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Students who desire to pursue an MBA or register in a school connected to finance take the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT. Worldwide, admittance to several management programmes requires passing the GMAT exam. The candidates' verbal, numeric, written, analytical, and English language reading skills are evaluated in this test. Additionally, we have included a how-to-get GMAT practice paper in this section to help students with GMAT preparation.




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  1. GMAT Mock Test 2024

  2. GMAT Prep 2024

  3. Sample GMAT Papers 2024

  4. GMAT 2024 8-Week Study Planner

  5. GMAT Questions 2024

  6. GMAT Exam 2024 Study Material

  7. GMAT 2024 Syllabus/Pattern

  8. Benefits of Solving GMAT Mock Tests for GMAT 2024

  9. FAQs


GMAT Mock Test 2024

You will be better prepared for test day by practicing with GMAT mock exam. Taking the GMAT practice test can teach you more about your skills and shortcomings. You can raise your score with the help of the GMAT practice questions.


With a gradual increase in difficulty, the GMAT practice test simulates the actual exam structure and aids with pace management.


GMAT Prep 2024

GMAT preparation might be difficult for those pursuing an MBA. Many students are afraid of mathematics if it is not included in their high school. GMAT Quantitative Analysis is frequently a subject that individuals with humanities or medical backgrounds fear. However, students need to be aware that the GMAT quant assesses a candidate's aptitude for solving simple maths problems, which is necessary to get into a B-school.


Sample GMAT Papers 2024

It is not easy to prepare for the GMAT exam; in order to achieve their desired score, applicants must be dedicated, hardworking, and follow a clear study strategy. On the GMAT's official website, one can sign up and establish a free account.


The GMAC, the official organisation that administers the GMAT, offers an 8-week study plan that candidates can use to get ready for independent study. This study guide provides a thorough method for getting ready for the test. It offers pointers to highlight the candidate's strong points as well as guidance on strengthening their areas of weakness.


GMAT 2024 8-Week Study Planner

A self-guided, step-by-step worksheet, the GMAT 8-week official study planner aids candidates in becoming ready for the test in just eight weeks. This allows you to

  • Get access to advice and resources designed for those who create the GMAT

  • Find out which approved GMAT preparation tool or software can assist you in creating a weekly schedule.

  • You are able to monitor your development every week.

  • You can use this to determine your areas of strength and weakness.

  • Create a test-day plan that will assist you in remaining composed and concentrating on the exam.


GMAT Questions 2024

In addition, candidates have access to a number of additional resources that can aid in their exam preparation. Candidates can use the IR Prep Tool, which enables practice at any time and from any location. This GMAT preparation aid for Integrated Reasoning includes questions that are provided directly by the test's creators. With the use of this tool, candidates can monitor the progress of their sessions and assess their progress in time management.


For those preparing for the GMAT, practice questions are the most crucial and beneficial resource. You can find out about your strengths and weaknesses by taking the free GMAT mock test before starting your GMAT study. You can use the prior year's GMAT exam question paper for this. Practice questions for GMAT quant aid students in studying algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and other mathematical subjects. Candidates can enhance their understanding by practising on a daily basis with the GMAT question paper.


This entire selection consists of digital products and ebooks. A GMAT sample paper can be used to help learn how to use the real GMAT questions. These questions aid applicants in familiarising themselves with the format of the GMAT exam and understanding the range of subjects that will be tested. Aspirants ought to practice a growing number of GMAT practice questions. The official GMAT committee drafts the question papers so that applicants can review them and become familiar with the specifics of the exam.


GMAT Exam 2024 Study Material

The candidate will require certain books and resources for GMAT exam preparation if they choose to study independently. In addition, obtaining expert advice and enrolling in a GMAT coaching programme guarantee a competitive edge.


GMAT 2024 Syllabus/Pattern

The GMAT Focus Edition was introduced in 2023. Therefore, in this section, we will look at the GMAT pattern for the two GMAT exam formats – the GMAT Focus Edition and the current GMAT exam 2024.


Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning are the four sections that are included in the GMAT exam format. In addition, the GMAT consists of a three-hour and seven minute computer adaptive test. There are eighty questions in all.


The GMAT pattern for the 2024 test, which includes both the online and test-center options, is provided in the table below:


Number of Questions


Analytical Writing Assessment

1 Topic

30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

12 questions

30 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

31 questions

62 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

36 questions

65 minutes


80 questions

3 hours + 7 minutes



2 optional breaks of 8 minutes each

GMAT Focus Edition Pattern 2024:

GMAT Focus Edition Section

Number of Questions


Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

21 questions

45 minutes

Verbal Reasoning (VR)

23 questions

45 minutes

Data Insights (DI)

20 questions

45 minutes


64 questions

2 hours + 15 minutes



1 optional break of 10 minutes

Benefits of Solving GMAT Mock Tests for GMAT 2024

Solving GMAT sample papers and practice examinations is something that many students avoid doing. They fail to recognise, though, that the most crucial aspects of GMAT preparation are doing practice exams and working through sample papers. The following are some of the arguments in favour of taking GMAT practice exams when you're getting ready:

  • You may train yourself to sit for extended periods of time by taking mock exams.

  • You can practice developing strategies for various question types by taking mock examinations.

  • You can improve your time management abilities by taking mock exams.

  • You can determine your degree of preparation and identify your weak areas by analysing the results of mock tests. 


Having gained knowledge of the different types of GMAT mock exams and sample papers, students should make use of these resources to boost their preparation. There is fierce competition for any exam, but admission to an MBA programme carries very high stakes. As a result, students need to give their GMAT 2024 exam and preparation top priority.



1: When should I start practising GMAT sample papers?

Ideally, two to three months prior to the date of your exam, you should begin preparing for the sample papers and examinations.


2: How many full-length practice tests should I take before the exam?

You should take fifteen to twenty practice exams before the actual exam in order to be well-prepared.


3: Are GMAT question papers from previous years useful for preparation?

Yes, you can prepare with the prior year's GMAT question papers. Practising with past papers helps you become comfortable with the question types, format, and difficulty level of the GMAT exam, even though the identical questions might not appear on your actual exam. It enables you to create winning plans and enhance your time-management abilities.


4: Can I solve GMAT question papers online?

Indeed, in addition to obtaining question papers in PDF format, some sites and tools offer practice exams that mimic the GMAT. You can use these sites to answer questions online and get immediate performance feedback.


5: Where can I take the GMAT practice test?

Despite the abundance of internet resources accessible for GMAT preparation, candidates can take advantage of free GMAT practice exams by visiting the official GMAC website. To access the GMAT practice exams, applicants must download the GMAT preparation software, create an account, and register.

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