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The contemporary world is all about exploring new things. Interior Design is one of the significant contributors to introducing recent trends. People are fond of luxury and want to improve their quality of life by spending money on things that bring peace. Beautiful homes and surroundings are among the most extraordinary sources of such tranquillity.

Interior designers are professionals with an innate talent for aesthetics and designs. The demand for interior designers is constantly growing as more and more people seek exquisite surroundings. But interior design is not something that one can start without studying. It requires proper training and education. What can be a better place than the United Kingdom for such education?

The UK is a country that is known for exquisite designs and quality of life. This quality of life results from the quality education that UK provides. Plenty of renowned colleges in the UK offer Masters in Interior Designing and provide excellent placements. One can study interior design courses in UK and experience corporate exposure simultaneously.

Why Interior Design UK?

Doing a Masters in Interior Design will help a student design well-crafted spaces. These spaces can be homes, offices, halls or other living spaces. Studying interior design at the UK's top universities will help students gain professional knowledge. This knowledge is mainly about the art of aesthetics and symmetry.

The advanced institutions of UK provide real-world experience to their students. Masters in Interior Design course in UK is offered in two types; 1-year and 2-year degree. After completing the degree, students can design and produce complex and unique home ideas. These students are capable of designing for people of every generation. This is the reason a degree from a UK university is accepted worldwide.

Because of its emphasis on research-based education, the UK is the best place to study internationally. Additionally, the UK welcomes a large number of international students annually. Learning in a diverse environment helps students view interior design from a broader perspective. It also helps in serving people across the globe.

Top Universities in UK for Masters in Interior Design

Various universities in UK offer Masters in Interior Design. The course is offered under different specialisations. After completing this course, the student will be competent enough to design places with utmost comfort using appropriate colours. All this collectively helps in creating aesthetic living and working places. Here's the list of top universities in UK that offer Masters in Interior Design:





Coventry University

MA in Interior Design (1 year)

£14,000-£15,000/ year

Birmingham City University

MA in Interior & Artichecture Design (1 year)

£13,100-£14,500/ year

University of East London

MA Interior Design (1 year)

£13,500-£14,000/ year

Middlesex University

MA Interiors (1 year)

£14,300-£15,000/ year

University of Westminster

MA Interior Architecture (1 year)

£15,000-£16,000/ year

University of the Creative Arts

MA Interior Design (1 year)

£20,000-£21,0000/ year

London Metropolitan University

MA Furniture Design (1 year)

£18,000-£19,000/ year

Royal College of Art

MA Interior Design (2 years)

£27,000-£29,000/ year

Sheffield Hallam University

MA Interior Design (1 year)

£14,500-£15,000/ year

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Course Details: Masters in Interior Design UK

Masters in Interior Design is a practical course taught by innovating teaching methods in the UK. Since universities in UK offer a high quality of education, they are highly selective with student applications. International students need to meet a defined eligibility criteria to study in UK.

The curriculum of interior designing UK is set to include both practical and theoretical lessons. This curriculum equips students with the knowledge of interior design history and teaches them how to design effectively through technology. Alongside design theories, decoding interior design and various interior design case studies are also conducted.

Some universities in UK also provide one professional practice year along with a term year. This professional practice year helps students work with the UK's renowned interior design firms and earn simultaneously.



Above mentioned universities offer admissions mostly in both major intakes of UK; January and September. Whereas, some universities accept applications for an MA in Interior Design in September intake only. It is advisable to consult an experienced counsellor to make an application at the right time to the right university

Scope of Interior Design in UK

Pursuing a Masters in Interior Design will enable students to learn about trends in architecture and interior design. At the same time, professional practice years will help you gain work experience. Education in UK extends beyond regular teaching and planning models. It has the best faculties worldwide to help students gain practical and theoretical knowledge about interior design after graduation.

Interior designing in UK for Indian students has excellent scope. The course will also help Indian students work efficiently in India's challenging environment. It will help them in developing the most demanding skills. These skills are required worldwide and have great pay too.

Even in UK, there are various job opportunities for students who have an interior design master's degree. Various consultancy, designing and construction firms hire international students. If a student gets placed before their graduation term ends, they can easily apply for a post-study visa in UK.

The average salary after having an interior design master's degree in UK is £35,000-£40,000/ year. This is the starting package that students get. After working for a long time, one can get more high-paying jobs. These jobs can help students extract the amount they spend while studying abroad. Planning to pursue an interior design master's degree in UK but don't know which university to choose? Consulting expert counsellors can help you get a proper insight into how to study in UK.


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