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As we know, It is necessary to obtain proficiency exam grades to gain admission to reputable universities overseas, apply for visas, and work after graduation. A good proficiency score opens the door to studying abroad, citizenship, and working in other countries.

Several organisations around the world administer English proficiency tests and certify non-native speakers. Among the companies, the PTE English test has quickly gained popularity among overseas students.

Taking the PTE test has become a rapid, safe, and reliable technique of evaluating non-native English speakers' English ability. Several factors distinguish PTE from other organisations that provide proficiency examinations around the world.

This guide will provide you with an introduction to the world of PTE and expose you to the greatest PTE coaching available to assist you in achieving your desired goals.

What is PTE?

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) is a commonly used English language certification exam for scholars and practitioners. Institutions, organisations, and governments all recognise the PTE Academic as an objective assessment of a candidate's English language skills.

It is critical that you are familiar with the exam format in order to understand the various test components while studying for this exam. So, in this article, we'll go over the important points of the PTE Exam Pattern, as well as some things to bear in mind while taking the test.

PTE tests are divided into two categories:

  • general and
  • academic

PTE General is not an English proficiency test; it is only used to recognise outstanding achievements in English language acquisition. PTE Academic, on the other side, is the most important exam you may take if you want to attend classes in another country.

The PTE Academic exam is recognized by a number of universities in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, among others, in addition to TOEFL and IELTS scores. The PTE exam structure is the same for all colleges throughout the world, although it's best to double-check with the university to see what they prefer.

The PTE General test is mostly taken by persons wishing to evaluate their ability to speak in English, despite the fact that it is only used as a language competency test by a few chosen nations and is not recognized for visa application purposes.

The PTE exam format for the General Test is divided into two sections: written and spoken exams that assess the test-reading, the taker's listening, speaking, and writing abilities. The PTE General has six levels of proficiency, namely Foundation (A1), Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, all of which are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

PTE scores range from ten to ninety, with ten being the lowest and ninety being the greatest. One-point increments are made. The validity scales demonstrate the ability of the test taker to comprehend, interpret, communicate, and speak English instructions. The results are also displayed in a graph for a simple understanding of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

The primary components of the PTE exam pattern are as follows:

  • Question: You are given time to read your prompt for this question. It all depends on how long the question is. Phrases are used to describe the length.
  • Prepare to Answer: This is where you can take some time to consider the replies. You'll have 10 to 15 minutes to respond to questions on average. Relax and think about the question for a moment.
  • Answer: Now it's your turn to give your thoughts. This is the total amount of time you have to respond to the questions. When you talk, the response is recorded, stored as text whenever you write and selected from a list of multiple-choice possibilities.

7 Reasons Why You Should Take the PTE Exam

The following are the primary reasons for taking the PTE test:

Computer-based test

PTE is the only organisation that offers a fully computerised online test. The answers to these portions are exclusively provided on a computer, and no paperwork is required. It is a significant choice if you wish to avoid a paper-based exam.

The 3 components of the test are-

  • Writing and speaking,
  • reading, and
  • listening

Faster exam results

In contrast to IELTS, usually takes 13 days to process the test scores for test-takers, the PTE test score is calculated within 5 business days or faster. It saves time and makes it easier to enrol for courses at reputable universities. Furthermore, test-takers can readily send their scores to many universities, increasing their chances of admission.

No ambiguous questions

Multiple choice, describing imagery, paraphrasing, brief question, written assignments, and other question types are included in the PTE exam. Unlike the IELTS exam, this one does not include any unclear questions, which make it harder to grasp and lower your score.

Real-life questions

Rather than the local dialect seen in other examinations, problems in the PTE exam are based on spoken English or vocabulary that is used in ordinary routine and academically.

Transparent marking system

Intelligent robots programmed to offer scores after analysing answers mark the test. This makes it easier to achieve a reliable and fair score, which is frequently lacking with human checkers.

Assessment of perfect English:

This is a comprehensive examination of the test takers' grasp of the English language. It evaluates listening skills as well as communicating, written, and reading ability.

Accepted globally

Over 6000 firms throughout the world accept PTE exam scores, and this figure is continually expanding. PTE exam takers can choose from a variety of dates throughout the year at any of the over 50 authorised PTE exam locations around the world.

Though no exam is easy and requires much practise in order to improve one's score, many test takers have found the PTE test to be simpler and easier. The best part is that you can take the exam as many times as you want to enhance your marks.

