GMAT 2024 Preparation Tips: How to Prepare for GMAT Exam?

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Updated on Mar 24, 2015 18:05

One of the most crucial components of your MBA application is the GMAT; a high score on it can make you stand out as a potential candidate for the universities. Also, your GMAT score is still totally in your control, unlike other sections of your application, such as your school/college grades. Therefore, giving it your all for this exam is the most crucial.


You've come to the correct place if you're an MBA candidate who has chosen to take the GMAT but is unsure about where to start or how to prepare for the test. We'll guide you through the four GMAT preparation strategies in this blog, which have assisted thousands of students in achieving good GMAT scores.




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  3. Section-wise Preparation Tips for GMAT 2024 Exam

  4. How to Start Preparation for GMAT Exam 2024?

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Top 10 Study Tips to Prepare for the GMAT Exam 2024

Make sure you comprehend the GMAT syllabus and pattern. After you clearly understand how the test operates, you should make a study strategy and stick to the reliable GMAT study materials. These top ten GMAT preparation suggestions are available for those planning to take the GMAT in 2024.


#TIP 1: Study all four GMAT sections 

It is important that you understand the GMAT exam's format before creating a study plan. There are four sections on the GMAT:

  • The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA part) evaluates your capacity for critical thought and idea communication.

  • The Integrated Reasoning (IR) component assesses the test-taker's proficiency in data analysis and information interpretation across various forms.

  • The quantitative reasoning component of the test assesses the test taker's aptitude for mathematical reasoning, problem-solving with numbers, and data interpretation.

  • The Verbal Reasoning portion assesses your editing proficiency, reading comprehension, and ability to understand written arguments.

The GMAT scores vary from 200 to 800. Only the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning portions are included in this score. AWA receives a score of 6, while Integrated Reasoning receives an 8.


#TIP 2: Plan your studies before you begin the preparation

Making a study plan in advance for the GMAT preparation can assist you in creating a well-defined preparation schedule. Most students create a 12-week study schedule that enables them to learn the shortcuts and strategies required to meet their business school objectives. Students often require three to six months for GMAT preparation. Here's a piece of advice: Take a GMAT practice test before determining how much time you need to prepare for the test. You can determine how much time you need to prepare for the GMAT based on your results on the mock exam.


#TIP 3: Choose GMAT study guides.

Collect GMAT study materials both offline and online. You can use various online GMAT preparation resources to prepare for the test. You can also view the official GMAT preparation materials. Choose the readings whose scoring system is closest to the GMAT's. Solve previous exam questions as well. The following is a summary of the GMAT study guides:

  • GMAT official study material

  • Manhattan GMAT Guides

  • Other resources from Veritas, Magoosh, Kaplan, etc.

  • GMAT Club and Beat the GMAT forums

  • Thursdays with Ron videos


#TIP 4: Address your areas of weakness.

Determine your areas of weakness first, then concentrate on improving them through consistent practice. Our subsections within the four divisions examine the areas in which you require development and focus solely on honing your talents in those areas.


#TIP 5: Don't limit yourself to one question

If you don't finish every exam section, you will be penalised. Your score will also drop if questions are left unanswered. Give each difficult question a specific amount of time to solve rather than devoting too much time to answering them all. Don't take longer than 2.5 minutes to answer a single question.


#TIP 6: While preparing for the GMAT, pay attention to the time limit.

You have limited time; therefore, you must improve your speed. Increase your attention to the issue that is consuming too much of your time. For example, focus on honing your quantitative skills if you are spending too much time on the section. Every day, complete the GMAT practice test to increase your speed.


#TIP 7: Apply a method of elimination

Avoid devoting excessive attention to a question that you are unable to answer. Refrain from being fixated on providing the correct responses. If you are stuck on a challenging question, indicate the response that comes the closest to the right answer, then move on to the next one.


#TIP 8: Boost your visual literacy as you get ready for the GMAT

To improve your productivity, become proficient in reading graphs, tables, charts, and symbols. Since visual data questions appear in GMAT exams, mastering this ability will also improve your time management. You can solve the GMAT Quant portion with the help of this.


#TIP 9: Develop the appropriate abilities

Since the test has a time limit, practice abilities that will be useful throughout the administration. To ensure that your performance on the test is unaffected, identify your weak area and focus on improving it.


#TIP 10: Get as much practice as you can

Continue to practise! Practice makes man perfect, as they say. Use this as your advantage when you are getting ready for the test, and then head over to the free GMAT sample papers. You can use it to gauge your level of test preparation.


GMAT 2024 Study Material

The greatest books for GMAT preparation 2024 are accessible, along with study guides and GMAT study plans, if you choose to prepare for the GMAT on your own. GMAC offers free software and an official study guide. To help you construct a study plan, consult the following GMAT 2024 books and resources:

  • The Official GMAT Review Guide, 2022 More than 900 sample GMAT questions, a diagnostic area to help you decide where to concentrate your study, and priceless test-taking advice and techniques are all included in this exam guide to help you achieve the score you desire. 

