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Updated On 10 November 2022


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Are you planning to study in UK? After the USA, the UK is fast becoming a favourite study-abroad destination for international students. Most UK universities and colleges have admissions open for international students in the January intake. Getting a degree from a prestigious UK university can boost your career prospects. The majority of UK universities rank amongst the top universities globally. September intake is the primary intake in the country. Applications for the January intake in UK 2023 are closed in most universities. A few universities might be offering some selected courses right now. Let us look at all the related information on January intake in UK.

UK January 2023 Intake

There are few courses offered in the UK January 2023 intake compared to the September intake, but it allows students who missed admission in the main intake. It gives students time to work on their applications. The application deadlines will fall between June and September and change from course to University. The students must adhere to these deadlines and apply to the course of their choice accordingly.

Deadline for UK January 2023 Intake

January/February Intake

June and September

January Intake Universities

Every year, top universities in the UK open their applications to international students in different intakes. Here’s a list of some January intake universities in the UK.

Steps to Study in January 2023 Intake

If you wish to study in UK for an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree in January 2023 intake, you must be familiar with the application process and should have an action plan ready.

Here’s a guide to planning your application for Uk universities to familiarise you with when to start with your application and what exactly to do.

  • Begin a little early. Shortlist at least 8-12 universities with the courses of your choice.

  • Check the official website of the universities of your choice and get all the entry-level requirements asked by the university.

  • Be familiar with the bank loan system and scholarships if required to fund your university.

  • Give the eligibility requirement exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT by August.

  •  By September, start applying to shortlisted colleges and universities.

  • Contact your managers or professors to write letters of recommendation.

  • In case you get accepted to the university of your choice and are willing to attend it, you should inform the university in a confirmation mail as soon as possible. Do not wait for the deadline to revert.

  • Apply for a visa or education loan. You should apply for the UK student visa at least three months before. Both the visa and loan processes take time and are two very important processes.

  • The next step is to look for accommodation. If you are not considering living on a university campus, you must look for separate student accommodations.

  • Arrange your international credit or debit card.

  • Make sure to take all the necessary items with you.

10 Things to do Before Leaving for UK University

Moving to a different country needs meticulous planning. One wrong thing can cause hindrance in your study abroad dream. While planning for the January intake in UK, here are ten things to do before leaving for a UK university.

  1. Research things about the UK to make yourself familiar with the country.

  2. Ensure your passport is up to date and your visa paperwork is complete.

  3. Social media is a great way to connect with communities. Make sure you connect with groups and peers from your batch to be aware if there are any modifications in your course of study.

  4. It is best to reacquaint yourself with the cost of living before leaving. It is best to change some of your local currency to pound sterling so that you have some cash with you upon arrival.

  5. Open a student bank account.

  6. Plan where you will stay. If you are not planning on living in the university dorms, you will have to find separate student residences.

  7. It is advised to get a complete physical examination and get your vaccinations before leaving.

  8. UK has a huge transportation network which is very cheap for students. Plan your travel and transport accordingly.

  9. Check the SIM card capability on your phone for communications with your family and loved ones.

  10. Find a part-time job. It can help you earn extra cash, gain valuable social skills and improve your CV.


Q. Is January intake good?

A. January intake is the second primary intake in Uk universities. Although there are fewer courses, it is still a good opportunity to fulfil your study in UK dream.

Q. When do applications for the January intake in UK start?

A. The applications for the January intake in Uk start around May and June, depending upon the university.

Q. What is the deadline for the January intake in UK 2023 for international students?

A. The applications for the January intake in UK close around September for almost all the universities.

Q. Do January intake students get a summer break?

A. When you start your studies in the January intake, you study for one semester. You will get a week and other holidays and resume your studies in spring or summer.

Students who wish to study in UK in January 2023 intake may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our expert counsellors will guide you for admission and visa support. You can also take free online counselling through our website. For more queries or further information, you can mail us at or 1800-1230-00011.

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