7 Tips for Surviving the PTE Assessment

Instead of wasting time on random practice, an applicant for the PTE-A Exam should study properly and carefully. Unfortunately, many aspirants expect their quantitative practice to yield the expected results. You should be aware that your PTE preparation begins in your thoughts even before you begin studying for the PTE Exam. You must inquire of yourself.

  • When are you going to take the PTE Exam?
  • What PTE score do you want to achieve?
  • What is your current proficiency level?

Knowing the answers to these questions is critical, as preparing for hours each day will not guarantee success on the PTE Exam. However, practising with a strategic approach is beneficial.

Ideal study strategy

For the PTE-A exam, there is never enough practice. However, you must create and stick to a strategic study strategy. An excellent study plan combines the best methods of preparation, practice time, and self-analysis.

Spend at least 2 hours a day preparing for the questions that add to the score of another part and are challenging for you. Practice with the questions that come up again and again. Spend some time reviewing and summarising what you learned the day before.

Scored practise tests will help you evaluate yourself. Make a list of all the key elements that will help you recall the information you need to respond to these questions.

Invest three hours every day, without fail. Use the practise tests, both scored and unscored, to improve your preparation and self-assessment.

Also, when planning for a high score, don't forget to think outside the box. However, practise with whatever you have. As much as possible, incorporate PTE practice into your daily life.

If you're watching TV, for example, attempt to get to know the new accents and learn new words. Try and take notes or copy a podcast you're listening to. To improve your oral communication skills and accent, make a recording of your responses.

Time-Management Skills

It's not simple to answer 73-80 questions in a three-hour exam. It would be excellent if you practised enough to be capable of reading, comprehending, and writing the questions. Make scanning and skimming your weapon of choice.

However, the most prevalent blunder is failing to schedule time for review. It's best to avoid it.

Study Materials

Do not continue searching for PTE Learning resources on the internet; you may wind up with some random and fake ones. Join a trustworthy and tested platform that offers practise resources, e-books, a problem bank, and sample exams for each section.

Section-wise tips

Let's go over some general pointers for each section:

Writing- Understand the subject and make a plan for your essay. Follow the standard and word restrictions for the PTE Assignment Writing section. Be specific and write just one sentence when summarising written text. (Only one full stop is permitted.)

Speaking- Concentrate on improving your oral communication skills and pronunciation. Also, keep pauses and superfluous fillers to a minimum. To increase your language and vocal clarity, record yourself and listen to the recording.

Even if you make a mistake, do not wait for more than three seconds and do not quit talking. You must concentrate on the accents, rhythm, and intonations used in the delivery of words. Know when to pause, what constitutes linked discourse, and how to emphasise words or phrases.

Listening- Listen to a variety of TV episodes, radio broadcasts, and podcasts to familiarise yourself with diverse dialects. As you hear, practise taking notes. Practice scanning and skimming the information to gain a better understanding of the context and find keywords. Also, while you hear, practise writing.

Reading- To improve your speed reading, read as often as you can. To enhance grammar, make it a habit to look for errors in nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Expand your vocabulary to better comprehend the terms and the structure of the questions.

Excellent vocabulary

To pass the PTE-A Exam, you'll need a large vocabulary. Compile a list of as many synonyms as you can. Make an effort to incorporate new terms into your speech. It indicates the quality of your language.


Practice using a mic and earphones to gain confidence.

Make an effort to recreate the raucous atmosphere of an exam centre throughout your practice (especially in the Speaking Module).

For example, practising for the Speaking Component at home in the middle of planned chaos is a good idea. This will help you concentrate in difficult situations.

While this professional advice can help you get a good start on your PTE journey, Meridean Overseas can provide you with even more assistance. PTE Tutorials has created a 360-degree ecosystem around the PTE-Academic tests, assisting thousands of students in achieving their goals.

We can help an aspirant in a variety of ways, based on the scale of assistance they require.


If you really want to study overseas but don't speak English as a first language, you'll almost certainly have to take a language exam before being accepted to an international university that offers English-taught courses.

But how can you choose the right English language test? The answer is contingent on a number of things, including which test/exam is accepted by the university where you wish to apply, which exam venues are nearby, and how much you're willing to spend.

If it sounds to be baffling, don't be frightened. We'll compare two of the most popular English language examinations in this section:

PTE- Completely automated.

When a test is computerised, the likelihood of errors and mistakes during the scoring process is reduced. Only the listening and reading components of the IELTS paper are computer assessed during the process of assessment.

