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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English proficiency exam similar to the IELTS exam. Various universities across the world recognise PTE exam scores. Students above 16 years of age who are willing to study in English-speaking nations must take the PTE exam. PTE exam is of two types; PTE general and PTE academic. You can get in touch with us to prepare for both types of PTE exams. We assure you quality results and try our best to teach you in a comfortable and stimulating environment.


About PTE


PTE exam is of types; PTE general and PTE academics. The former is needed when test takers need to settle overseas. Whereas the latter is required by universities abroad. The test consists of three sections; Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening.


Learn English with the best tutors. Learning from the best also brings out the best in us. Take guidance from the best tutors of PTE and score good marks


Practice is the only thing that can help you score good marks. Practice on workbooks designed for PTE by our tutors and give regular mock tests to score well.


Regular PTE preparation strengthens your vocabulary and promotes consistency. To excel in your PTE preparation, ask your doubts daily and make improvements every day.


Score well in the PTE exam through regular practice and mock tests. Our tutors are there with you till the end to help you score better.

Score Well in PTE with our Simplified Process

Individual attention

Our tutors are committed to help every student to crack PTE with flying colours. Every student gets proper attention, and tutors help them prepare for PTE in the best possible way.

Focus on minute details

English proficiency exams like PTE can only be cracked if students learn to write and speak without any grammatical errors. Our mentors work relentlessly to improve the grammar and vocabulary of every student.

Constructive criticism

Our tutors critically evaluate regular mock tests, and detailed feedback is given to students to improve them for the final.

Extra classes

We are here every time you need us. Our expert PTE or English language trainers schedule extra classes to keep up with students' progress.

Latest material

We try our best to teach students the latest questions asked in PTE. We keep updating our notes to help students learn from the best database.

Tips and tricks

Section-specific tips and tricks to equally master every section of the PTE exam.

PTE Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern
Introduction section Here the student needs to introduce themselves and their academic background in a 1-minute video. This section is ungraded.
Speaking & Writing Section (54 -67 minutes) Seven questions are asked to asses your speaking and writing skills.
Reading Section (29 - 30 minutes) Five different types of questions are asked to asses your reading ability
Listening Section (30 - 43 minutes) Eight questions are asked in this section to assess your listening skills. The questions are asked based on audio and video clips.
Total Time 2 hours
Other Details
Nature of Exam Computer Based Test Edition (Online in a Test Centre)/ PTE Academic Online (Online at home)
Total Scores Student is graded out of 90 points
Registration: Online
PTE Test Fee ₹ 14,700
Score Validity 2 Years
Score Reporting You can send your PTE Academic scores to as many institutions as you choose - there are no additional fees for extra score reports.

Our Offerings


₹ 10,000 + GST

  • Attend FREE Demo Class.

  • Certified and Experienced Faculty.

  • 2 Full length mock tests to get a real experience of the PTE.

  • 36 classes for classroom teaching covering Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

  • Attend FREE Demo Class.

  • Certified and Experienced Faculty.


There is no limit; students can retake the test as many times as they want. Students need to wait for 5 days to reappear for the next exam.

Different universities have different PTE score requirements. However, a score ranging between 50-63 is a good score and gets you a seat in top universities.

It can only be used for study applications in English-speaking countries. Although, not institutions accept PTE scores.

Yes, students need to have a valid ID and Indian passport to appear for PTE.

PTE result is announced after 2 days of the test.

The introduction can be done by mentioning the full name and academic background, explaining the reason for studying abroad, and giving PTE.

English proficiency tests can only be mastered with extra classes followed by self-study. Get a seat booked in our recent batch today.

PTE is solely an online exam.

Know what test you need to give to get into your desired university.

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