GMAT Exam Slot Booking 2024: How to Book a Slot for GMAT Exam?

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Updated on May 24, 2030 10:57

 In order to get admitted to a reputable foreign college, students must first pass certain standardised exams. The GMAT, as the most popular and generally approved exam in globally recognised universities, has the most candidates applying at the same time.


Considering the importance of MBA or MIM admission deadlines, preparation of admission documents (SOP, LORs, etc.), buffer time in the case of retaking the GMAT, and other factors, it is critical for candidates to schedule a GMAT slot in 2024. Therefore, this blog will explain how to reserve a GMAT slot.




Table Of Content
  1. How Does a GMAT Slot Booking Differ From GMAT Registration?

  2. Steps to Register and Book Slot for GMAT 2024

  3. Who Can Book GMAT Slot 2024 and When to Book?

  4. GMAT Slot Booking for Online Exam 2024

  5. GMAT Test Centres In India 2024

  6. FAQs


How Does a GMAT Slot Booking Differ From GMAT Registration?

There is a distinction between enrolling for the GMAT 2024 exam and reserving a seat for the exam. Registration for an exam requires you to create an account for one year, but scheduling a Slot for GMAT means you are scheduling the date, time, and test venue to appear for the exam. Every time you want to take the exam during that year, you must reserve a slot, which costs USD 275 for the GMAT exam at a test centre and USD 300 for the online GMAT exam.


The maximum number of attempts in a year (12 months) is 5, which means you can take the GMAT five times a year, beginning with the enrollment date. In other words, you must register for the exam once a year, but you must reserve the slot more than once if you intend to take the exam more than once. Furthermore, beginning December 17, 2016, a candidate may take the GMAT at most eight times in his or her lifetime. The number of GMAT exam attempts is limited.


Therefore, GMAT exam candidates must start their GMAT preparation to minimise retakes and gain admission to their preferred MBA or MIM college/ university as soon as possible. Furthermore, candidates must schedule their GMAT slot booking to have enough time to apply to multiple B-schools.


Steps to Register and Book Slot for GMAT 2024

As we all know, applicants have the freedom to choose any location in the country and any time of year to fit their schedule; nonetheless, it is recommended that you register for the GMAT exam on time. This can be accomplished as follows:


To Sign Up for the GMAT Exam 2024

  • Navigate to the GMAT official website.

  • Go to the official registration website.

  • Visit the website: Make an account

    • Fill in the necessary basic information such as name, address, etc.

    • Make an ID and a password.


Then, to Reserve a Seat for the GMAT Exam in 2024

  • Visit the official website.

  • Choose your preferred exam date and location.

  • Exam Fees for the GMAT 2024 in India: Pay the application fee of USD 275 (for the test centre GMAT) and USD 300 (for the online GMAT) online with a credit card, debit card, or other payment method.


Who Can Book GMAT Slot 2024 and When to Book?

Anyone above the age of 18 can take the GMAT 2024 exam. While no specific GMAT eligibility requirements must be met while applying for the exam, we must ensure that the candidate is at least 18 years old (if they are 13 to 17 years old, they will need an NOC from their parents). The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has no such eligibility criterion. However, the institutes that applicants wish to enter after taking the GMAT may have a predetermined process for picking their candidates.


Because the number of applicants is increasing year after year, you should reserve your desired time slot and test centre at least 1-2 months in advance. When the peak time arrives, when the majority of applications occur, around November of each year, it is best to schedule the slot 3-6 months in advance. Waiting until the last minute to register or reserve your GMAT 2024 seat is not a good idea.


Another option is to book your spot throughout your test preparation. If you are studying for the GMAT, you will need time to prepare. Preparation should take between 3-6 months, depending on your pace and capacity. When you schedule a slot, you ensure that the exam is closer and that you begin intensive preparation. This will keep you motivated while saving your date according to your calendar. You must also work on your MBA application documents, comprising a résumé, SOP, LOR, entrance essays, etc. As a result, when scheduling GMAT slots, you must also consider the time required to prepare application documents.


GMAT Slot Booking for Online Exam 2024

Candidates can now schedule a GMAT exam date up to 6 months in advance and just 24 hours before the available time slot with the GMAT Online exam (6 months to 24 hours before the planned GMAT slot). New appointments become available on a rolling basis. Candidates who cannot find open test centres in their area can take the GMAT online.


GMAT Test Centres In India 2024

The exam is available in 33 places across India in almost all the major cities. This test is administered all year and is available at all authorised testing sites. It is advised that you verify with the test centres for availability on your selected date and time to reserve your slot at your leisure. You can easily book your GMAT slot online through its official website.



1: How do I sign up for the GMAT 2024 exam?

GMAT Exam 2024 registration is available online at the official GMAT website. The registration process is simple: creating an account, picking a test centre, selecting an exam day, and paying the registration price.


2: When should I register for GMAT 2024?

Only the GMAT Focus Edition will be accessible beginning February 1, 2024. GMAT Focus Edition testing began on November 7, 2023, and registration for the GMAT Focus Edition began on August 29, 2023. You can register for GMAT 2024 6 months before the exam date and up to 24 hours.


3: Can I book my GMAT exam the day before?

You can sign up for the GMAT and arrange an exam appointment up to 24 hours before an open testing slot, whether you plan to take the test online or in person. However, it is advisable to register at least 3 to 4 months before the exam date.


4: Is it best to take the GMAT in the morning or afternoon?

It is usually best to choose a morning slot because it reduces the time you spend worrying about the test and because most people's brains are at their freshest in the morning. If you are not a morning person, it is best to take the test in the afternoon or evening so that you get enough rest.

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