When they wish to count the number of correct and wrong questions on an answer key, this is what they do. In a PTE test, meanwhile, no human evaluates any of the parts.

PTE- No face-to-face interviews.

A face-to-face test is something that most pupils despise. This is due to the high level of stress involved. This anxiety is amplified in an IELTS speaking test when you have no idea what themes will be discussed. Furthermore, candidates must be candid in their responses while still paying close attention to their grammar and pronunciation.

Applicants in a PTE test, on the other end, are not under that pressure as they are sitting before a computer rather than a human individual. Topics and item categories are also well-known and expected.

PTE- Validity and Duration

A PTE exam can be completed in as little as 2 hours and 45 minutes. On the other hand, an IELTS test can take up your entire Saturday.

However, talking about the validity, the results of both exams (IELTS and PTE) are valid for two years after they are announced. If you ever need to exhibit your English proficiency after that timespan, you'll have to retake the exam.

PTE - More Detailed Report

None of the exams provides you with any feedback on where you went wrong and what you need to work on. A PTE score report, on the other hand, divides your score into six additional areas known as enabling skills.

Language, oral proficiency, vocabulary, punctuation, knowledge, and written communication are the items in question. The results of these things will help you identify your relative strengths and weaknesses so that you can prepare for your next test.

What is PTE Coaching?

PTE Coaching is a well-known word for people who want to pass the PTE Exam. At the same time, you must be wondering what PTE Coaching is all about. Why is it advantageous to you, and how do you choose the correct coach?

Now, we'll go over the answers to all of your PTE coaching concerns. So, without further ado, let's get down to business with the first question.

In layman's terms, PTE Coaching is it's you and the PTE professional. However, if you become a paying customer, you can always enjoy all services. Here are a few points to consider to gain a better understanding of PTE coaching:

  • Online PTE Coaching is a Skype or Zoom meeting that takes place over the internet.
  • The coach will prepare you for all types of tasks and will supply you with PTE Practice Test materials to practise with.
  • The live sessions are also recorded so that you may watch them afterwards, as well as doubt clearing sessions where you can obtain answers to your questions.

Features of PTE Coaching

Understand the coach

You might have overlooked this vital element if you were thinking about who wants to know the trainer. For example, since you're here to ace the PTE exam, you appear to be on track with your thought process. However, you may be surprised to learn that understanding your mentor is the cornerstone of your online PTE tutoring adventure.

The PTE expert is here to help you achieve your objectives. They will not only assist you in your exam preparation but will also raise your confidence during your PTE journey. Speak with a PTE expert and make sure he understands your needs and desired score.

Effective Strategy

The very first step our PTE experts recommend is that you take a Scored PTE Mock Test. The scores from the mock test also aid the trainer in devising a strategy for you. All of your major weaknesses will be mentioned in the plan, and each material type will be given a specific amount of time.

Customized classes

Being a learner or a business work is difficult since you must juggle between work hours and PTE preparation. Don't worry, we've got you covered because we just ask for one hour of your time. This one session can also be arranged according to your availability. We also create a PTE Study plan to help you systematically prepare for the PTE Exam.

Reliable Practice Tests

As if the redundant study materials weren't enough, the same PTE mock examinations can also be found on the Internet. How many times do you think you'll be able to respond to the same set of questions? And how does answering the same question too many times have anything to do with your ability to pass the PTE?

Even if you chose to pay attention to all of that copied and pasted text, consider that the majority of these questions aren't even dependent on the PTE style. The amount of time and energy wasted as a result of all of this is unfathomable!

The most significant aspect of any PTE exam preparation course or module is the PTE academic test practise sessions. As a result, don't be fooled into thinking that doing well on a practice exam that has nothing to do with the real PTE will help you in any way! Instead, go into PTE Tutorials.

The practise tests supplied here are not only exceptionally well researched and accurate, but they also replicate the same test setting that students would encounter when taking the real PTE. As a result, when it comes time to take the test, you won't be terrified of the questions or shocked by the test centre surroundings. You're just ready to take on the challenge!

Authentic Test Scoring

What good is an exam if you don't have a scoring guide to follow? The answer is that it's not at all excellent!

You could keep taking practise tests indefinitely, but how would you understand whether you're doing it correctly? It's vital to follow the score criteria since it's one thing to know if your response is correct or incorrect; it's another to comprehend how much a wrong answer will cost you in terms of your total rating.

