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Choosing the appropriate materials for your GMAT preparation is an essential first step as you begin your journey. If you're choosing study materials right now and are inclined towards the greatest GMAT books, choosing the ideal one becomes more difficult for those getting ready for the recently released GMAT Focus Edition (GFE). With fewer textual materials accessible for the Focus Edition, the most recent version of the GMAT has required a new strategy for test preparation. Taking note of this difficulty, we have carefully examined the best GMAT preparation materials suited to these new requirements in this blog. So, let’s begin with it!




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  1. GMAT Books and Resources 2024: Important Factors

  2. GMAT Prep Books and Online Resources 2024

  3. 6-month Study Plan for GMAT Exam 2024

  4. FAQs


GMAT Books and Resources 2024: Important Factors

Students need to remember to keep their books manageable for GMAT preparation. Remarkably appealing book covers and websites should not deter you. It's usually a good idea to stick to a small number of resources and concentrate on GMAT practice exams, practice problems, and several revisions. The following essential elements will assist you in selecting the best GMAT study guides and materials to use for the test:

  • Adhere to the syllabus and pattern: An abundance of GMAT study materials is available in the market. Before purchasing any books, ensure you are familiar with the GMAT 2024 exam structure and syllabus. After reading a book, confirm that it follows the syllabus and format of the exam. Never purchase a book just because it seems nice.


  • Developing the Ideal Strategy: Preparing for the GMAT involves more than just answering difficult questions; it also entails developing a plan that will enable you to perform well across the board. It might have to do with choosing which piece of the priority problem to tackle first, or it might have to do with time management. These abilities will come in useful when it comes to tests. If you want to make the most of your time, adhere to the expert advice on GMAT preparation


  • Practising the Correct Questions: Since the GMAT exam follows a predetermined format, you must practice the correct questions in order to improve your score.


  • Must Provide Answers with Detailed Explanations: The best GMAT books and study materials must provide answer keys so that students can comprehend the proper way to answer various kinds of questions. To help candidates grasp the concept underlying the right answer, answer keys should provide thorough explanations of the correct response.


  • Appear for Authentic Mock Tests: Since the GMAT is a computer-based adaptive test, answering questions properly alone won't get you high marks; you also need to improve your time management skills, your ability to answer questions from several sub-sections, and your capacity to finish the two-hour test in one sitting. You must take the GMAT Focus Mocks to do this. Make sure that mocks are being taken on an authentic website whose test resembles the actual GMAT test format


GMAT Prep Books and Online Resources 2024

You will comprehensively cover the GMAT 2024 syllabus with the aid of the ensuing GMAT preparation books. It is recommended that students take the GMAT 2024 practice exams in order to monitor their progress. Evaluating how well you did on these GMAT practice exams is also crucial.


The most crucial book for your GMAT preparation is the GMAT Official Guide, or GMAT OG, as it is commonly known. The foundation of your preparation needs to be this book. Don't ever turn a page from this book. Almost 1000 questions from previous GMAT tests are included in GMAT OG. This is the closest thing to taking the GMAT before the test day. Having a thorough understanding of the test, thorough responses, well-structured essays, and a well-arranged question structure will all contribute to a high GMAT score. When preparing for the GMAT, make sure to finish this book at least twice. The booklet and online question band for the GMAT Official Guide Bundle are available for around 82 USD. 


Check the entire set of Manhattan Prep GMAT strategy guides. Every facet of the GMAT exam is covered in the Manhattan GMAT books. Ten books make up the entire package, and they cover every topic, from integrated thinking to analytical writing and all in between. You can choose to purchase these books separately or as a bundle. In addition to the books, a year's worth of practice exams and online content are included. These books will assist you in developing the abilities necessary to deliver excellent performance. The reviewers believe that Manhattan's study materials and guides are best for preparing for the GMAT. Furthermore, the practice exams that come with the books assist you in getting ready for the real exam. 


You should proceed to the GMAT Official Advanced Questions after finishing the Manhattan GMAT books and the GMAT Official Guide. It contains challenging GMAT problems from previous GMAT tests. You can become more comfortable with the challenging GMAT questions by reading this book. Keep in mind that the GMAT gets harder as you continue to answer problems correctly; this will obviously result in a rise in your score. Thus, a candidate should practise challenging GMAT questions. For around 30 USD, you may purchase both the online question bank and the GMAT official advanced questions ebook.


The primary benefit of studying with the Kaplan guide is that it has all of the knowledge that is exactly what is needed for the test and leaves out any ideas that might prove to be distracting. You can formulate sophisticated methods to address verbal questions with the aid of the Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook. Furthermore, the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook will assist you in developing solid foundational knowledge in the quantitative domain. For individuals who are having trouble with quant, this book offers assistance. Reviewers consistently rank Kaplan's study material as the best GMAT study book.


