities in Latvia are globally recognised. The country has 14 public universities, 8 private universities, and one branch campus of a Polish university, which provides 240+ Bachelor, Master, PhD courses for international students.
    • Research and Innovation Hub – Latvia is a research and innovation hub. There are 60+ research institutions in Latvia. The country spends around 0.74% of its GDP (EUR 249 million) yearly on Research and Innovation.

    How to Study in Latvia: Application Process

    Follow the below procedure to apply for the universities in Latvia.

    • Research for Desired University and Course – Start researching for your desired university and course, check their availability in intakes, and know if you are eligible for the course or not.
    • Planning of Finance - To study in Latvia, candidates must plan their budget for tuition fees and living expenses. Make sure you have a sufficient balance to study in Latvia as per their country’s guidelines.
    • Prepare your application in Advance – Gather the necessary paperwork and pay special attention to deadlines. Schedule your application at least two months in advance to ensure you have enough time and prevent last-minute difficulties.
    • Apply Online and Wait for the Acceptance Letter – Once you applied, wait for the response. Universities will take time to check your application, and if everything is fine, they will provide you with an offer letter.
    • Apply for a student visa to Latvia – After receiving your offer letter, apply for a study visa in Latvia.

    Admission Requirements to Study in Latvia

    To apply for Latvia universities, candidates must satisfy some eligibility criteria. These standard admission requirements are given below.

    Where to apply Universities Official Website
    Tuition Fee 1,550 and 15,000 EUR per year
    Basic Requirements Academic Transcripts, Essays, Standardized tests for studying in Latvia, Copy of your valid passport, Proof of finances, curriculum vitae
    Additional Requirements Valid Visa, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation,
    Work Experience Required
    English Language Requirements IELTS – 6.0 to 7.0, PTE 51 to 67 or above, TOEFL – 72 and above

    Tests Required to Study in Latvia

    Latvia Universities provide various English Taught programs for international students. However, candidates must prove their English proficiency to study in these courses. The universities in Latvia accept 3 exam scores as proof of language proficiency. These are as follows


    When to Study in Latvia?

    Intakes in UK

    There are two intakes in Latvia, Autumn Intake and Winter Intake, through which international students can study at their dream university in Latvia. However, it is vital to check the availability of courses and universities for each intake, as not every university participates in both intakes.

    • Autumn Intake - It is also called September Intake in Latvia. The deadline for this intake is July-August.
    • Winter Intake - It is also called February Intake in Latvia. The deadline for this intake is December-January.

    Although both intakes are available for international students, but September Intake in Latvia is more popular than the Feb Intake. Almost all universities in Latvia accept applications for September intake. To apply for this intake, it is recommended that candidates must submit their application before July/August.


    Study in Latvia Cost

    Studying in Latvia is affordable for international students as compared to other countries. The country has 14 public universities which also have lower tuition fees from private universities. Candidates with an average cost of €1,600 per year to €6,500 per year can complete their undergraduate or postgraduate course.

    Tuition fees

    Below is the average cost of studying in Latvia for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Medical, MBA, and PhD programs.

    Type of Institution cost of study in Latvia for Indian students
    For Undergraduate and Postgraduate €1,600 per year to €6,500 per year
    For Medical Degrees Up to 15,000 EUR per year
    For MBA Degrees Up to 25,600 EUR per year
    For PhD Program 2,000 - 4,000 EUR per year

    Cost of Living in Latvia

    International students must take a budget of almost 600 euros per month to live their lives peacefully. Below, you can check the different types of Cost of Living in Latvia.

    Types of Expenditure Average Cost (per Month)
    Dorms/hostel €70 - €120
    Shared Apartment €100 - €200
    Without Sharing Apartment €250 - €350
    Daily and Common Utilities €100 - €170
    Internet Connections €12 - €15
    Food €150 - €250 (€4 - €7 per meal)
    Transportation €16 for students (trams or buses), €3 – €15 (taxi in Riga city), €2 (public transport one-way ticket)
    Entertainment: Cinema ticket €5 – €15
    Opera Ticket €7 – €45
    Rock Concert Ticket €8 – €35
    Swimming Pool Sing Visit €7
    Gym Membership (Monthly) €30 – €50

    Top Cities Preferred by Students

    Latvia is a European country which is known for its rich culture, affordability, and welcoming environment. The capital city of Latvia, Riga, is one of the top cities selected by international students to study or live. The city is home to various multinational organisations. It has two top universities and one-third of the population.

    However, some other cities are also considered the top preferred cities in Latvia. You can check them below.

