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    Malta is considered one of the best countries in Europe, as many Indian students choose to study in Malta for higher education. Every year, almost 500 students from India go to Malta. Candidates also choose to study in Malta because they can easily talk with the people of Malta, as around 80% of the population in Malta speaks English.

    Moreover, the country offers various job opportunities in various sectors. As per the recent update, the business management course is in high demand in Malta. Candidates may also be eligible for scholarships that provide free or inexpensive education. That’s why many Indian students go to study in Malta.

    Below are the key points for Indian students to study in Malta.

    • There are 1 Public University and 8 Private Universities.
    • Candidates can live in Malta by spending 300 EUR - 500 EUR per month.
    • To get a work visa in Malta, candidates first have to complete their studies. The minimum average monthly income in Malta is €1,200.

    Key Highlights to Study in Malta

    Below, you can check the key highlights that Indian students must know to study in Malta.

    Aspects Detail
    Number of Universities & Colleges Total 20 universities
    Indian students in Malta 450 Indian Students (As of 2022)
    Average Living Expenses 300 EUR - 500 EUR per Month
    Average Cost of Studying 2,000 to 9000 EUR Per year
    Popular Courses in Malta Information Technology, Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Finance and Economics, Health and Social Care
    Post Study Work Permit in Malta Additional 4 months after the graduation
    Malta Study Visa cost 8953 Rs

    Study in Malta: Top Universities for Indian Students

    Candidates who want to study at Malta Universities must check the top university list as per QS Ranking and THE Ranking..

    Universities Name QS Rankings THE Rankings
    university-of-malta 801-1000 801-1000
    american-university-of-malta - -
    malta-college-of-arts-science-and-technology - -

    Why Study in Malta?

    Many Indian students are still confused about why study in Malta. If you are one of those, then you must read further. There are various benefits of studying in Malta, that you can check them below.

    • Low Cost of Living - Most of the European Countries are known for their low-cost living expenses. Malta, a European country, also has a low cost of living of almost 300 EUR - 500 EUR per month.
    • Affordable Tuition Fees – In Malta, there are various universities that provide affordable education. Generally, the cost of studying in Malta is 2,000 to 9000 EUR per year. Moreover, some universities offer free tuition costs for Indian students. However, the criteria may differ for it.
    • Multicultural Learning Environment - The Malta government allowed candidates from various backgrounds. They also add about minority groups, different languages, and cultures to their higher study curriculum. So that students learn about different cultures.
    • Quality Education - Malta is known for its quality education. Their education system is designed for the British education system. The degrees from Malta University are reputable and recognised from all over the world.
    • Various Scholarships for Indian Students – The Malta universities and their government provide hundreds of scholarships for Indian students. However, the scholarship amount to study in Malta may differ. Some scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially supported.

    How to Study in Malta: Application Process

    Below is the application process to apply to Malta Universities.

    • Step 1 – Look into the universities and courses you have always wanted to attend, see if they offer any upcoming intakes, and determine your eligibility.
    • Step 2 – Students wishing to study in Malta must set aside money for living expenses and tuition. As per Malta’s regulations, make sure you have enough balance to study there.
    • Step 3 - Prepare all the necessary documents and apply to the institutions as soon as the application process opens to avoid last-minute issues.
    • Step 4 - After submitting your application, wait for the response. Universities will send you an offer letter in a few days if everything checks out.
    • Step 5 - After obtaining your offer letter, apply for a study visa in Malta.

    You can get help from the study in Malta consultants or top overseas education consultants when applying to universities in Malta.

    Admission Requirements to Study in Malta

    Check the admission requirements for Indian students to study in Malta.

    Where to apply Universities official website
    Tution Fee 2,000 to 9000 EUR per year
    Basic Requirements Valid passport is required; all transcripts are necessary to attach with documents; curriculum vitae is required, medical certificate, proof of financial support, and AIDS test certificate
    Additional Requirements Valid visa, Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation
    Work Experience Depending on the Course (Accepted)
    English Language RequirementsRequirements
    IELTS – Above 5.5-6.5 for Undergraduate, above 6.0-7.0 for postgraduate, and Above 7.0 for Doctorate (PhD)
    PTE – Above 51-59 for Undergraduate, above 59-67 for postgraduate, and Above 67 for Doctorate (PhD)
    TOEFL – Above 72 for Undergraduate, above 80 for postgraduate, and Above 90 for Doctorate (PhD)

    Tests Required to Study in Malta

    Most of the universities in Malta do not require to submit proof of English Proficiency or any other entrance exam to study higher education in the country. However, some universities demand to submit English Proficiency Test scores. So, it is essential to check the test requirements to study in Malta. Below, you can check the details of tests required to study in Malta for Indian students.

    Below, you can check the details of all 3 main English proficiency tests.


    When to Study in Malta?

    Indian students can enrol in their desired university through two intakes in Malta: the Autumn Intake or the Winter Intake. Since not all universities participate in both intakes, confirming the availability of courses and universities for each intake is crucial.