Every practised exam on an internet portal like PTE Tutorials is scored according to Pearson's scoring rules. As a result, you can relax knowing that your PTE Tutorials mock exam results will always give you an accurate representation of your progression.

Comprehensive Test Analytics

It's not enough to understand the scores you obtain on each exam or receive advice throughout your sessions if you spend a long time knowing, unlearning, and relearning things to prepare for PTE.

It's also crucial to maintain track of those feedbacks and scores. Because having accurate data seems to be the only method to see how far you've come, how particular skills have improved over time, and how far you've advanced in general.

If you choose PTE Lectures, you will be able to see an accurate graph of your progress during all of the exam classes. Our team of highly qualified academicians examines analyses and visualises all of each student's statistical information in graphical or tabular form.

And it's this visual depiction of data that shows a student how far they've come since starting their PTE preparation! If you want to study overseas but need to pass the PTE-A exam, PTE Tutorials is the place to go! We provide the greatest PTE Online Training, reading materials, practise tests, and complete evaluation in the country!

Regular Progress Report

It is commonly known that evaluating an individual's growth is always beneficial and positive. You may have had this experience numerous times throughout your academic years. Furthermore, even if you are doing everything feasible on your own, the results remain the same. That's because you're overlooking some details that only an expert can spot.

So, what are you hesitating for? Your courses are only a few mouse clicks away. Schedule a session with Meridean Overseas and ace the PTE Academic with ease.

Why is PTE Coaching Important?

You've come here solely to learn why PTE Online Coaching is the best option for you. To be honest, without courses, the PTE can be studied; however, it is time demanding, and participants may not notice their weaknesses until they are in the middle of the preparation phase. The reason for this is that each portion of the PTE contains a large number of jobs.

Furthermore, all of these assignments will put your linguistic skills to the test. When it comes to communicating, for example, test takers will be assessed for accent, fluidity, and literary, which includes grammatical, vocabulary, and composing structure.

Different skill areas, such as comprehensiveness, scan, grammatical, and vocabulary, are all necessary for reading and writing. As a result, defining your skills and abilities and developing them on your own takes time, as previously said.

Students will receive important help in a coaching centre since the trainer can quickly evaluate the level of linguistic and supporting abilities in relation to the PTE tasks. In contrast to self-preparation, improvisation with external observation and coaching is very simple.

Another challenge in mapping is figuring out how the tests function and which elements are more important than others. As a result, you can simply gain an idea about it with the help of experience; additionally, the teacher may bring out your ability and plainly direct you to concentrate on activities that require more attention.

The emphasis and intensity of individual elements instruction is determined by the student's desired scores and English proficiency. With expert advice, understanding the score, expected ability, and evaluation of your aptitude in respect to the PTE exam will alleviate half of the pain.

Tutorials must be adjusted for individual needs in addition to providing generic instruction and support. The reason for this is that PTE is a language test aimed mostly at overseas students (non-native speakers).

As a result, the level of language and the ability to grasp new language-based abilities differ from person to person. For example, some students excel in writing while others excel at speaking; therefore, generalised training may not be appropriate for all pupils. Even in writing, some pupils' writing abilities are vastly different from those of their peers.

As a result, the ideal solution is customised instruction that is tailored to the individual's needs. The trainers could use the strategies to tune their talents in the most appropriate way by monitoring the students.

Some children will utilise sophisticated terminology and be adept at exchanging ideas and information with complicated sentences, while others will be able to express themselves well with only a few lines. Trainers could modify them to attain greater scores based on these types of observations.

Most essential, all you need is coaching to maximise your strengths and overcome your shortfalls to achieve your desired score.

Another significant advantage of one-on-one coaching is that the trainers can assess you and tailor the programme to your specific needs. Again, depending on the desired score, the intensity and attention may alter; this will save the learner time and frustration during preparation.

Furthermore, due to the obvious individually developed approaches used in one-on-one coaching, students have more opportunities to interact. Whatever the elements are, the idea is to fill in the gaps, saving you time and reducing variation.

Kindly contact Meridean Overseas if you have any questions regarding our customised programme.

Benefits of PTE Coaching

Many students wonder what makes individualised coaching distinct from practising with mock tests and practise tests.

No, it's not just about these two things. There are a number of other advantages to one-on-one PTE online coaching:

Accelerated learning: Many PTE hopefuls practise for days on end, unsure of what they are doing and feeling insecure about their preparation. Personalized coaching allows you to prepare using a tried-and-true strategy while also speeding up your learning.

