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Are you exploring the finest country between New Zealand vs Australia for your higher education abroad? Australia has the best universities, while New Zealand has affordable education, both are unique in their own way.


To decide among one of them, you have to look at their ranking, courses, fees, country's acceptance of international students and scholarships, along with visa acceptance rate and travel options.


Here, in this blog, we have covered everything you need to make a confident decision in Australia versus New Zealand. So, let’s get started!


Popular Courses in New Zealand vs Australia

Starting with our first section on popular courses in Australia vs New Zealand. Several international students in Australia and New Zealand opt for the courses below. Head on to the below details:

Popular Courses in New Zealand

Popular Courses in Australia



Business Studies

Health Care

Tourism & Hotel Management

Information Technology



Visual Communications

Hotel Management 

Top Universities in New Zealand vs Australia

Coming to top-notch universities in Australia versus New Zealand. Both countries have QS-ranked universities, mainly popular for their enhanced learning environment. The decision to study at any university varies depending on the degree type and subject. Here are the top ones to think about:

Cost of Studying in New Zealand vs Australia

Next is the cost of studying in New Zealand vs Australia. Tuition fees vary depending on your level of course. Below is a brief reference for some of the major courses, as well as their associated fee structure.

Costs for UG Courses in New Zealand vs Australia


Undergraduate courses in New Zealand

Undergraduate courses in Australia

Average Tuition Fee

BSc: INR 19.82 Lakhs/Year

BTech: INR 22.08 Lakhs/Year

BBA: INR 16.37 Lakhs/Year

BSc: INR 15.05 Lakhs/Year

BTech: INR 20.74 Lakhs/Year

BBA: INR 16.80 Lakhs/Year

Average Living Expense

INR 5.90 Lakhs/Year

INR 6.37 Lakhs/Year


3-4  Years

3-4  Years

Cost of PG Course in New Zealand vs Australia


Postgraduate courses in New Zealand

Postgraduate courses in Australia

Average Tuition Fee

MA: INR 9.50 Lakhs/Year

MS: INR  25.12 Lakhs/Year

MBA: INR 25.89 Lakhs/Year

MA: INR 19.89 Lakhs/Year

MS: INR 26.18 Lakhs/Year

MBA: INR 90 Lakhs/Year

Average Living Expense

INR 5.90 Lakhs/Year

INR 6.37 Lakhs/Year


1-2 Years

2 Years

Admission Requirements in New Zealand vs Australia

Now that you have complete knowledge of tuition fees, let’s have a profound overview of admission requirements. Well, admission requirements differ depending on the country, course, and university. However, there is a standard procedure that everyone follows, as seen below:

New Zealand


  • Completed Application Form

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Minimum 60% and above in high school 

  • Bachelor's Degree (for PG programs)

  • Copy of Passport 

  • Personal Statement

  • CV or Resume 

  • GMAT/ GRE Scores (for PG programs)

  • English Proficiency Scores (IELTS, TOEFL)

  • 2 LOR 

  • PCC (Police clearance certificate)

  • Completed Application Form

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Minimum 60% and above in high school 

  • Bachelor's Degree (for PG programs)

  • Copy of Passport 

  • Personal Statement

  • CV or Resume 

  • GMAT/ GRE Scores (for PG programs)

  • English Proficiency Scores (IELTS, TOEFL)

Student Visa in New Zealand vs Australia

Understanding student visas is essential, so this section sheds light upon varied requirements to apply for a student visa for New Zealand vs Australia. Take a look at the requirements for both countries one by one.


New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

  • A New Zealand student visa will cost you roughly Rs 15,000 (in India). 

  • NZ High Commission takes approx. 8-12 weeks for visa procedure, which depends on your history. You should apply for an NZ student visa 3 months prior to the beginning of your studies.

  • You must finish your studies within the minimum course duration of your acceptance letter. You may apply for a Post-study work visa if you have not received a job offer. Visas are issued for up to 12 months and allow you to work temporarily while looking for a job in your profession.

  • Sometimes, your spouse or children will be given a guest visa for the same period as your partner or parents. Your spouses on work visas can work full-time in New Zealand, but guest visa people do not have job rights. 


Australia Student Visa Requirements

  • The Australian student visa does not come as a sticker.

  • This visa's application fee and processing time is AUD 710, including GST.

  • Spouses only become dependent if you pursue a master's or doctoral degree. Spouses of Master's and PhD students are permitted to work an unrestricted number of hours.

  • You can work up to 48 hours per fortnight while studying in Australia. 


Post-Study Work Visa in New Zealand vs Australia

Head over to post-study work visa of Australia vs New Zealand. So, let’s have a look at them.


