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Birmingham City University, UK

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Birmingham City University (BCU) is the 2nd largest public research university in Birmingham city. It made its appearance as BCU in 1992. Initially, it was set up in 1843 as Birmingham College of arts. Later in 1992, it got university status. The university has 2 campuses in Birmingham, namely the City Centre campus and the City South campus. Each campus is famous for its particular courses. The university works with the motto of "Do what you are doing; attend to your business". Also, the Birmingham City University, UK location is in the 2nd largest city in England, i.e. Birmingham. The Guardian UK Rankings 2022 for courses


Why choose Birmingham City University (BCU)?

Birmingham City University has a lot more to offer to its students. It provides world-class education to the students based on practical learning. The university is famous for transforming many students' lives and making them set up their businesses. Check out some great reasons to choose BCU as your higher education destination.

Hub of international students- The University has more than 25,000 international students from all over the globe. It accepts students from every community and race. Also, Birmingham is a very cost-effective city in the UK and attracts many international students. It has a 40% of the youth population of different cultures, ethnic groups, and nationalities. Therefore, BCU acts as a home for international students.

Invest in Providing Excellent facilities- The University is known for investing in the facilities available in the BCU. Till now, BCU has invested over £340 million in the university's facilities. It has been done to make the learning experience of the students industry-relevant. The money is invested in making the campus and the university's laboratories technologically intelligent. This makes the university unique among other affordable universities in UK.

Excellent Work Placements- BCU allows the students to develop their practical skills and earn industry exposure. Also, it embeds career-related skills in the students to get an edge over others. The students of BCU feel privileged to be placed in the world's top companies. The companies' names are BBC, Cisco, IBM, NHS, Microsoft, Dolby, Selfridges, ASOS and more. Also, these companies offer lucrative salaries to the students.

Hands-on Teaching Style- The University has a teaching staff of more than 1800. This enables the students to approach their professors easily. The university has transformed its curriculum into a flexible and contemporary manner. This allows the students to learn things and apply them practically. Also, the curriculum is designed to provide practical and industry-relevant education to the students.


Key Features

Knowing the key features of the university is very important for us. Students who want to study in UK can choose BCU as their priority university due to its affordable fees. Here are some of the key features of Birmingham City University which provide insights into it.

  • 2nd largest University in Birmingham.

  • More than 100 nationalities are studying.

  • More than 50 courses are accredited by professional bodies like CIMA, CMI, & more.

  • Offers 1000 or more flexible courses at UG and PG levels.

  • Economical fee structure for all the courses.

  • Exceptional Employability rate

  • Between $47,000 to $89,000 is the average full-time salary of 2024 international students.

Birmingham City University Courses & Fees

Birmingham City University Courses

All the Birmingham City University courses have a great ranking. Majorly, the university offers a program in 12 fields. The fields include business, media, law, education, computing & more. The university has 153 full-time courses and 41 part-time courses for undergraduates. On the other hand, it has 133 full-time courses and 60 part-time courses for masters in UK. The list of major fields of Birmingham City University courses is given in the table below:

Birmingham City University Fees

Birmingham City University fees are amazingly affordable for international students. BCU does not charge any application fee for international students. The university’s fee structure ranges between 13,500 - 20,000 GBP pounds for sessions 2023-2024. The fees vary every year. This fee range includes the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs offered by the university. Check the fee structure below:


Birmingham City University Fees and Cost of Living








15,500 GBP

Living Expenses

£100 per Month


6450-£7,611 Per Year

Application fee



£500 Bus Pass


Talking about the cost of living in Birmingham City, it costs 10,000 pounds (approx.) per year. Students can easily manage these living expenses by pursuing part-time jobs in UK. The average wage rate is 15-20 pounds per hour. So students can easily manage their living expenses every week.

