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Every year, the world's total number of international students rises significantly, and more & more students opt for the United States for their higher education. The USA is identified as the most popular country for international students. The country provides the best career prospects to students, with the USA universities being the world's leading universities.


So, here are some things you must know before moving to the USA. This blog answers all your questions like why choose USA, the USA universities you can pick from, top reasons to study in the USA, etc. 


Why study in the USA?

 International students are attracted to the USA. It is one of the most chosen destinations to study abroad. Choosing the USA for higher education doesn’t simply offer you tangible degrees and certificates; your experience in the university counts.


Moreover, it educates you on how to excel in the workforce, supports innovation and research, promotes international cooperation, and teaches you how to address global issues. We have mentioned the reasons below to answer your question: why choose the USA?  And why is it a popular destination among international students?


Top 10 Reasons to Study in USA

The USA is the country that is most sought after in the world due to its rich lifestyle, multiculturalism and favourable economic factors, making it the most desired country. Here, we answer your question about why you choose the USA. There are several reasons to study in the USA, but some prime reasons are mentioned below.


Top-Class Education

One of the top reasons why I choose the USA is because of its best education system. The USA has more than 5000 universities, most of which are listed among the top colleges in the world. The USA has the world’s finest universities with outstanding programs in almost all fields.


For undergraduate studies, exceptional programs are designed traditionally to teach students the basics of any subject. On the contrary, after Post-Graduation, students can grab an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best minds in their field of study. Overall, it is a well-known fact that the USA degrees are recognised throughout the globe for their excellence.


Globally Renowned Degrees

American universities provide the best quality education with hands-on experience. The curriculum is prepared as per the current market needs, which keeps them up to date. The USA degrees help you find excellent career opportunities. The programs that are high in demand in the USA are:

  • Engineering,

  • Medical Science,

  • Social Science,

  • Fine & Applied Arts

  • Business Management,

  • Computer Science,

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Legal Studies


Cutting-edge technology

Universities in the US pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology, analysis, and techniques and creating the most scalable and doable instrumentation and resources accessible to their students. Whether you are not directly studying in a research or engineering field, you may still have opportunities to become a pro in using the latest technology and conducting research.


The technologically connected world will help you stay in touch with great researchers, teachers, and experts worldwide. This is one of the best reasons why choose the USA as your study abroad destination.


Vibrant Campus Life

When you begin your studies in the USA, you open up the possibility of expanding your academic options and cultural experience. Whether or not you attend a small, non-public faculty in an exceptional or a university in the middle of an oversized urban area, most universities provide a wide range of student clubs and organisations to match the extensive selection of student interests.


You will always be able to immerse yourself in “American culture” by meeting new people and making new friends. International students often notice that it is a superb place because of the campus student centre. It enables students to participate in social and cultural activities that take place on campus.


High-Paying Jobs

Most top-notch companies have headquarters in the USA, and various talented people move to the USA for better job prospects. Also, the USA universities offer courses that help you grow your career and enhance your skills. Moreover, the degrees provide global exposure and broaden your horizons.


The US provides us with long-term career goals and helps the students develop self-confidence, independence, and cross-cultural skills. These are the qualities that are really in high demand for employers worldwide.


Scope for Research and Training Prospects

The students engaged in high-quality research are valued in the market because it represents their critical and analytical skills. When you start your education in the USA, you can gain the required experience through teaching or research work and, at the same time, financially support your education in the US.


You can amplify your knowledge by becoming a teacher or research assistant in various programs and projects. Overall, international students are highly valued by the teachers and researchers in the USA as they bring new skills and ideas to the room.


Diverse Programs

The universities in the USA offer a myriad of courses and draft a specific study plan according to students’ future objectives. A variety of schools and universities cater to innumerable areas of study and speciality degrees. Suppose you're looking for business or management courses; you won't be limited to general studies; instead, you can choose from a variety of areas, such as accounting, marketing, international business, business management, business administration, or finance, among others. Several options are available at the undergraduate and master's levels.


Part-time Work Opportunities

The USA lets you work while studying. The country allows you to get F1 visas that allow you to work on-campus for 20 hours per week during the semester and 40 hours per week during vacations. However, the F1 visa holders are only allowed to work on campus. They cannot work off-campus. If they want to work off-campus, they need permission from the US immigration services.


On-campus jobs are mostly available in teaching, library, laboratory, etc.. On the other hand, off-campus jobs are available in domains such as office admin, store associate, call centre representative, etc.


Return on Investment

The students who want to study abroad take up loans with increased interest rates. Hence, choosing a university that is within your budget and gives you a better return on investment is essential. The degree must help you achieve your goals and provide good returns after completing it.


The benefits of choosing a university with a high return on investment are:

  • You can take down your burden of debts and student loans quickly 

  • Job security is provided

  • It opens doors for better job opportunities


Support to International Students

One of the reasons to study in the USA is that the country provides excellent support to international students. Various training programs and workshops are organised to help you familiarise yourself with the new environment. Apart from this, student councils are formed in case you face any issues while studying and living on the campus. Additionally, USA universities also offer financial support through student loans and scholarships. Internships and part-time work options are also available for students who want to bear extra expenses.