New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa

If you have a job offer related to your qualifications, you may be eligible for a work visa for up to two years. You must give evidence of the relation of your employment offer to your qualification as well as proof of successful completion of a New Zealand certificate that fits the Study to Work qualification standards.


Australia Post-Study Work Visa

Graduates with a Bachelor's or Master's degree may be able to apply for a two-year post-study work visa. Other graduates may be eligible to apply through the graduate employment stream for an 18-month subclass 485 visa. 


Scholarships in New Zealand vs Australia

Now that you are well aware of student visas in New Zealand vs Australia, understanding scholarships deeply is highly significant. Studying in Australia or New Zealand can be easier with the help of scholarships because of their rising living expenditures.

Scholarships in Australia




Carnegie Mellon University scholarship 

Carnegie Mellon University

The amount is decided based on financial need and merit.

Melbourne Research Scholarships 

The University of Melbourne 

100% fee remission and up to $110,000

Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship 

Deakin University 

Waiver of 50% tuition fee and on-campus accommodation

Brighter Futures Scholarship 

Griffith University 

From $5,000 (for one year/80 CP of study) up to $40,000 (for a four-year, 320 CP degree)

Rotary Peace Fellowship program 

Rotary Peace Center 

Covers tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and internship and field-study expenses.

Monash Research training program 

Monash University 

A support of $33,000 annually to those undertaking Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees.

Australia Awards Scholarships 

The University of Sydney 

Full tuition fee 

Scholarships in New Zealand

Scholarship Name



University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

University of Auckland

Up to $10,000 towards compulsory tuition fees

Lincoln University International Pathway Merit Scholarship

Lincoln University

Award of $1,546

Wellington Masters by Thesis Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington

$15,000 tax-free stipend for one year plus tuition fees

Tongarewa Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington

$5,000 or $10,000

Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at the University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury


Brownlie Scholarship

University of Canterbury


New Zealand Excellence Awards

University of Auckland

Value of up to $10,000 towards the first-year tuition fees 

Jobs in New Zealand vs Australia

Now that you are entirely aware of all the differences, you must also look for work prospects in both countries for better job employment after your studies. Salary can vary depending on your academics, skills, and degree level. Here is a list of popular job profiles and their average salaries:

New Zealand Prospects

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary


NZ$ 53,816

Art Director

NZ$ 72,860

Building Manager

NZ$ 60,518

Corporate Trainer

NZ$ 69,617

Law Clerk

NZ$ 45,30

Australia Prospects

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary

Communications Manager

88, 369 AUD

Parts Manager

63,963 AUD

Bus Driver

60,358 AUD

Travel Agent

45,630 AUD

Life Coach

85,000 AUD


To conclude, the answer to “Which is better Australia or New Zealand” involves considering factors like education quality, popular courses, top universities, and cost. New Zealand offers affordability, while Australia boasts top-ranked universities. Visa requirements, post-study work options, and scholarships also play crucial roles. Both countries provide diverse job prospects post-graduation.


We hope this blog offers valuable insights regarding study in New Zealand and study in Australia. However, if you still need clarification regarding New Zealand vs Australia, contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance for Australia versus New Zealand. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011



Q: Is getting a scholarship to study in New Zealand vs Australia complicated?

A: Securing scholarships in New Zealand vs Australia can be competitive. The availability and difficulty depend on various factors, including the specific scholarship, the field of study, and your academic and extracurricular achievements. You must explore multiple scholarships and meet the eligibility criteria to enhance your chances of success.


Q: Which is better Australia vs New Zealand, for international students?

A: The choice between Australia vs New Zealand depends on personal preferences and academic goals. Australia has top-ranked universities and a diverse range of courses. New Zealand is known for its affordable education and stunning landscapes. You must consider factors like courses, living costs, and lifestyle to make an informed decision.


Q: Is NZ colder than Australia?

A: New Zealand generally has a cooler, temperate climate, particularly in the southern regions. As more prominent and diverse, Australia encompasses hot deserts, tropical areas, and temperate zones. Climate experiences vary based on the specific location within each country.


Q: Which country pays more Australia or New Zealand?

A: Salary levels vary depending on the industry, job sector, and individual qualifications. Australia, a larger economy, often offers higher average salaries than New Zealand. Thus, the cost of living in Australia is also higher. You must consider salary and living expenses to determine your financial situation.


Q: How is their culture Australia vs New Zealand?

A: Australian culture is a vibrant blend of Western Anglo and Aborigine influences, fostering a fun-loving and relaxed atmosphere. New Zealand's allure lies in its captivating natural environment, thrilling experiences, and stunning scenery, attracting students seeking a unique cultural experience. 

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