    • October Intake in Malta - In Malta, October is the main intake as almost all universities participate in it. The deadline for this intake is July–August. So, candidates who want to study in Malta can check their course and university availability and apply for it. However, if you are not prepared with your document, then there is another intake for you, which is February Intake.
    • February Intake in Malta - Although the February intake in Malta is not a major intake, it is a great opportunity for those who missed the October intake. The application deadline is December or January for this intake. However, it is important for students to know that not all universities participate in this intake, so before applying, they must check the availability of universities and courses.

    Note - There are some universities that accept Indian applications in rolling intakes. For this, you can contact our study abroad counsellors.


    Study in Malta Cost

    Before applying to Malta, it is essential to know the cost of study in Malta for Indian students. Knowing the cost of Studying in Malta and the cost of living in Malta helps you manage your living expenses and reduce the financial burden in another country.

    Further, you can check the cost of study in Malta for Indian students.

    Tuition fees

    Check the average cost of studying in Malta for different types of courses.

    Type of Institution Cost of Studying in Malta
    For Undergraduate and Postgraduate 1,550 and 6,000 EUR per year
    For Medical Degrees Up to EUR 15,000 per year
    For MBA Degrees Up to 25,600 EUR per year
    For PhD degrees EUR 5,000 per year

    Cost of Living in Malta

    Here is the cost of living in Malta that Indian students must know before going to study in Malta.

    Types Average Cost of Living in Malta (per Month)
    Monthly Postgraduate Small area for two people (85m^2) €300 to €600
    Monthly Utilities €79
    Internet (8Mbps) €27
    Monthly Metro Ticket €26
    Average Taxi Fare (8km) €11.20
    Basic Lunchtime Menu €150 - €250 (€4 - €7 per meal)
    Fast Food Combo Meal €7
    Cinema Tickets €8
    Cappuccino in the City €2.45

    Top Cities Preferred by Students

    Malta is one of the best countries in Europe to study, live, and work for Indian students. Almost all cities in Malta are considered the best, but students prefer some.

    • Valletta
      QS Rank -
    • Mdina
      QS Rank -
    • St. Julian’s
      QS Rank -
    • Marsaxlokk
      QS Rank -
    • Rabat
      QS Rank -
    • Vittoriosa
      QS Rank -
    • Senglea
      QS Rank -
    • Cospicua
      QS Rank -

    Student Visa in Malta

    A student visa is required for Indian students who want to study in Malta. However, the duration of the visa will depend on how long they want to study. Generally, the country provides Indian students with 2 types of student visas.

    • Schengen Type D Visa - Students wishing to enrol in courses lasting longer than 3 months can apply for this type of visa. It is frequently awarded for an extended period, usually up to a year.
    • Schengen Type C Visa - Indian students are granted a 3-month stay to study under the terms of this short-term Schengen visa. It is granted for a brief time, usually up to 90 days.

    How to Study in Malta with a Scholarship?

    Malta offers scholarships for Indian students in two ways: need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships. Candidates who are eligible for these scholarships can get the scholarship amount. However, the amount may differ for each scholarship.

    Scholarships for Indian Students in Malta

    Below, you can check the top study in Malta scholarships for Indian students.

    Scholarships for Indian Students Amount offered
    K.C. Mahindra Scholarships INR 10 L
    Unimoni Student Stars 2023 INR 3 L
    JN Tata Endowment INR 10 L
    Young Women in Public Affairs Awards INR 4.2 L
    Hani Zeini Scholarship INR 82.5 k
    Dr Jade Malay High Achiever Scholarship INR 82.9 k
    Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships Vary

    Job Opportunities

    There are various job opportunities available for Indian students in Malta. Some top job opportunities are mentioned below.

    • IT expert
    • iGaming Specialist
    • HR
    • Accountant
    • Nursing
    • Operations Manager
    • Business Travel Consultant
    • Graphic Designers
    • Tourism and hospitality
    • Sales, etc.
    Postion Salary Per Hour
    Sales Assistant 15-18 EURO
    Cleaner 12-14 EURO
    Cashier 10-16 EURO
    Administrative Assistant 10-15 EURO
    Kitchen Attendant 12-15 EURO
    Waiter/Waitress 7-10 EURO
    Front-End Web Developer 22-30 EURO
    Customer Support Agent 12-18 EURO
    Editor 12–22 EURO


    Ans. To study in Malta, candidates must spend around 2,000 to 9000 EUR per year. However, this cost may vary depending on the course level and types of streams.

    Ans. Yes, one of the best places to study abroad is Malta. It provides pupils with a first-rate educational experience by providing innovative intake and instruction methods.

    Ans. To get the Malta visa, candidates must wait at least 10 days. However, if the authorities find some discrepancies, then the processing time may increase to 1 month, and in some cases, it will take 2 months.

    Ans. Malta is famous for its quality education and scenic beauty.

    Ans. The cost of studying in Malta is INR 8953.

    Ans. According to the 2023 stats, Malta's Income Per Capita is 46.7%, and Asset Wealth Per Capita is 19.7%. It means that Malta is considered a high-income country worldwide.

    Ans. To get a job in Malta, you must research the vacancies from job portal websites, apply for them, and clear the interview process.

    Ans. In 2024, the business management course will be in high demand in Malta.

    Ans. Yes, Malta universities provide English-taught programs for Indian students.

    Ans. Yes, you can work in Malta after completing your studies. However, you have to get a post study work visa to get permission to work in Malta.

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