Time-Saving: Because you do not have to commute to your lesson, online coaching saves you time. You can access it from any location.

Topicwise Strategies: When you learn with a tailored coaching specialist, you get to learn every task in great depth and get the correct suggestions and tactics to make learning easier. It finally aids in the improvement of your PTE score.

Expert's analysis: When you learn from professionals, you always have the option of analysing your preparedness. The instructor will be able to quickly evaluate your strengths and limitations, as well as provide you with helpful ideas for improving your weaknesses.

Customize Queries: When you're studying with specialists, there's a chance you'll have a question for which you can't find a solution; you may ask the professional at any time.

So, now that you recognize the benefits of one-on-one PTE coaching and that PTE Lessons is one of the greatest learning platforms, you can choose Meridean Overseas to enhance your skills.

How to Pick the Best PTE Coaching in INDIA?

Every other young person's bucket list nowadays includes travelling to a desirable destination, whether for higher education or work. The voyage to this dream destination, however, begins long before the plane takes off. Getting into the right PTE tutoring institute is the first step!

Not only that, but if you get into the greatest PTE training institute, you should consider yourself to have almost conquered your PTE war is the importance of a great coaching academy in PTE preparation.

If you don't want to make errors with your PTE coaching institute, make absolutely sure it offers all of the elements listed below. Make them your yardstick.

Prior performance history

Do not be afraid to question the coaching institute's history. This should include information such as the faculty's age. What kind of results has it produced in the past, and what are the percentages of pupils who have passed the test under their supervision?

Their tutors' expertise

A faculty's most valuable assets are its professors or trainers. Don't forget to inquire about the competence of the teachers who are undergoing training at the institute, as well as their student rate of success.

Demonstration classes

Any competent PTE tutoring would provide students with free demo courses. When an institute provides sample classes prior to enrollment, it demonstrates that they are confident in their work and the services they provide to students.

Study material

Any PTE aspirant will tell you how important study materials are in the test preparation process! Ensure that your PTE Academic tutoring school provides high-quality study materials.

PTE practice tests

Finally, but absolutely not least. The PTE practice test and the proctored exam are also available. These are frequently seen as a coaching institute's USP, and it strives to provide the best in class for its pupils.

Check if they hold regular mock tests and practise tests when looking for the best PTE coaching for you. Not only that, but after the test, the tutors should discuss the results with the students in-depth, including the grades they received, their faults, and strategies for overcoming them.

After you've double-checked all of the above features, see if they're also budget-friendly. It is critical that the institute's lecturers are conveniently accessible to the pupils. And for that matter, Meridean Overseas is the finest.

Meridean Overseas - The Best PTE Coaching

The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is a computer-based English language competency exam designed for non-native learners to demonstrate their language abilities.

Unlike previous language ability exams, the PTE places a greater emphasis on standard language instead of technical English. PTE is generally acknowledged, therefore Indian students travelling overseas can take it. Students who receive good guidance can excel in the PTE with flying colours.

Meridean Overseas is well aware of how tough it is to locate the top teaching centre in town. We connect you with local PTE coaching institutes and experienced tutors.

Experienced Trainer- Our Pearson certified professors assist you in enhancing your comprehension, composition, auditory, and presenting segments for the Online PTE.

Highest Success Rate- We work with each student on a one-on-one basis to help them realise their full potential and get the maximum possible grades.

Study Material- Templates that are completely free Every student at the Literature Teaches receives tried-and-true templates to help them study and comprehend the best method to write an essay and make the finest first impression.

Latest Resources- Our mobile app allows students to effortlessly access study materials and practise assessments. They can get started with just a few taps.

Practice Questions- We've compiled a list of prior question papers to assist our students in practising the most commonly asked questions.

Discussion Sessions- During the group discussions, our specialists take note of students' flaws and talents in order to create individualised study schedules for them.

Affordable Fees- Our fees are low enough that students can pay them off quickly and enhance their grades.

Meridean Overseas

Meridean offers international education services as well as PTE preparation programmes. We are a British Council-approved PTE registration centre. Meridean PTE students have the top test scores in the city. They assist students in gaining admission to foreign nations.

MOEC is a well-known Language Training Provider having five locations across India as well as a headquarters in Jaipur. MOEC helps students become proficient in a language (English and Italian) by teaching them communications competence.

Looking for a place to prepare for PTE? Meridean Overseas Education Counselors Pvt. Ltd., based in India, is a foreign study specialist for study abroad that will assist you to reach your goals.

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