10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA for Indian Students in 2024

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Do you also aspire to take your career to the next level by securing jobs in a highly developed country? Sounds fascinating, right? Now, think about a country with a robust education system and fantastic job opportunities. Most probably, the first country that comes to your mind is the US.


Many students in India prefer to study in the US with a future goal of having a high-paying job. The US being a developed nation with cutting-edge technology and many leading industries and multinational corporations, offers students some of the best work possibilities in the world.


Everyone wants a good wage today, taking in mind the inflation rates, but what career choice and job alternatives would be the most profitable if you were making long-term plans? What types of jobs are available in and around the US? To know the answer to this question, read the blog till the end. This blog will let you explore some of the highest paying jobs in US for international students. So, let’s start!


Top 10 Highest paying jobs in US 2024

Below is the list of some of the most paid jobs in USA:



The demand for dentists in US is expected to increase by 7,700 from 2021 to 2031. Dentists play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and promoting the overall well-being of individuals. Their job involves diagnosing and treating various dental issues, such as cavities, gum diseases, and oral infections. They are trained professionals who specialise in preventing dental problems. Becoming a dentist is one of the highest paying jobs in US. The average salary of a dentist in US is around 2,30,000 USD per year.



An anesthesiologist plays a pivotal role in the medical field, specialising in administering anaesthesia and ensuring patients' comfort and safety during surgical procedures. Their responsibilities span the entire perioperative process, from preoperative assessment to postoperative care. Along with this, they handle complex medical scenarios, requiring in-depth knowledge of pharmacology, physiology, and anaesthesia techniques. Thus, Anesthesiologist is considered one of the best paid jobs in USA. The average salary of an Anesthesiologist is around 2,05,000 USD per year.



The ageing population requires more medical interventions, including surgeries, to address age-related health issues. Surgeons play a pivotal role in the field of medicine as skilled professionals who perform surgical procedures to diagnose, treat, and correct a wide range of medical conditions. Thus, the demand for surgeons in US is increasing gradually with a surge in the aged population. It is one of the most paid jobs in USA. The demand for surgeons is expected to grow by 2000 between 2021-2031. Their role extends beyond the operating room, encompassing patient evaluation, surgical planning, execution of procedures, and post-operative care. Due to the extensive education and training required, often spanning over a decade, Surgeons in the US receive high salaries. In the US, Surgeons can earn an average amount of 2,00,000 USD per year.



Pilots are another highest paying jobs in America due to various reasons. The extensive training and qualifications required, including flight hours and certifications, demand significant investments of time and money. The role of a pilot is multifaceted and crucial within the aviation industry. A pilot is responsible for safely operating and navigating aircraft, ensuring the well-being of passengers and cargo, and adhering to strict aviation regulations. Whether flying commercial airliners, cargo planes, or private jets, pilots hold a significant level of responsibility. Moreover, liberalisation and globalisation have increased the travelling of passengers from one place to another, especially in the US, which has further increased the demand for air transportation and pilots. The average salary of pilots in US is around 1,70,000 USD per year.


Investment Banker

Investment bankers play a crucial role in the financial world, facilitating the flow of capital between investors and companies. They assist businesses in raising funds through various methods like initial public offerings (IPOs) or private placements. Therefore, they are in demand due to their specialised expertise in navigating complex financial markets. Moreover, investment bankers enjoy the highest salaries in USA due to the demanding nature of their roles and the significant value they bring to financial transactions. Their expertise in capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions directly impacts companies' success. On average, investment bankers earn around 1,60,000 USD per year in the USA.


Data Scientist

Data scientists are in high demand in the US due to the exponential growth of digital data and the increasing need to extract meaningful insights. Thus it is considered one of the best jobs in the US with a high salary. Data scientists play a crucial role in extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data. They also design and implement analytical techniques, employing programming and statistical skills to analyse complex datasets. Data scientists collaborate with domain experts to formulate questions, collect and preprocess data, and create models for predictive or prescriptive analysis. The average income of a data scientist in US is around 1,50,000 USD per year.