    • Riga

      QS Rank 1
    • Daugavpils

      QS Rank 2
    • Liepaja

      QS Rank 3
    • Jelgava

      QS Rank 4
    • Kuldiga

      QS Rank 5
    • Ventspils

      QS Rank 6
    • Kandava

      QS Rank 7

    Student Visa in Latvia

    The Latvia government provides various types of visas for international students. Students can apply and get a visa in Latvia depending on the purpose and course level. Some top student visas in Latvia are as follows

    Latvia Student Visa – Candidates who want to study at universities in Latvia can apply for a student visa. This visa will be issued for 90 days initially. However, if your study course is lengthy, then you must apply for a Latvian residence permit, which will be applicable for the entire duration of your studies.

    Latvia Work Visa – Candidates who want to work in Latvia after their studies, then they have to apply for a Latvian work visa, work permit, and residence permit. This work permit will be allowed by the Ministry of Interior. However, the duration of the work permit may differ from person to person, depending on work duration and type.

    How to Study in Latvia with a Scholarship?

    Latvia is known for its affordable cost of studying and cost of living. The country offers various scholarships for international students that help to manage expenses and cut down the financial burden.

    Moreover, some scholarships are fully funded for international students, which candidates can get based on their academic scores. However, the Latvia government also provides need-based scholarships for students who need financial help to complete their higher studies.

    Scholarships for International Students in Latvia

    Below, you can check the list of Scholarship to study in Latvia for Indian Students.

    Scholarships for Indian Students Amount offered
    K.C. Mahindra Scholarships INR 10 L
    Unimoni Student Stars 2023 INR 3 L
    JN Tata Endowment INR 10 L
    Young Women in Public Affairs Awards INR 4.2 L
    Hani Zeini Scholarship INR 82.5 k
    Dr. Jade Malay High Achiever Scholarship INR 82.9 k
    Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships Vary

    Job Opportunities

    Below you can check the top job positions available in Latvia along with their average salaries.

    Position Salary Per Month
    Administration 1,072 EUR
    Agriculture, Food Industry 1,053 EUR
    Arts & Culture 1,105 EUR
    Banking 1,551 EUR
    Car Industry 1,464 EUR
    Chemical Industry 1,078 EUR
    Commerce 1,329 EUR
    Construction & Real Estate 1,359 EUR
    Customer Support 1,200 EUR
    Economy, Finance, Accountancy 1,452 EUR
    Education, Science & Research 1,120 EUR
    Electrical & Power Engineering 1,291 EUR
    General labour 665 EUR
    Human Resources 1,315 EUR
    Information Technology 2,154 EUR
    Insurance 1,355 EUR
    Journalism, Printing Arts & Media 1,250 EUR
    Law & Legislation 1,565 EUR
    Leasing 1,131 EUR
    Management 1,911 EUR
    Marketing, Advertising, PR 1,414 EUR
    Mechanical Engineering 1,361 EUR
    Medicine & Social Care 1,407 EUR
    Pharmaceutical Industry 1,301 EUR
    Production 1,183 EUR
    Public Administration, Self-governance 1,473 EUR
    Quality Management 1,237 EUR
    Security & Protection 1,075 EUR
    Service Industries 984 EUR
    Technology, Development 1,385 EUR
    Telecommunications 1,557 EUR
    Textile, Leather, Apparel Industry 566 EUR
    Top Management 2,322 EUR
    Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business 980 EUR
    Translating, interpreting 1,077 EUR
    Transport, Haulage, Logistics 1,434 EUR
    Water Management, Forestry, Environment 1,157 EUR
    Wood Processing Industry 1,075 EUR


    Ans. There are 1000+ Indian students studying in Latvia for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD courses.

    Ans. Yes, Latvia is a perfect place for Indian students. The country provides affordable studies and a safe environment for Indian students.

    Ans. Candidates must prove their English proficiency to apply for the English Taught Program. However, it is not necessary to take the IELTS test; there are alternatives available for IELTS.

    Ans. The minimum IELTS Score may vary for international students to study in Latvia. However, candidates with a 6.0 band score of no less than 5.5 can apply in Latvia.

    Ans. There is no age limit criterion to apply for universities in Latvia.

    Ans. Local people who are living in Latvia officially speak the Latvian language. However, more than 42% of locals also speak in English.

    Ans. Candidates who want to study in Latvia must have at least 4 lacs in their bank as financial proof.

    Ans. There are two intakes in Latvia – Autumn Intake and Winter Intake through which international students can apply to Latvian universities.

    Ans. Candidates who have completed their master’s degree can stay in Latvia for a certain period to search for employment.

    Ans. To get a permanent residence permit in Latvia, you must have resided for 4 years out of the 5 years in Latvia. You should have successfully passed the basic Latvian language test at Level A2.

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