Cost of Studying in USA

The USA is a top choice for pursuing higher studies abroad. Students are attracted to the country because of its top-notch universities, best facilities, and abundant career opportunities. However, if you plan to pursue studies abroad, you must have an estimated cost of studying in USA. It is essential to plan the finances before moving to a different nation.

The cost of studying in USA is generally high, but it is preferred due to the high-quality education. If you have decided to study in USA, let us give you an insight into the cost, living expenses, scholarships, tuition fees, and much more.

Cost of Studying in USA: Key Highlights

The table below provides an overview of the cost of studying in USA for Indian students.

Universities in USA 5300
Average Living Expense INR 8 lakh - INR 16 Lakh
Popular Courses in USA MS in USA | MBA in USA | BTech in USA | MIM in USA
Part-time Work Allowance 20 hours/week
Work permit in USA post-study 12 months
USA Study Visa cost 185 USD (INR 15,430)

Cost of Studying in USA for Top Courses

Tuition fees are the most critical expenses to study in USA. However, the cost may vary depending on the country, university, program, and course. Humanities, arts courses, and education are typically less expensive than areas such as medical, engineering, and business management. The table shows the average annual tuition fees for your chosen degree

Program Average Annual Tuition Fees (USD) Average Annual Tuition Fees (INR)
Undergraduate (UG) $8,000 - $40,000 INR 6,49,436 - INR 32,47,182
Associate $3,800 INR 3,08,674
Postgraduate (PG) $10,000 - $60,000 INR 8,11,796 - INR 48,70,773
Doctoral $28,000 - $55,000 INR 22,73,027 - INR 44,67,435
English Language Studies $700 - $2,000 (monthly) INR 56,805 - INR 1,62,274
Engineering $30,000 - $75,000 INR 24,34,112 - INR 60,85,279
MBA $50,000 - $60,000 INR 40,56,853 - INR 48,70,773
Diploma $500 - $20,000 INR 40,569 - INR 16,22,741

List of Most Popular Courses to Study in USA

Check the most popular courses list in USA preferred by international students.

  • Computer Science

  • Engineering

  • Business Management

  • Life Science courses

  • Social Sciences

  • Mathematics

  • Law

  • Business Administration

  • Finance

Universities Fees in USA

Here is the fee structure of top universities in the USA, which can help you better understand the cost of studying there.

University Name Public/Private Tuition Fees (USD) Tuition Fees (INR)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Private $50,000 - $55,000 INR 39,16,150 - INR 43,07,765
Stanford University Private $25,000 - $55,000 INR 19,58,075 - INR 43,07,765
Harvard University Private $25,000 - $51,000 INR 19,58,075 - INR 39,94,906
California Institute of Technology Private $44,000 - $57,000 INR 34,46,586 - INR 44,64,895
University of Chicago Private $55,000 - $59,000 INR 43,07,765 - INR 46,21,558
University of Pennsylvania Private $60,000 - $62,000 INR 46,21,558 - INR 48,08,699
Princeton University Private $52,000 INR 40,56,853
Columbia University Private $62,000 INR 48,08,699
Yale University Private $55,000 INR 42,96,370
University of Texas at Dallas Public $13,000 INR 10,07,458
University of Texas at Arlington Public $9,000 INR 6,97,107
Texas A&M University Public $9,000 INR 6,97,107
Arizona State University Public $13,000 INR 10,07,458
Illinois Institute of Technology Public $31,000 INR 24,14,680
University of Florid Public $12,000 INR 9,31,620
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor Public $69,326 INR 53,87,940
University of Virginia Public $63,780 INR 49,57,847
Georgia Institute of Technology Public $52,222 INR 40,61,423
University of North Carolina Public $36,776 INR 28,59,019
University of California, Berkeley Public $55,600 INR 43,15,669
University of Texas at Austin Public $43,149 INR 33,55,835
University of Wisconsin-Madison Public $27,938 INR 21,70,861
Purdue University Public $9,992 INR 7,76,195

List of Affordable Universities in USA

Below, you will find the most affordable universities for international students in USA.

Living Expenses in USA for Students

Another factor influencing the cost of studying in the United States for Indian students in rupees is the cost of living there. The average cost of living in USA ranges from INR 8,30,000 to INR 16,60,000 per year.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all expenses of studying in the USA. This is a rough estimate of the cost of studying in USA. Take a peek.

