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Key Information

Rank 87 Location London, UK Established 2002 International Students 1600+
Famous Courses Engineering, Business, Art, Design and Architecture International Fees 12,000 – 18,000 pounds

London Metropolitan University UK 

Why Choose London Metropolitan University (LMU)?

London Metropolitan University (LMU), or London Met, is a prestigious university in the United Kingdom where more than 1600 international students enrol every year. Located in the UK’s capital city, it has a vibrant and dynamic culture. The University made its first appearance as LMU in the year 2002. It is associated with the International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools, Universities UK, European University Association and Commonwealth Universities Association. Initially, LMU was known by the name London Guildhall University. It was adorned with the University’s status in 1992. 

When the University of North London and London Guildhall University accepted a merger, they gave birth to the LMU in 2002. Gradually, the number of programs and students rose, indicating the need for more London Metropolitan University campus. Hence, LMU, with its main campus in Holloway, expanded its area to two more cities. The other two campuses are in the towns of Aldgate and Shoreditch. It provides various programs to the students on its three campuses. The University is home to more than 12,000 students, including national and international.

There are some significant reasons which offer LMU an edge over other universities in the UK. Students planning to study in UK can explore this university. Check the reasons below:

  • Affordable courses- London Metropolitan University courses are available at affordable prices in the city of London. This is why more than 87% of students pursue full-time programs at the University. On the other hand, the number of students is less than 23% in the part-time program. LMU, with its affordable fees, encourages international students to study abroad. The average fee range of its program is between 12,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds. Also, the master’s degree is available at a meagre cost. 

  • Best teaching quality- London Metropolitan University is ranked 1st in London for having excellent teaching quality. Students are satisfied with the way the professors teach them. Also, the work of the professors is not restricted to teaching and solving study-related doubts. They also act as a 24 hours support system for the students. Hence, this makes the professors of the LMU the world’s best teaching faculties in London.

  • Dedicated to placements- The University helps its students in getting lucrative placement opportunities. The University’s staff is wholly dedicated to helping their students reach their goals. Also, the University provides courses which have placement opportunities for the students. LMU helps the students get internships, on-campus jobs and some client projects. This encourages many international students to study at the LMU.

  • Care for the environment- London Metropolitan University is the UK’s most significant carbon emission reducer University. The University reduced more than 80% of its carbon emission from 2005-2006. LMU has become an environmentally sustainable university in the UK. It indicates that the University focuses on environmental issues also with the teaching.   

Key Features

To choose any university, students always look for the distinctive features of the University. These features help them to compare the University with the other. Also, this provides satisfactory reasons for the students to choose a particular university. Likewise, LMU has some essential features that give it an edge over other universities in the UK. Check out the key facts about the London Metropolitan University.


London Metropolitan University Ranking

The London Metropolitan University ranking is amazingly good. With its potential for education delivery, the university has increased its ranking from the previous years. It has made its place on the world’s 1000 best university list. Also, it has the best order in the UK, which reflects the quality of education offered by the LMU. The rankings of LMU for the year 2022 are given below. Students can also compare London Metropolitan University world ranking from the previous years.

  • The Guardian University Rankings – 87
  • The Complete University Guide - 119
  • QS World University Ranking - 801-1000

The Guardian has ranked various courses of the LMU as the top in the UK. The economics courses in the LMU have ranked 15 in the whole UK. On the other hand, electronic engineering courses have also ranked 30th in the UK. Students can check The Guardian ranking for some courses given below.

  • Economics ranking - 15
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering ranking - 30
  • Accounting & Finance ranking- 81
  • Business & Management Studies ranking – 90

Admission Criteria

London Metropolitan University has the average entry requirements. The university provides undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses to international students. The general entry requirements for all the UG and PG courses are mentioned in the table.


Eligibility Undergraduate Post Graduate Doctorate (PhD)
Academics 60% in the 12th standard 60% in bachelor’s degree 70% in master’s degree
IELTS* 6.0/5.5 6.0/5.5 7.0/6.5
TOEFL* 72 or above 72 or above Not accepted
PTE* 59 or above 59 or above 70 or above
Duolingo Not accepted Not accepted Not accepted
MOI** Accepted Accepted Not accepted
Work experience Accepted Accepted Accepted
LOR Requires two Requires two Requires two


  • MOI**- Students who score more than 65% in their English subject in class 12th (CBSE/ICSE board) get an IELTS waiver. On the other hand, students belonging to the state boards must have 70% or above marks in their English subject to get an IELTS waiver.

  • IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE*- For some courses, the requirement of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE scores are higher than mentioned in the table. See the below table for these exception courses. 


