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    Study in Latvia for Indian Students

    Located on the Eastern shore of the gorgeous Baltic Sea, Latvia is a small, pristine country in northern Europe. It is a land of coasts, forests, lakes and untouched nature. The country is home to people with a strong cultural identity, folklore and many festivals.

    Latvia has a distinctive character, welcoming students and tourists with warm hospitality and a chance to immerse themselves in the country's captivating history and natural wonders. Latvia's universities are ranked highly in the QS World University Rankings. Apply to universities today to study in Latvia.

    Why Study in Latvia?

    Latvia is a member of the Bologna Process and touts a top-notch education system. The nation has many approved public and private universities, making it the most sought-after location for students seeking a holistic education in a caring environment. International students who study in Latvia have several benefits, including its vibrant cultural scene, rich history, world-class education, and beautiful landscapes. The main reasons to study in Latvia include:

    • Affordable education
    • Low cost of living
    • Breathtaking landscapes
    • Various internship opportunities
    • Multicultural learning environment
    • Globally renowned universities
    • Research and innovation hub

    Top Courses to Study in Latvia

    Latvia offers the best study programs for students seeking quality education in various fields. These courses focus on practical skills and theoretical knowledge to prepare students for the dynamic global business environment. Popular fields of study in Latvia are information technology, business, and economics. Institutes also offer medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing courses.

    The top courses in Latvia are:

    Top Universities to Enrol in Latvia

    Universities in Latvia are known for their supportive learning environments, high academic benchmarks, modern facilities, and multicultural student communities. Institutes in Latvia are renowned for their rigorous academic curriculum and state-of-the-art medical facilities. International students can choose an area of interest and pursue their academic and career goals while studying at these universities in Latvia.

    The top universities in Latvia are:

    • art-academy-of-latvia
    • daugavpils-university
    • latvia-university-of-life-sciences
    • liepaja-university
    • riga-graduate-school-of-law
    • riga-stradins-university
    • riga-technical-university
    • riseba-university
    • transport-and-telecommunication-institute
    • turiba-university

    Key Areas for Studying in Latvia

    Top Cities Preferred by Students

    Latvia is home to many captivating cities offering a unique blend of architecture, history, and pristine natural beauty. The Latvia capital city of Riga is a true gem, boasting an enchanting old town with cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and the iconic Riga Cathedral. The city is home to around one-third of the country’s population and has two top universities. The city embraces modernity while keeping its unique ancient touch with its vibrant art scene, trendy cafes, and bustling markets. Cities situated around the coastlines in Latvia are known for their therapeutic spas and breathtaking coastline, offering a serene retreat amidst picturesque nature.

    The top cities in Latvia are:

    • Riga
    • Daugavpils
    • Liepaja
    • Jelgava
    • Kuldiga
    • Ventspils
    • Kandava

    Student Visa Requirements for Latvia

    International students who are non-EU/EEA citizens need a visa to study in Latvia. After finishing their chosen course, international students in Latvia have the option of staying back in the country and finding employment related to their study area. The post-study work permit may be valid for six to twelve months. A valid passport, long-stay visa application form, acceptance letter from the university, etc., are common requirements for a Latvia student visa. The visa processing time for a Latvia student visa is around eight weeks. After landing in Latvia, you must obtain your temporary residency permit. To acquire your permission, you must register your address with the local OMCA (Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs).

    The student visa requirements to study in Latvia are mentioned below.

    • A Valid Passport
    • Long-stay Visa Application Form
    • Proof of Acceptance by the University
    • Travel Insurance
    • Proof of Flight Ticket Reservation
    • Proof of VISA Fee Payment
    • valid-passport
    • long-stay-visa
    • confirmed-offer-letter
    • travel
    • proof-of-flight
    • proof-fee

    Work Opportunities After Studying in Latvia

    Being a high-income advanced economy, Latvia is a developed nation which ranks 39th on the Human Development Index. This means students have ample work opportunities after completing their studies in Latvia. Most of the jobs in Latvia are centred in the country's economic centre, the capital city of Riga. The country has a growing food, wood and textile processing industry. IT, management, architecture, development, etc., are some of Latvia's top fields with maximum job opportunities.


    Latvia is one of the top education countries selected by the international students. Every year, almost 3000 international students from India go to study in Latvia.

    Yes, the country provides the residence permit 4 months after the end of your graduation degree.

    Yes, the universities in Latvia accept the gap in academic and even proficiency tests. The minimum GPA required to submit your application is 50%.

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