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Updated On 19 May 2022


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Studying abroad is a dream come true for many students today. When studying overseas, many students discover that working part time can help them pay off their overhead expenses. These kinds of jobs also help them support their leisure activities and travel or else they would have been a big financial burden on them. These various ways of earning some extra dollars actually give a student a complete experience of the life-style and culture of the USA.

There are mainly 2 types of part time jobs that one can get in the USA and they are:

  • On-campus job

  • Off-campus job.

So according to the American Student Visa guidelines, a student can work for only 20 hours a week on campus. Whereas if the student is working off-campus he can work for 20 hours a week when he has his sessions going on and 40 hours a week if he has no classes.


Let’s get to know what are the on-campus and off-campus jobs in the USA.

On-Campus Jobs

It is never a tough job to find part-time jobs on campus at American Universities. All these jobs are customized in such a manner that they are in the safety visa guidelines.


So let’s see which are the most popular on campus jobs in America

Some of the on campus jobs are described below:

• Library Monitor – Here you can work for maintaining the decorum and a quite atmosphere in the library. Also it is a good idea to work here as it gives you ample of time to study for your course work in the quite atmosphere.


• Teaching Assistance – Here you can assist your professor for some basic work such as handing out and collection of documents. Also maintaining their schedule.


• Tour Guide – This is one of the most entertaining job. As the campus is new to all the students and parents they always need to know about it. Here you can play the tour guide and help them knowing the campus and get paid for the same. However this can usually done after you yourself know the campus well.


• Peers Tutor – Here you can help out your friends or your juniors for their course and earn some extra dollars for the same.


• Academic Department Assistance – This is basically a clerical job where you have to deal with paperwork like sorting and filing them for the academic department.


 Campus Tech Support – If you have core knowledge about the computer systems then this is the best job for you. Here you can assist new students having any technical difficulty. Also help for the maintenance of the systems.


• Production Assistance - Most of the American universities are famous for organizing a lot of cultural activities. There are dance shows, comedy shows, plays, etc that keep happening. Such shows need a lot of technical and backend support. A good opportunity for earn some extra dollars.


• University Book Store Assistance – All universities have a number of book stores on the campus itself. Your job is to maintain the store and help the shopkeeper sell the books and assist the students.


• Research Study Assistance – Here your job is to assist the professors to collect the information for the research work for a specific subject.


• Babysitter – Yes this can be an on campus job too. In the university the staff, administrative department and faculty usually need help with babysitting their kids. This is a good opportunity to earn some extra dollars.


 Coffee Shop Assistance – Most of the universities in America have some good coffee shops on the campus itself. This happens to be the most on demand job as coffee shop is a place where everyone visits and it works for 24/7 in most of the campuses. Best way to earn some extra dollars.

Off – Campus Jobs

Students can get many jobs off campus but they have to keep in mind their classes schedule and should know how to maintain a balance between the work and the classes.


Lets see some of the off Campus jobs available in America

• Call Centers – Here any student can enroll who has good proficiency and communication skills. This job usually needs one to solve people’s quires about any specific thing through a phone call.


 Store Assistance – Store assistance is responsible for assisting customers with product information and keeping product listings. Another thing you must consider is loading, unloading, and organizing the merchandise.


• Language Translators – America is famous for having a huge amount of trade with foreign countries like Spain, China, Korea, India, etc. As a result of which the role of language translators s very important to crack the deals.


• Tourist Guide – Amusement parks, historical sites, tourist attractions, and other attractions are all popular in America. The tour guide is crucial in this situation. However, you must first have a basic understanding of the subject.


• Curriculum Practical Tanning (CPT) - This job is basically for the non STEM course students, where they can work as interns in any marketing field, retail outlets, tax firms, management offices, etc. These kind of jobs gives them a hands-on experience with the current market.

So any student travelling to America for his studies has lot many opportunities to work part-time and earn some extra dollars. Here is a small list which would give you some idea about the charges that you get for working in different fields.


Job Roles


Campus ambassador

$10.94 per hour

Coffee Shop Assistance

$11.59 per hour

Teaching assistant

$11.85 per hour

Library assistant

$13.24 per hour


$13.31 per hour

Research study assistant


Department assistant


Food runner or catering assistant

$16.81 per hour

Sales assistant 

$20.00 per hour

Tutor or peer mentor

$21.31 per hour

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