Birmingham City University Ranking & Intakes

Birmingham City University Rankings

Ranking plays an important role when choosing a foreign university. Birmingham City University Ranking explains all its features and standard. The university possesses an excellent ranking in the world and the UK. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the UK by the complete university guide ranking and the guardian ranking system. Check the table below to know the ranking for the year 2023 provided by the different ranking systems:


Birmingham City University Ranking

Ranked By


QS World University Ranking (2024)


THE (Times Higher Education) World University Ranking (2024)


The Complete University Guide UK Rankings (2023)


The Guardian University UK Rankings (2023)



Birmingham City University has a good ranking for the majority of its courses. Check the Ranking for some courses ranked by the Complete University Guide for 2023 in the table below:


Complete University Guide UK Rankings 2023 for courses

Ranked By


Business & Management Studies


Accounting & Finance 


Civil Engineering 


Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Ranking


Computer Science




Art & design


Communication & Media Studies









Check the Ranking for some courses ranked by The Guardian for 2022 in the table below:


The Guardian UK Rankings 2023 for courses

Ranked By


Business & Management Studies


Accounting & Finance Ranking




Civil Engineering


Electronic & Electrical Engineering


Architecture Rankings


Mechanical Engineering




Media & Film 


Sociology and Social Policy





The Times Higher Education Rankings 2023 for courses

Ranked By


Arts & Humanities


Clinical and Health



Birmingham City University Intakes

BCU offers 2 intakes for international students. The intakes are mainly available in the month of September and January. Students must adhere to the application deadline to avoid delay. Contact us to make your application for the coming intake today.




Month of intakes

Application Deadline


September, 2024

UG: Jan 31, 2024

Admission Criteria

Students always look for the entry requirements in UK. Birmingham City University offers average requirements for international students. The requirements for bachelors in UK in BCU is 55-60% in the higher secondary. On the other hand, for the masters in UK it has 55-60% in bachelors. But students scoring 50% from a recognized institution also get admission for the master’s degree. The university is moderately competitive, with an acceptance rate of 85%.

Check out the BCU entry requirements in the table below:


Admission Criteria



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)


60% Scores

55% scores

55% scores


Above 5.5

Above 6

Above 6






Above 72

Above 80

Above 80


Not accepted

Not accepted

Not accepted




Not accepted


Requires One

Requires One

Requires One

Work experience


Six Months

Six Months


In the UK, most Universities do not accept Duolingo scores and MOI. Birmingham City University is the one where the English language test scores are mandatory to provide.

Birmingham City University Scholarships

Birmingham City University scholarships provide some financial relief to the students. Due to the very economical fee structure, the university only provides scholarships up to 2000 pounds. Every student receives a scholarship at BCU. Check the scholarships in UK for undergrads and postgrad students.

1. Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship Name Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship amount Up to 2000 pounds
Details The undergraduate scholarship at BCU is granted to students who have scored excellent marks in their 12th standard. Some courses like ACCA and nursing and midwifery courses are exempted from the scholarship. The students who score more than 65% marks receive a scholarship of 2000 pounds. The eligibility criteria for receiving a scholarship are only merit-based. For more information, students can contact us.
2. Postgraduate Scholarship
Scholarship Name Postgraduate Scholarship
Scholarship amount Up to 2000 pounds
Details The postgraduate scholarship at BCU is granted to the students based on their previous academic scores. The students can avail of the scholarship benefit by applying to the university website. Students who score more than 65% in their bachelor’s degree only receive a scholarship of 2000 pounds. The students who score below 60% marks receive 1000 and 1500 pounds scholarships. The students of PhD are not eligible for the scholarship at BCU.


The percentage required to enroll in Birmingham city university varies depending on the field and level of program you choose to pursue. However, if we talk about the basic eligibility criteria, then for an undergraduate course, international students require a minimum of 55% in the 12th standard, and for a postgraduate course, international students require a minimum of 50% in the undergraduate degree.

The university accepts international students’ applications on the basis of their profile and academic background. The general acceptance rate at the BCU is around 51%.

Yes, Birmingham City University is considered a good university for international students. It is a modern and diverse university located in Birmingham, England. The university has a strong reputation for providing quality education and practical learning experiences. Apart from this, the university also offers various scholarship opportunities for international students at all levels.

Birmingham is one of the best cities to live in the UK. It is located at 2 hours of distance from London but has a relatively affordable cost of living. The average cost of living in Birmingham city for international students varies depending upon the accommodation and kind of living standard you prefer. However, if we talk about the average cost of living, then it is around 10,000 pounds to 11,000 pounds per year.

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