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8 Reasons to Study in Business Schools in London


16 July 2022



There are many degrees and specialisations available for prospective students to choose according to their interests and grades pertaining to the subject. But, business schools are the number one destination for all the international students who wish to study in London. Business Schools in London will set you up with the right knowledge and skill set required to flourish in any industry and be on par with international standards globally. It will empower you to stand out in fields ranging from operations to marketing. Even your last degree doesn't matter. A top-up in business management will have you covered for everything relating to managing and supervising a business venture. London universities are renowned world-wide for their business related courses. Every new specialisation is initially available at these universities. London universities are also being constantly checked by the Quality Assurance Agency for higher education and are ranked very high.

Apart from this, business schools in London provide you with the finest skillset to excel in today’s capitalist world. It enhances one's character while giving the students the practical exposure that is required. Also, it helps you develop a broad understanding of global business and real-world scenarios. Being in London, i.e., the financial capital of the world, gives unrestricted access to the new developments in fintech and an opportunity to work with the brightest minds in the world. The London universities will provide theoretical as well as practical aspects of business. Also, London is an educational hub, where a large number of international students come to study, providing the opportunity for cross-cultural exposure

The universities offer a wide range of business-related courses like management, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, supply chain, leadership, etc. Students who wish to study in business schools in London can choose from a variety of options. You can contact our study abroad consultants at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants with any queries about course selection, university selection, admissions, or visas. They will guide you from start to finish.


Here are the top 8 reasons why pursuing a degree from Business Schools in London may be the best option for you:

Unique Mix of Courses

The universities offer a wide range of unique mixes of business courses at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The students have an opportunity to choose the courses that they are passionate about and mix them with a business degree. This means students can choose other subjects apart from the core business courses and have the benefit of dual degrees. A student who is interested in Earth and planet science but also wants to work in business management could pursue a Bsc (Hons) Geography with Business Management degree available at Queens Mary University, London

Internship Opportunities

Generally, universities in London have partnerships with various big businesses like Mercedes, Amazon, Audi, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Therefore, university students get an opportunity to have an internship opportunity and get industry exposure at the same time while studying at these universities. Early on in your career, internships at companies like these will eventually help you score a good job and will also shine brightly on your CV. Another advantage is that advisors from business titans advise university officials on updating the curriculum so that it remains relevant with the latest industry trends, which can help their students develop the skills-set required to work in big industries.

Start-up Opportunities

Nowadays, there is an increasing wave of start-ups and many international students who wish to start their own businesses and expand them worldwide. There is no better place than London. London is a hub for global business, which allows it to connect with the business world all around the globe. Therefore, it is the best decision to study business courses in London as the students will get an opportunity to get exposure to the global market. Also, London is the 7th best country to start a business in. Moreover, you will be introduced to various real-world business case studies that will help you in the future. The students also get an opportunity to build their own network while studying at universities, which will help them later to expand their business globally. If you're planning to Study in UK, then no doubt you're in for an adventure full of learning and enriching experiences

Shorter Course Duration

The course duration in London is generally shorter-term as compared to other countries like the US and Canada. The graduate degree in London takes approximately three to four years to complete, while the master’s degree takes only one year to complete. This can act as an advantage as you could finish your studies early and have time for learning through hands-on experience.

Worldwide Recgnition

Most multinational corporations recruit business graduates from various business schools worldwide, and opting for a business school in London will ensure that you will have a secure job with an excellent package within six months after the successful completion of your graduate or postgraduate degree. Everything you learn at university (in and out of the classroom) will provide you with skills and knowledge that will boost your confidence outside of university. Try to indulge in as many activities as you can while in college, like sports, cultural, and admin/council, as when you highlight them on your CV, it can improve your chances of being hired in front of the employer.

Skill-Set Development

If you want to have the skills, the knowledge, and the mindset required to succeed anywhere, a London business degree is the best possible investment in your future. These universities equip you with various top business skills that enable you to excel in the industry. They provide you with skills like an understanding of how organisations operate; strong communication skills (oral and written); analytical and critical thinking; problem-solving; decision-making; logical thinking, etc.

Job Opportunities

London is a world-class city and a hub for cutting-edge start-ups, businesses, MNCs, and companies. Studying at business schools in London will enable you to get placed in these companies. London is the world’s financial capital, which alone generates more than 6 million jobs. Moreover, especially after Brexit, there is huge opportunity and scope for jobs in London for international students. The students can pursue jobs like actuarial analyst, arbitrator, business adviser, business analyst, business development manager, corporate investment banker, data analyst, etc.

High Quality of Education

Students, while studying at business schools in London, get an opportunity to gain knowledge from world-class experts in the field of business. It is home to hundreds of academically respected business schools, offering great value and an exciting introduction to business for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Universities provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the core principles of business. Also, they provide industry insights, such as market trends and industry reports, which will help students apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Apart from this, English is a global language and studying in London gives extra benefits to improving the language and gaining confidence.

List of Top Business Schools in London

  • London Business School

  • Imperial College Business School-Imperial College London

  • Hult International Business School

  • London School of Business and Finance

  • Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) - School of Business and Management

  • BPP Business School-BPP University College of Professional Studies

  • Kings Business School-Kings College London

  • Royal Docks School of Business and Law-University of East London

  • Westminster Business School-University of Westminster

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Goldsmiths University of London

  • City, University of London - Bayes Business School

  • Kingston Business School, London

  • ESCP Business School, London

  • University of West London


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