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When it comes to studying abroad, the entrance exam is a necessary evil.

Unfortunately, no matter how inconvenient and expensive it may be, whether you are looking for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a Ph.D. in ancient history, you will need to at least prove your English language skills to study abroad in the UK.

Duolingo Exam Detail – Pattern, Fees, Date, Conducted by, Duration

  • Duolingo Exam Conducted By - Duolingo

  • Duolingo For - Knowledge Of English Is Held For Higher Education

  • Duolingo Exam Duration - 45 Minutes

  • Duolingo Exam Price - $ 49 (INR 3605)

  • Duolingo Exam Result - Within 24-48 Hours


However, from TOEFL to IELTS to PTE, there are a huge number of different English language entrance exams that you can take to study abroad, all with cost, requirements and test center location.

Fortunately, there is a simpler alternative that has been adopted by more than 3,000 institutions (and counting) worldwide, allowing you to take the exam anytime and anywhere online in less than an hour. .

Ideally, for only $ 49, it is part of the price of most other certification tests. And did we say that you get your results in two days, i.e. you can share your English with someone right away?

Which Top UK Universities Accept Duolingo?

But which of the best UK universities accept Duolingo as an English language entrance exam and why should you choose them?


Top 6 Universities in UK Accepted Duolingo Exam

Universities in the UK for Students Who Qualify Duolingo Exam

  • Kingston University

  • University of Southampton

  • Middlesex University

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

  • University of Exeter

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University


Kingston University

With a strong academic history dating back to 1899, Kingston University is one of the best places to study in the UK and is ranked among the top 10 in the 2019 Guardian University Guidelines.

The good news for international students is that Kingston University is also one of Duolingo’s accepted universities in the UK.

You will study in the historic center of Kingston, a beautiful river area on the outskirts of the bustling UK capital. The university has five campuses; each dedicated to specific fields and has excellent libraries and educational facilities.

It has a strong reputation for training excellent graduates in the fields of pharmacy, sports science, fashion, design and journalism, but whatever you want to study, you will definitely find a course for you.


University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is one of the founders of the Russell Group and the World University Network and is also one of the best universities to accept Duolingo in the UK.

The university is known for its extensive specialized facilities, including twelve libraries, aquariums, and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Located on the south coast of England, the University of Southampton is a great place to study with a rich history, a number of shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as cultural centers, including an art gallery and large theaters.

And if you want to stay on campus, you’ll find a strong number of international students, as well as more than 200 communities and 80 sports clubs run by the Active Student Union.


Middlesex University

The University of Middlesex began its life as the Polytechnic University of Middlesex in 1878, before being granted university status in 1992, and it became one of the best young universities in Britain.

The University of Middlesex, located a 25-minute drive from central London, is one of the most popular higher education institutions in the UK for international students, with more than a third of the student population from more than 140 different countries. .

The university is known for its active role in the professional development of students, helping students to find jobs and prepare them for working life after university.

Not only that, but a Parthenon Group research report ranked the university among the top 10 in terms of alumni salaries in the UK, so it’s not hard to see why students come from far and wide to study in Middlesex.


Glasgow Caledonian University

Of the higher education institutions in Glasgow, Scotland, the University of Caledonia is one of the largest and only to accept Duolingo as an English language entrance exam.

With a modern and hospitable campus with a library equipped with hundreds of thousands of books and about 1,200 specialized study spaces, the university has everything you need to live and study abroad. There is even a campus gym with a hair salon and spa!
It’s the same story outside the university campus where students enjoy all the attractions of the surrounding area, including the city’s rich industrial history and cultural attractions, including the Scottish Ballet and the Scottish National Theater.


University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is internationally renowned for its academic success, consistently ranked among the top 150 universities in the world, and has been ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK for the last 10 years on all major league tables in the UK.

This Russell Group University is also one of the best universities in the UK to host Duolingo and is a popular destination for those who want to study medicine, land and sea sciences, and anthropology.

As a student at the University of Exeter, you can expect a variety of educational and training institutions, libraries and more than 220 student communities and sports clubs ranging from lacrosse and American football to the bakery community.


Cardiff Metropolitan University

Located in the powerful Welsh capital, Cardiff Metropolitan University, the University of Wales is the year to go for 2021 and is a must-visit destination if you want to excel in education, innovative research, and a strong international outlook.

The campus has invested more than £ 50 million over the last 10 years, with a focus on providing the best places to study and teaching aids to students, including the campus library and the School of Management building.

And if you’re looking for a budget student city that’s full of work to do and see, Cardiff is the place for you to be named by the Natwest Index Living Student Index 2019 as the UK’s least expensive student city.

Would you like to study at one of the best UK universities that accept Duolingo? Learn more about all of them on our website and let us help you find your perfect course and university today!

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