Expenses Average Cost of Living in USA per Month/Year
Tuition Fee INR 37,40,000/year
Application Fee 4000 INR to 16500 INR
Living Expenses INR 8 Lakhs - INR 16 Lakhs /year
Visa Fees INR 29100
Entrance Examinations Fee Vary depending on the exam
SEVIS Fee INR 30,000

Accommodation Costs in USA

In the United States, hotel expenses vary almost as much as general living expenditures. The typical apartment costs are 600 USD (for one-bedroom flats in more rural locations) and 3,300 USD or more (for a one-bedroom apartment in Boston). Renting outside of school in America may be cheaper than living on campus (450 USD/month for shared rooms). However, consider the distance to the university and the possibility of having to commute on a regular basis.

Food Expenses in USA

Groceries cost between 300 - 500 USD per person each month. This is determined by your food preferences and whether or not some meals are offered with your university accommodations. Look for the cheapest supermarkets to shop at, such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Trader Joe's. If you live in the resident halls, you can choose the on-campus food plan, which costs roughly 250 USD per month.

Transportation Costs in USA

A monthly public transit pass costs between $45 and $100 (some colleges provide student discounts, but not all). For example, in Cincinnati, a student metro fare card is issued for USD 53 every semester, and in Nashville, a monthly public transit pass costs USD 44.

Other Expenses in USA

In addition to purchasing or renting a home, homeowners and renters must pay property taxes, homeowners insurance, and other maintenance expenses. These expenditures might vary significantly based on the home's location, size, age, and local tax rate.

Cost of Living in USA Per Month

The cost of living in USA depends on several factors, such as accommodation type, transportation, food habits, etc. Here is an overview of the average cost based on the expected living expenses in the USA.

Expenses Average Cost (INR)
Apartment housing, including utilities INR 1,20,000
Food INR 45,031
Dormitory housing INR 52,500 - INR 5,00,000
Food for dormitory residents INR 17,229
Books and supplies INR 6,200
Miscellaneous INR 4,583

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs in the USA

There are a few additional fees that Indian students should consider when studying in the USA. We've divided this fee into two categories: pre-arrival and post-arrival.

Pre-Arrival Cost

Before you travel to the USA, there is a cost that you have to bear. The pre-arrival cost includes the following:

Entrance Exams

Students wishing to study in USA must take entrance tests according to the course they want to pursue. The IELTS, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and SAT/ACT are some of the most standardised entry examinations accepted by top universities in the USA. These assessments are part of the application process and assist in determining the student's English language competence and aptitude. However, it is crucial to note that not all colleges have the exact entrance exam requirements, and there may be certain exceptions in some situations. The table below lists the study abroad tests you can take.

Exams Fee Cost
MCAT INR 26,990
NEET INR 1,000 - INR 1700
TOEFL INR 16,900
GRE INR 14500, INR 22,500
GMAT INR 22,800
SAT INR 8,532


Many students overlook the cost of an airline ticket when creating a financial budget. The cost of airfare when flying to the USA can vary, but it usually runs between 460$ and 1300$. The amount you pay varies depending on where you fly from, the airline you choose, the dates you book, your departure location, and the destination in the USA where you'll land.

Post-Arrival Costs

Even after reaching the USA, there are costs that you have to pay on a regular basis.

Tuition Fee

The average cost of studying in the USA is INR 37,40,000/year, but the cost may vary depending on the university and program you choose.

Cost of Living

Living costs in the United States range from INR 8,30,000 to INR 16,60,000 per year. Due to diverse lifestyle choices, the cost of living will change from one student to the next. Most of your spending will likely be for lodging, transportation, and other minor expenses.

Other Essential Living Expenses in USA for Students

Apart from the two prices listed above, there are additional costs that you should be aware of that are included in the total cost of studying in USA. These charges are significant because they are the primary source for starting your initial voyage to the USA.

Here is an overview of the additional cost of living: -

  • SEVIS Fees (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) - The SEVIS database stores all information about international students, including their primary reasons for visiting the USA. When you are accepted to your dream university, the former will disclose the SEVIS number on your I-20. Students must pay the SEVIS cost of INR 30,000 before submitting their visa application.

  • Visa Application Fees - If you plan to study in the USA, you must apply for a study visa. It is not uncommon for students to seek an F1 visa. This applies to students enrolled in higher education such as undergraduate, graduate, or study courses with a study time of more than 18 hours per week.
    Students must pay a visa application fee of INR 29100. If their visa is approved, they must also pay a visa issuance cost; however, Indian students are exempt from paying this fee.

  • Health Insurance - Regarding the cost of studying in USA, health insurance is one of the most crucial considerations. Having health insurance allows you to afford medical care around the country. Preparing to study in USA might be tricky due to the fees involved.

  • Application Fee - Students must pay a nonrefundable application fee when submitting an application form. The charge will fluctuate depending on the university. However, most application fees range between 4000 INR to 16500 INR.