Veritas Prep books for GMAT preparation are the best option for those who want to increase their understanding of every subject. Every subject is thoroughly covered, and the books have good writing. In addition, the practice questions included in the books are challenging and distinctive. A disadvantage of this collection is that other publishers give many more practice tests, but this set only includes one full-length online practice test. Veritas provides hundreds of online practice questions to assist candidates in improving their scores.


In addition to study books, numerous credible forums offer free online GMAT preparation materials. If not, you can post your question in several forums, such as the official GMAT forum, and get expert advice from others. You can practise by taking any of the many online GMAT tests, both free and premium. You can obtain free, similarly beneficial GMAT preparation materials with minimal work. We advise you to use the following internet resources for assistance:

  • Beat The GMAT

  • GMAT Club Forum

  • Thursday's with Ron

  • Magoosh YouTube channel


6-month Study Plan for GMAT Exam 2024

It is normal for each candidate to learn at their own pace. Therefore, you don't need to worry if your friends or coworkers have obtained their desired GMAT scores in less than three or five months. Here is a 6-month GMAT study schedule that you should adhere to to prepare for the test. While some students prepare for the GMAT exam full-time while managing their jobs or other obligations concurrently, others may be able to meet the goals outlined in the six-month guidance a little earlier. Aim for five to seven hours a week of study time, which you can progressively extend as the exam date draws near. 



First Month (at least 20 to 25 hours of study)

  • In the event that you haven't taken the GMAT in a while, plan out your next steps.

  • To determine your current level of preparedness, take a practice GMAT exam.

  • Recognise the pattern and the syllabus.

  • Start with Manhattan Guides and GMAT OG.

  • You ought to finish the GMAT sentence correction and quantitative review.

  • Note down quick fixes for GMAT sentence structure, then go over those laws of grammar several times.

  • Create a list of quantitative review formulas and make numerous revisions to them.

  • At the conclusion of the month, take a comprehensive mock test to gauge your progress.

Second Month (At least 30 to 32 hours of study)

  • Finish the remaining GMAT sentence correction and quantitative review tasks.

  • Edit the previously finished section.

  • Finalise Your Critical Thinking

  • Participate in at least two comprehensive GMAT practice exams.

  • Review all you have finished by the conclusion of the second month. 

Third Month (At least 45 to 48 hours of study)

  • Review all of the work you have done within the past two months.

  • Full Reading Understanding

  • You have to finish the entire course once by the end of the third month.

  • Participate in three extended practice exams and monitor your progress.

Fourth Month (At least 60 to 65 hours of study)

  • Finish Integrated Reasoning and AWA, then put the finishing touches on your preparation.

  • It's time for you to go over everything one more time.

  • Start with the more difficult questions.

  • Attend as many lengthy mocks as you can 

Fifth Month (At least 60 to 65 hours of study)

  • Use additional study resources that address every kind of GMAT question.

  • Review your notes.

  • Repeat answering the GMAT OG and GMAT Official advanced questions.

  • Take practice exams and track your improvement.

  • Spend more time on a topic if you think it requires more practice.

Sixth Month (At least 60 to 65 hours of study)

  • This month, you should concentrate on revisions and practice exams.

  • One day before the exam, rest and keep your mind cool.

You must focus on adjusting the schedule to suit your needs and take breaks anytime you start to feel worn out. Remember that studying following a schedule and concentrating on a single portion or lesson at a time is preferable to studying many things at once, as doing so may confuse you.


Overall, books for GMAT preparation materials won't help until you follow a thorough study schedule, practice, and maintain discipline—all of which are essential for getting a good GMAT score.



1: How to prepare for GMAT at home?

Understanding the GMAT exam format and practicing as much as you can are two of the most crucial GMAT preparation strategies for students studying at home. Another essential component of GMAT preparation is completing practice questions within the allotted time limit to assess one's level of readiness.


2: Can I prepare for the GMAT on my own?

There are other approaches to preparing for the GMAT, including in-person instruction, private tutoring, and online courses. For certain candidates, time or cost may be a barrier; in these cases, independent study may be a suitable choice. It is not hard at all to get ready for the GMAT.


3: Can I prepare for the GMAT in three months?

Candidates for the GMAT need to create a thorough study schedule in order to finish it in three months. A lot of applicants try to finish their GMAT training in two months. However, in order to get ready for the GMAT, a three-month study schedule needs to be adhered to. Using official GMAT study tools, one might start getting ready for the exam throughout these three months. In addition to using official study materials, it's a good idea to take practice GMAT examinations, make quick notes, and go over them again.

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