UK Universities Without Application Fees

List of Top 10 UK Universities Without Application Fees


16 October 2023



Studying in the United Kingdom is a dream for many students worldwide, but the cost of applying to UK Universities can be a concerning issue as students apply for many institutions together, and it's challenging to manage the application fees for all.


Then what can students do? Well, many universities in UK accept applications without any fee. Many UK Universities have a good reputation and have secured their place in the QS World University ranking while charging minimal or nothing for applying to the universities to make higher education more accessible.


In this context, we will highlight a list of top 10 UK universities that do not charge application fees. Further, We'll delve into the benefits of applying to these universities and will provide insights into the application process. 


List of Top 10 UK Universities without Application Fees

Check the top 10 universities in UK that accept applications from international students without paying any fee


QS World University Ranking 2023

Popular Programs Offered

University of Southampton





University of Glasgow


BSc Accounting and Statistics

MA Celtic Studies

BDS Dentistry

University of Leeds


BA Art and Design

MSc Economics


University of Birmingham


BSc Business Management

Geology MSci

Aerospace Engineering BEng

Durham University


BSc Biochemistry

MSc Electronic Engineering

MA Philosophy

University of Sheffield


Architecture BA

Biology BSc

MSc Advanced Computer Science

Newcastle University


BA Honours Ancient History

BSc Honours Computer Science

MDiet Dietetics

Queen Mary University of London


BSc Hons Biology

BSc Hons Accountancy

MSc Advanced Robotics

Lancaster University


Architecture PhD

MA Criminology and Criminal Justice

Design Management MA

University of Liverpool


BA Hons Archaeology

Architecture MA

MA English Language

Benefits of Universities in UK without Application Fee

There are many benefits of applying to the universities of UK that have no application fees. Some of them are given below. 

  • Financial Accessibility - By not charging application fees, these universities remove one of the financial hurdles in the application process. Hence, students from various economic backgrounds can apply without the added burden of application costs.

  • Equal Opportunity - Application fee waivers promote equal opportunity in education because students are evaluated based on their qualifications, achievements, and potential rather than their ability to pay application fees.

  • More Diverse Student Body - These UK universities tend to have a more diverse student population, reflecting a broader range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity enriches the learning environment and promotes inclusivity.

  • Encouragement for Talented Students - The absence of UK university application fees encourages talented students to apply, even if they might have hesitated due to financial constraints. This enables universities to attract and nurture the best talents from around the world. 


How to Apply in UK Universities without Application Fees

Applying to UK universities without application fees is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to follow:

Step 1 - Research the universities and programs you're interested in. Ensure they do not charge application fees.

Step 2 - Review the entry requirements for your chosen program. Ensure you meet the academic criteria and have the necessary documentation, including transcripts, test scores, and reference letters.

Step 3 - Most universities offer online application portals. Create an account, select your program, and complete the application form. Be thorough and provide accurate information.

Step 4 - Prepare a compelling personal statement highlighting your academic and personal achievements, goals, and why you're interested in the program.

Step 5 - Obtain reference letters from teachers, professors, or employers who can speak to your qualifications and potential. Submit these as part of your application.

Step 6 - Upload your academic transcripts and standardised test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL, for English proficiency.

Step 7 - Review your application for completeness and accuracy. Once satisfied, submit it through the online portal.

Step 8 - Many universities offer application tracking services. Use this feature to monitor the progress of your application.

Step 9 - After the application deadline, universities will evaluate your application. You will receive an admission decision, which can be an offer, conditional offer, or rejection.

Step 10 - If you receive an offer, follow the instructions to accept it. You will typically be required to pay a deposit to secure your place.

Step 11 – Now, apply for a student visa and make travel arrangements. 



Q1. Are these universities ranked lower due to the absence of application fees?

Ans. No, the absence of application fees does not affect the rankings of these universities. They maintain their high academic standards and reputation for excellence.


Q2. Can I apply to multiple universities from the list without incurring multiple fees?

Ans. Yes, you can apply to multiple universities from the list without incurring application fees at each institution. However, be mindful of each university's specific requirements and deadlines.


Q3. Do these universities offer scholarships or financial aid to international students?

Ans. Many universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students based on merit or need. Check each university's scholarship programs or talk to the MOEC Counsellors for more information.



Studying in the UK is a remarkable opportunity, and the list of top 10 UK universities without application fees makes this prospect more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Overall, the absence of application fees reduces financial barriers and promotes equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity in higher education.


If you have a dream to study in UK, then you can check the above list of Top 10 UK Universities without application fees.


We hope that the above information will help you. If you want a deeper insight into it, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with guidance throughout your study abroad journey.


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