LLB/LLM 6.5/6.0 72 or above 70 or above
B.Sc./ M.Sc. in Biomedical science 6.5/6.0 72 or above 65 or above
Bachelor/Master’s in Social work 7.0/6.5 72 or above 70 or above
B.Sc./ Dietetics 7.0/6.5 72 or above 70 or above
B.Sc./M.Sc. in Dietetics & Nutrition 7.0/6.5 72 or above 70 or above
Masters in Psychology 7.0/6.5 72 or above 70 or above


For more details, students can check the course-related English scores on the university’s website. You can also check the academics requirement on the website for precise information.

London Metropolitan University Courses

The London Metropolitan University courses offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs. The university has a qualified teaching staff from all over the community. The professors help the students in resolving their problems. LMU provides more than 160 programs for undergraduates and more than 140 programs for postgraduate students. Students can choose their favourite programs from this university. Also, they can enrol themselves for full-time, part-time or short courses at LMU.

The university provides BA, B.Sc., and B.Eng. degrees for undergraduate students. On the other hand, for postgraduate students, the university offers MA, M.Sc., and MBA degrees. The full-time bachelors in UK have a course duration of a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years. For a bachelor’s degree, some courses have a one-year internship program. The full-time masters in UK are completed in a year or two. Some master’s programmes also provide the students with a three- or six-month internship program.

The most chosen programs by the students in the LMU are given below. Also, for more details, refers to the university’s website.


Interior Design Health
Mental Health Architecture
Art and Photography Law and Criminal Justice
Psychology and Counselling Theatre & Film
Artificial Intelligence Biomedical Science
Natural Science Data Science
Business and Management Public, Social care and Third Sector
Communications and Marketing Teaching and Education
Design & Digital Media Transport and Logistics
Entertainment Science
Finance Technology and Computing
Biochemistry Computer Science
Health & Nutrition Journalism
Youth Studies Event management
Engineering Fashion
Forensic Science Game programming


The university provides PhD programs to international students. The PhD degree takes three years to complete. Hence this also offers high credit points to the international students to get PR in UK. PhD programs are available in the following fields only. Check the field below

  • Putting the Syrian “Spring” in context
  • Gujarati women in London learning English
  • Smartphones and machine learning
  • Occupational stress in Malta
  • Leadership development in the hotel industry
  • Depression among black and ethnic minority men
  • The Left in West Germany
  • The experiences of counselling trainees
  • Childhood malnutrition in Khartoum
  • Counter-terrorism in the UK
  • Managers and self-directed learning

Fee Range and Cost of Living

To apply to this university, students must pay 20 to 25 GBP as an application fee. This fee is charged for undergraduate courses only. The university demands no cost for the postgraduate courses. Also, the students can ask for application fee waivers if they require assistance. Regarding the course fee structure, LMU offers an affordable fee structure in the UK for international students.

The London Metropolitan University fees, for all the courses, are mentioned in the range. For specific course-related fees, contact our expert counsellors. You can check the table below to get a rough idea of the course fee structure offered by the university.


Courses Fee Range per year
Undergraduate 15,500- 17,500 pounds
Post Graduate 13,500 – 18,000 pounds
Doctoral 14,270 pounds (varies year to year)


London Metropolitan University is located in the city of London. So the cost of living for Indian students in the UK will be a little expensive. The average price may range between 12,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds per year. If the student takes their accommodation on the university’s campus, it may reduce the cost of living to half.


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Under graduate

  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Business and Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mental Health
  • Architecture and Interior Design

Post graduate

  • Data Science
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Business and Management
  • Mental Health

View All


The London Met accept the application of students for only two intakes. Usually, the intakes in the UK are called by the names of the month only. The intake is available in September and January only. The significant intake of the LMU is the September intake, as it receives a considerable amount of applications. Also, most of the programs offered by LMU are open for the September intake. Only some programs are available for the January intake.

Students need to apply for the intake by the given deadline only as the UK VISA process takes 90 days to get the VISA in hand. Check the table below for the application deadline.

Intakes Month of Intake Application deadline
Autumn September End of June
Spring January End of October

For the MBA in UK program, the university provides six intakes. The names of the intakes are September, October, November, January, February, and March. Students can contact us to pursue an MBA degree from the LMU so that we can make your application on time.

Intakes for MBA Application deadline
September End of June
October End of July
November End of August
January End of October
February End of November
March End of December



London Met provides various scholarships in UK to its students. A scholarship assists the students in covering the cost of course fees. Availing of a scholarship is highly competitive. To receive a scholarship, students need to apply for that at the university via an online method. After applying, the university assesses and evaluates your profile to award you with Scholarships. Also, the university checks whether you meet all the eligibility criteria or not.
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