Below is a table to overview all the factors to consider while choosing the USA to pursue higher studies.


USA Offers

Language of Instruction


Average Cost of Living

$10,000 - $20,000/ year 

Average Cost of Study

$45,000/ year 

Exams Required


Sources of Funding

Scholarships, aids and part-time jobs


3 times a year – Fall, Spring and Summer Intakes

Top Courses

Engineering and Technology, Business and Management, Fine Arts, Physical and Life Sciences, etc.

Type of Visa

F1, J1 and M1 visas

Types of Degrees

Associate degree, Undergraduate degree, Graduate degree, Doctorate degree

Best Student Cities

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, etc.

USA Study Visa Cost


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Universities Offering the Best Education in USA

USA universities largely contribute to a student's overall success. The universities listed below are the best in the world, but the quality of education may vary from course to course. Check out the list to choose one that suits you best for your career pursuit.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cambridge, United States

Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

Stanford University

Stanford, United States

Harvard University

Cambridge, United States

Cornell University

Ithaca, United States

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Los Angeles, United States

Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey

Brown University

Providence, Rhode Island

Duke University 

Durham, North Carolina

Scholarships by USA Universities

Why choose the USA?

The universities and programs in the USA need proof of funds in their account. The students who come from middle-class or lower-class families apply for scholarships. The USA offers different financial aid and scholarships to help ease your burden, which is one of the major reasons why you choose the USA for your higher studies. In this relation, some of the popular scholarships are mentioned below.


Application Deadline

Awarded To

Award Amount/Benefit

ICSP Scholarship at University of Oregon

February 16, 2024

International students demonstrating financial need and academic merit

Partial tuition waiver, renewable every year

Clark Merit Scholarships

Early Decision II and Regular: February 1, 2024

Exceptional academic performance and personal qualities during your secondary school years, proof of ability to cover a significant amount of the cost of their education


American University Emerging global leader Scholarship

January 15, 2024

International students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an American university

All billable expenses (full tuition, housing, and board) of 1 international student per year

Obama Foundation Scholars’ Program

December 12, 2023 (Closed for 2024-25)

Individuals making a difference in society, in the private and public sector

Full tuition fee, monthly living stipend, funding for books and course material

Yale Scholarship

January 10, 2024

Need-based grant for undergraduate students

Up to 70,000 USD per year (Average: 50,000 USD per year)

PEO International Peace Scholarship For Women

September 15, 2024

International women students seeking graduate programs in the USA

12,500 USD

Rotary Peace Fellowships

Application period: February 2024 onwards.

International students pursuing a Professional Development Certificate Program or Master’s degree Program related to peace and conflict resolution.

Fully funded, covers tuition and fees, round-trip travel, and all internship and field-study expenses

Civil Society Leadership Award

September 15, 2024

Students pursuing masters’ degrees in the USA demonstrating academic excellence.

A fully funded master’s level scholarship (Covers tuition fees, travel and living expenses, and a monthly stipend) 

Popular Courses in USA

Students who want to study in the USA have a wide range of course options to choose from and pursue their higher studies. However, there are some courses for which the USA universities are highly acclaimed. Take a look below to know the details of programs, their duration and tuition fees.



Average Tuition Fees

MA Applied Economics 

2 years

$35,000/  year 

MBBS (BS + MD + Residency)

8-10 years

$40,000/ year 

BSc Nursing (BSN) 

4  years

$45,000/ year 


1 to 2 years

$50,000/ year 

MSc Computer Science

1 to 2 years 

$50,000/ year 


1 year

$60,000/ year 

MSc Data Science

1 to 2 years

$70,000/ year 


2 years

$70,000/ year 


Your question why choose the USA is answered in this blog in detail. Education in the USA helps you grow personally and professionally because the country is renowned for its excellent academic record and the best work opportunities. You can choose a course and university based on your future career objectives. Also, the USA offers scholarships that ease your financial burdens and help you achieve your desired goals. Everything is highlighted in this blog, from average tuition fees to average salary, to help you decide whether to study in the USA and which universities and courses to opt for.


We hope this blog provides adequate knowledge of why you choose the USA for your further studies. However, if you have doubts and are seeking to study in the USA, contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact application02@meridean.org or 1800-1230-00011.



Q: Why choose the USA to start your study abroad journey?

A: The major reasons to choose the USA are its high-quality education, global work opportunities and wide scope for research and development. Most of the US universities top the list of being the best in the world and offer various courses to meet your professional goals. Students from all across the world choose to pursue higher education in the USA.


Q: What are some of the best universities in the USA?

A: There are some well-known names that do not require any introduction, and the degrees are globally accepted.

  • Harvard University

  • Yale University 

  • Princeton University

  • Stanford University 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Q: What are the best career options I have in the USA?

A: Here are some career options to start your USA journey:

  • Business Management

  • Science

  • Law

  • Engineering

  • Medicine

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