  • Counselling Fees - Many students want a counselling session before arriving in the USA. Making the appropriate educational option is essential, which is why a counselling session may assist students in selecting the course that best suits their interests and skills. A counselling session costs roughly INR 28,000 and can vary depending on the counsellors hired.

Scholarship to Study in USA

Studying abroad is an expensive affair, especially when the country is the USA. The USA has the most Ivy League colleges and pursue higher education in a top-notch university. Scholarships help ease the financial burden of high tuition fees, cost of living and other expenses. Check out the list below for the most common scholarships for international students in the USA.

Scholarship Description Eligibility
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships Cover tuition fees, travel, and living expenses. USD 1,00,000 (~75 lakhs) Students pursuing courses other than Computer Science, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Public Health, Music & Film Animation
Aga Foundation Scholarship Provided as 50% grant and 50% loan. Students from countries where the Aga Foundation operates
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship covers billable AU expenses like tuition, room 3.8 GPA equivalent out of 4.0 GPA
Akhtar Ali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship Awarded to MBA students. $25,000 Awarded to students whose native is India
Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship Provided by Illinois Wesleyan University USD 16,000 - USD 30,000 Must be an international student enrolling for a UG course
National Overseas Scholarship Scholarship for students from the SC/ST community 15,400 USD Family income less than 6,00,000 INR.
SN Bose Scholarship Airfare, health insurance, and stipend are covered. Must be admitted in courses like Atmospheric & earth sciences, mathematical & computational, and chemical sciences.
KC Mahindra Scholarship Interest-free loan for PG students. 8 lac INR Must have a first-class degree or equivalent diploma
Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Given to international students looking for master's courses. 20 lac INR. Must apply for courses like Applied sciences, social sciences, pure sciences, architecture, Humanities, law, or management.

How to Reduce Financial Burden to Study in USA

Here are a few ways to reduce and manage your financial burden while studying in USA.

  • Research & Budget Accordingly - Tuition fee guides can help students estimate the cost of studying in USA. However, Indian students are more concerned about their living expenses. Pre-departure research and planning will be crucial in determining budget expectations.

  • Part-Time Jobs - Part-time jobs are a very common way for international students to supplement their income. This can help them manage their living expenses while studying in the USA. Even if it isn't much, it helps to alleviate increasing financial stress.

  • Shared Accommodation - Seeking housing on campus reduces both accommodation and transportation costs. Off-campus accommodations are typically more expensive than on-campus accommodations.
    Students from India who want to study in USA now have an additional option: shared accommodation. This entails acquiring housing and sharing it with other people, preferably students. The costs can be shared equally among all roommates, and everyone effectively reduces their expenses.

  • Use Public Transport - The USA has a robust public transportation system, including taxis, buses, and subway services. Students can find the right fit based on location, travel distance, and budget.
    Money saved on public transportation. Making the change necessitates that Indian students become acquainted with the timetable and schedule.
    Here's a quick guide to managing your living expenses abroad. By planning your budget according to the given table, you live your life cost-effectively in the USA.

Aspects Cost Analysis
Accommodation 40%
Food 25%
Transportation 15%
Health Insurance 10%
Other 10%


Ans. A non-immigrant visa application typically costs $185, which includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Petition-based visas, such as employment and religious visas, cost $315. Additional expenses for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and visa processing cost $510 for F-1 and M-1 visas and $160 for J-1 visas. If English is your second language, consider the cost of necessary language aptitude examinations.

Ans. Undergraduate degrees for international students typically cost between $25,000 and $35,000 at public universities versus $30,000 to $45,000 at private universities. There are community colleges that offer programs beginning at $18,000.

Ans. Scholarships make it more affordable for Indian students to study in the United States. You can locate them on official scholarship websites or university financial aid portals.

Ans. The USA is a popular study destination for Indian students interested in studying abroad. Most students want to study in the United States because it is known for its top-ranked universities and high-quality education.

Ans. The annual cost of studying in the United States for Indian students varies depending on the program type and university. Aspirants should expect to pay a minimum of 42000 - 48000 USD.

Ans. Students can pay for their education with scholarships, student loans, part-time jobs, work-study programs, and grants. Scholarships are an excellent source of money, while student loans and part-time work can help with living expenses.

Ans. Tuition, housing, food, transportation, clothing, textbooks, health insurance, and other miscellaneous costs are among the expenses incurred by Indian students in the USA. These may vary depending on the course, geography, and lifestyle.

Ans. The financial requirements will be mentioned in your I-20 Form (it is a Certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student Status).

Ans. No, it is not difficult for Indians to get a USA student visa if you follow the instructions carefully.

Ans. Indian students find the cost of studying much easier to manage with scholarships in the USA. Try searching for official scholarships or check university pages to find out what financial aid is available.

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