Lawyers play a crucial role in the legal system by providing legal advice by properly interpreting laws, regulations, and precedents to offer guidance on legal matters, ranging from personal disputes to complex business transactions. Law is a very vast field, and it offers a wide career scope for students.


Lawyers are in high demand in the US due to the nation's complex legal system and the diverse range of legal challenges individuals and businesses face. Hence, it is one of the top paying jobs in America due to the complex nature of the legal system. In the US, Lawyers earn an average amount of 1,50,000 USD per year.


IT Manager

With the growing technology, companies have started relying on complex IT systems for operations, communication, and innovation, which has led to an increase in demand for the IT managers owing to their critical role in modern business. IT managers align technology strategies with business goals, making informed decisions about software, hardware, and network infrastructure. IT managers are one of the best paid jobs in  US due to their role as technology leaders within organisations. The average income of IT managers in US is around 1,25,000 USD per year.


Project Manager

The complexity of modern projects, coupled with the need for efficient resource allocation and risk management, necessitates skilled professionals. Thus, Project managers with the ability to drive successful project execution in various industries are in high demand in the US. Project managers are responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing the successful completion of projects. They define project goals, scope, and objectives, create detailed schedules, allocate resources, and manage budgets. Thus, project management is considered one of the top paying jobs in America. In general, the income of Project managers in the US is around 1,00,000 USD per year.


Web Developer

Web developers earn high salaries in the US due to their indispensable role in the digital economy. They are responsible for creating and maintaining websites, playing a vital role in the digital presence of businesses and organisations. As businesses rely heavily on the web presence, skilled developers who can create efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing websites are in short supply. Moreover, their expertise in coding, design, and user experience optimisation is crucial for driving customer engagement and business growth. Therefore, web developer is one of the highest paying jobs in US for international students from science and technology backgrounds. In the US, web developers earn an average amount of 85,000 USD per year.


Other Best Paying Jobs in America for International Students

 Apart from above mentioned jobs, there are various other jobs that are highly paid in US.

  • Gynecologist

  • Orthodontist

  • Physician

  • Paediatrician

  • Financial Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Petroleum Engineer

  • Sales Manager

  • Actuary

  • Software Developer

  • Architect

  • Product Manager 


Top Recruiters in US for International Students

Several top companies in the USA actively recruit international students due to their diverse skill sets, global perspectives, and strong educational backgrounds. Here are some of the top recruiters in the US for international students:

  • Amazon

  • Walmart

  • Apple

  • Facebook

  • Adobe

  • Alphabet Inc

  • Microsoft

  • Tesla

  • JP Morgan



Q: What is the minimum wage in the US for international students?

A: The minimum wage in the US for international students varies by state and local regulations. Currently, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, according to the Federal government. However, some states and cities have set higher minimum wages.


Q: How much can international students earn in USA?

A: The earning potential for international students in the US can vary widely based on factors such as the type of job, location, industry, and individual skills. After completing studies, in general, students can earn somewhere between 50,000 USD and 1,50,000 USD per year.


Q: Can international students work in the US after studying there?

A: Yes, international students in the US can work after studying through a program called Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT allows students to work in their field of study for up to 12 months (or up to 36 months for students in certain STEM fields) after completing their degree.


Q: Which states in the US offer high paying jobs?

A: In the US, states, including New York, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, and New Jersey, offer huge job opportunities as compared to others.



Pursuing the highest-paying jobs in the USA as an international student requires dedication, hard work, and often a substantial investment in education; the potential rewards are significant. The American job market offers a wide range of opportunities across industries, catering to various interests and skill sets. It's essential for students to carefully consider their passions, strengths, and long-term career goals when making decisions about their education and career paths. With the right combination of skills, education, and determination, international students can make their mark and secure well-paying jobs in the United States.


Hope this blog elaborating top 10 highest paying jobs in US for Indian students can help in making an informed decision concerning your job prospects.


If you are still unsure or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you are unable to travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide you with the best guidance regarding your application to study in USA. Apart from this, our expert counsellors will also provide assistance in the visa process for your successful study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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