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What is LOR?

Students who prefer to study abroad need to submit a letter of recommendation. Many students start to worry about what this means on the university’s requirement list. And how do they get it? This blog will help the students understand the LOR and its importance.

A letter of recommendation, or LOR, is a type of asserting letter that students need to get from their previous education or working organization if applicable. It is a letter explaining the student’s eligibility for the course and studying abroad. The LOR helps the students gain admission to foreign universities. Therefore, students who want to study overseas can ask their college or university to provide them with a strong LOR.

Generally, the LOR is written by the university or the organisation where the student has worked or studied. The student can request the university or organisation to provide him with a LOR to get admission to the foreign university. The LOR explains the character, qualifications, and uniqueness of the student. Also, it provides sufficient justification for applying for a course at a foreign university.

LOR Format

The format of LOR varies from university to university. Some universities only ask for the previous educational organization’s LOR, and some demand the last working organization’s LOR if applicable. Students must check what kind of LOR is required by their university. Generally, the format for both (previous education or last workplace) the LOR format must contain the following points:

  • Date
  • Recipient of the university: write the admission committee name, or To whomsoever, it may concern
  • University name: where the student is applying
  • University Address: where the target university is located
  • Salutation: Convey it by taking the name of the recipient if possible (e.g. Dear Stefan Salvatore)
  • Self-introduction: initiate your LOR by introducing yourselves and your relationship with the student.
  • Main Body: write about why you recommend the student for a particular course in a particular university. Provide some examples of the student’s skills and character. Also, mention if the student has achieved some position in the College or University. Write about the skills you think a candidate must possess while studying this course.
  • Conclusion: Mention why you suggest him/her in comparison to other students
  • Contact information: Mention your correct mail address and phone number. This helps the recipient to contact you and provides accurate insights to him.
  • Signature & Designation

Essential tips for writing a Good LOR

The person who writes a LOR needs to know everything about the student. He also should know where the student is going to put this LOR. The person writing a LOR must keep in mind some tips to write it powerfully. Some of the tips are:


Research about the LOR’s usage by the students

Before writing a LOR, one must know where the student is applying. If the student is applying to foreign universities, the format becomes more specific. Hence, the teacher needs to explain the academic background of the student. Suppose the student requires the LOR for any foreign job opportunity. In that case, it should contain the academic qualifications and skills that make the student a good fit for that job. So, the person who writes a LOR needs to ask the student to make it an authentic one.


Provide specific info about the student

Firstly, the professor or teacher who writes it should know the LOR format. He should know information about the student. The person can use the examples to show a student’s particular skills and capabilities. He should mention the specific skills or academic-related qualities of the student. This increases the chances of the student getting selected.


Keep the tone positive

The tone of the LOR says all about the student. The person writing the LOR should check whether the tone is positive or negative. The optimistic tone confirms that the student is a strong contender for that course or job. A negative tone provides some doubt regarding the capabilities of the student. The person writing a LOR can compare the students with others to prove that he is the best competitor.


Short and formal

Many teachers or professors write lengthy LORs that do not grab the attention of the recipient. It is always better to make a LOR that is short and formal. The LOR should contain a page or two. It should fulfil the purpose of the recipient. Also, it should provide important information about the student in a concise manner.


Follow the submission guidelines

It is crucial to check the deadline for LOR submission. The student should submit the LOR on time with the other documents. This helps the students get easy clearance of their application to the university. Also, it allows them to develop a solid impression, increasing their chances of selection.

Sample LOR

Check out this sample LOR for your reference.

University of India

India University Campus, Delhi, India, 375846

 23 July 2022 

 Admission Committee/ to whomsoever it may concern     

 Foreign University’s name   

 Foreign University’s address

Dear Admission Committee,

I feel overwhelmed to recommend my student Miss XYZ for admission to your prestigious university. My name is Dr ABC, and Professor of course at the University of India. I have been her course professor for three years and have known XYZ for her excellent capabilities.

Among all the students I have worked with, she was a brilliant and bright student in my class. She is a meritorious student of the university. Also, she is good at managing the team and was the head of the cultural activity department. Through her capabilities, she proved to become a good leader with excellent academic scores. She also simultaneously sets an example for the other students by managing her studies and cultural activities.

Being a professor of XYZ and knowing her skills and capacities, I highly recommend her to Foreign Universities. She is a diligent and hardworking student who will make your university proud like us. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Thanks & regards

Professor ABC         

HOD, of course, University of India     

Email ID: professorabc@uniofindia.in         

Contact: +91-012-345-6789


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