  • Free GMATPrep Software: This software has 90 free questions (30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning) with explanations and answers. It also has tools to let you make your own practice sets of questions, two extended practice exams, and more. 

  • GMAT Roadmap; Fractions, Decimals, and Percents; Word Problems; Algebra; Geometry; Critical Reasoning; Number Properties; Sentence Correction; Reading Comprehension; Integrated Reasoning & Essay are all included in this set of Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides. 

  • Kaplan GMAT 800: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students is the appropriate preparation tool for the most driven student. It includes concentrated directions for addressing each question type, tactics for achieving a perfect score of 800, and test-taking tips.

  • Other resources are from Veritas, Magoosh, Meridean Overseas etc.

  • Beat the GMAT and GMAT Club forums.

  • Ron's Thursday video series.


Section-wise Preparation Tips for GMAT 2024 Exam

Discover how to get ready for the GMAT by going over the section-by-section GMAT exam preparation advice. Study the GMAT exam format and syllabus, then make a thoughtful schedule that addresses the topic one at a time. To get a GMAT score of 700 or above, you will need to work hard and improve slowly.


GMAT Preparation Tips: Integrated Reasoning Section

There are twelve questions in this phase, each lasting thirty minutes. Ideally, the portion should be finished in 25 minutes, with the final 5 minutes used for revision and monitoring any unanswered questions.

  • To ensure that you can comfortably take the GMAT test, make sure you have covered every topic, including table analysis and visual interpretation.

  • To prepare for the test, read the books and study materials.


GMAT Preparation Tips: Quantitative Section

  • There are 31 questions in this section, and you have 62 minutes to complete them.

  • While practicing, go over issues about data sufficiency and problem-solving.

  • The pace can be increased by learning the mathematical formulas utilised in these topics.

  • Practise all of the GMAT's topics, from simple to difficult.


GMAT Preparation Tips: Verbal Section

  • The Verbal Section of the GMAT test has a total time limit of 65 minutes, during which you must answer 36 questions. 

  • Your proficiency with the English language is tested in this part. Read newspaper editorials and study grammar books to improve your grammar for the verbal portion. 

  • There will be questions in this section on a variety of subjects, including reading passages, idioms and critical reasoning, synonyms and antonyms, sentence correction, and subject-verb agreement. 

  • Cover all of these subjects in advance, making use of various reference materials, as this portion will also assess your capacity for logic and analysis.


GMAT Preparation Tips: Analytical Writing Assessment

  • The section dedicated to analytical writing has a 30-minute time limit.

  • Make it a goal to complete the writing assignment in 25 minutes, using the final five minutes for editing the written work. Make reading a habit and attempt to read about a variety of subjects.

  • Examine publications that will be very beneficial in getting ready for the writing portion.

  • Examine articles that make arguments on pertinent subjects and provide examples.

  • Make an effort to retain key information about a subject and practise it often so that you can utilise it in your writing.

  • Write about a variety of subjects and emphasise views that are supported by evidence.

  • Strive to accelerate so that you can effectively manage your time.


How to Start Preparation for GMAT Exam 2024?

After reviewing the section-by-section approach to GMAT 2024 exam preparation, it's time to understand the 3-month study schedule for GMAT 2024. This is a plan that students may always modify to fit their needs.


GMAT 2024 Prep Plan


  • To begin with, familiarise yourself with the GMAT exam style and syllabus. 

  • Show up for a practice GMAT exam. Through this, you will learn how much work you need to put in to reach your desired GMAT score. 

  • Start your preparation with the official study guide for the GMAT in 2024. Take brief notes about it and edit them later. 

  • You have to show up for a full-length mock test once a week. 


  • To begin with, familiarise yourself with the GMAT exam style and syllabus.

  • Show up for a practice GMAT exam. You will learn how much work you need to put in to reach your desired GMAT score through this.

  • Start your preparation with the official study guide for the GMAT in 2024. Take brief notes about it and edit them later.

  • You have to appear for a full-length mock test once a week.


  • Mock tests and preparation for the GMAT 2024 exam should take up this month.

  • Make sure that you give the official GMAT 2024 mocks.

To sum up, the first stage in your GMAT preparation process is to grasp the format and organisation of the test. The second and most crucial step is figuring out your objective and baseline scores so that you can create a study plan. If you have a study plan, use the appropriate resources for your needs to get the most out of your preparation time. Lastly, make sure you've managed your GMAT nervousness. Above all, remember that there is no fast cut to acing the GMAT—you must put in a lot of effort and be serious in your preparation! We hope this post has provided you with comprehensive guidance on preparing for the GMAT. Thus, why do you delay? Start preparing for the GMAT now!



1: Can I prepare for the GMAT by myself?

Yes, with the right strategies and good resources, you can prepare for the GMAT by yourself.


2: How much time does it take to prepare for GMAT?

The preparation time required for GMAT varies from person to person. However, in general, candidates require 3 to 6 months of preparation.


3: Is it important to give mock tests for GMAT preparation?

Yes, appearing for at least 5 to 7 mock tests before appearing for the actual GMAT exam is very important. Since it allows you to understand the actual test scenario better, it leads to achieving a good score.

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