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If you are planning to study MBA in Australia but are unaware of the cost and eligibility criteria to apply for their universities, then you are at the right place.


Knowing everything about studying for an MBA in Australia is crucial in helping you make informed decisions about admission to your university. Also, by gaining a proper understanding of studying in Australia, you can manage your expenses and live your life abroad easily.


In this context, the blogs consist of the complete details of MBA in Australia, from tuition fees to scholarships. Let’s begin the journey of studying MBA in Australia through this blog.


Why Study MBA in Australia?

 Australia, known for its world-class education system, offers a compelling environment for MBA students. Further, the country's multicultural society and robust economy provide a unique backdrop for acquiring knowledge and skills that are globally relevant.


Studying for an MBA in Australia not only enhances academic proficiency but also exposes students to diverse perspectives, preparing them for the complexities of the international business landscape.


MBA in Australia Highlights

Australian MBA programs are characterised by their innovative and practical approach to education. Here are the key highlights of an MBA in Australia

Universities Offering MBA in Australia


MBA Course Duration

2 years

MBA in Australia Year Division

Semester wise

Admission Requirements

Bachelor, GMAT, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, Work Experience

Average Tuition Fee

AUD 54,000 annually

Internship/ Placement Opportunities

Offered by Australian Universities

Specialisations Offered


MBA in Australia Offered

Full-time / Part-time / Online

Types of MBA in Australia

General MBA, MBA Executive and MBA with specialisation

Average Salary

AUD 98,500 

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Eligibility for MBA in Australia for Indian Students

Understanding the eligibility criteria is vital for Indian students planning to pursue an MBA in Australia.


Typically, universities require applicants to hold a bachelor's degree with at least 60% marks and demonstrate proficiency in the English language through standardised tests like IELTS or PTE . In some cases, students must have relevant work experience to study MBA in Australia. Overall, fulfilling these criteria is essential for a successful application.


Top MBA Universities in Australia

 Australia boasts a plethora of esteemed institutions known for their outstanding MBA programs. There are many MBA universities in Australia that rank high globally. You can check them below.

MBA Universities in Australia

QS World University Ranking 2024

The University of Melbourne


The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)


Monash University


The University of Sydney


The University of Queensland


Australian National University (ANU)


University of Technology Sydney


Curtin University


Deakin University


Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


RMIT University


The University of Western Australia


Griffith University


The University of Adelaide


University of South Australia


University of Wollongong


The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)


Swinburne University of Technology


La Trobe University


Western Sydney University


Edith Cowan University


Top MBA Courses in Australia

The demand for studying in Australia lies not only in the reputation of its universities but also in the diverse array of MBA specialisations offered. 

  • MBA in e-commerce

  • MBA in Finance

  • MBA in Strategy & Leadership

  • MBA in International Business

  • MBA in Marketing

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

  • MBA in Information Technology

  • MBA in Tourism Management

  • MBA in Accounting


MBA Fees in Australia for International Students

While pursuing an MBA in Australia can be a transformative experience, understanding the financial investment involved is necessary. The MBA fees in Australia for international students vary across universities and can range from AUD 70,000 to AUD 100,000.


Additionally, students need to consider material costs, potential living expenses, and other miscellaneous fees. Moreover, a comprehensive analysis of these costs helps prospective students plan their budgets effectively.


Cost of Living in Australia

Apart from tuition fees, the cost of living in Australia is a significant consideration for international students. On average, students should budget around AUD 20,000 to AUD 25,000 per year for accommodation, transportation, food, and other daily expenses.


Scholarship to Study MBA in Australia

Several well-liked scholarships for MBA students in Australia include: 

  • Scheme for Central Sector National Overseas Scholarships for SC, etc. Applicants - Those chosen for this programme receive financial aid in order to pursue master's degree programmes overseas. 

  • Dr Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Scholarship - Information Technology & Engineering Honours This scholarship is provided in honour of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who was honoured in 2011 by the University of Sydney with an honorary doctorate in engineering. Students who choose to pursue courses at the bachelor's or master's degree level are given this award. 

  • Deakin 10% of the total Bursary: MBA, International Finance & Commerce, Sports Management - It is a need-based grant given to students wishing to continue graduate-level education. Students are automatically considered for this scholarship as they apply for admission to various courses; they are not required to apply individually for it. 

  • MBA Tuition Fee Grants for Indian Students at Macquarie University - The recipients of this scholarship are those who want to enrol in master's-level courses. The candidate must have worked for three years to be eligible for this award. 


Average Salary after MBA in Australia

Considering the post-MBA scenario is vital for prospective students. Average salaries of MBA in Australia range from AUD 80,000 to AUD 120,000 annually.


However, these figures can vary based on factors such as industry, experience, and geographical location. Moreover, understanding the potential return on investment is crucial for students evaluating the long-term benefits of pursuing an MBA in Australia.


Here are some MBA Jobs in Australia – 

  • Marketing Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Senior Business Analyst

  • Finance Advisor

  • Investment Banker

  • Analytics Manager

  • Data Scientist

  • Management consultant

  • HR Manager

  • Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • General/ Operations Manager

  • IT Manager  



In conclusion, pursuing an MBA in Australia is not merely an academic pursuit but a transformative journey that opens doors to global opportunities. The combination of world-class education, multicultural exposure, and strong industry connections positions Australian MBA graduates for success in the dynamic and interconnected business world. The diverse courses and a focus on practical skills and innovation make Australia an attractive destination for Indian students aspiring to elevate their careers through advanced business education.


We hope the blog rendered sufficient knowledge of the MBA in Australia and all its pivotal details. However, if you are seeking more information about study in Australia, you may contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011



Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for MBA programs in Australia?

Ans. Applicants need a bachelor's degree, English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL), and relevant work experience to apply for an MBA in Australia.


Q2. How much does an MBA in Australia cost for Indian students?

Ans. Tuition fees to study MBA in Australia range from AUD 70,000 to AUD 100,000, with additional costs for materials, living expenses, and miscellaneous fees.


Q3. Are there scholarships available for Indian students pursuing an MBA in Australia?

Ans. Yes, there are scholarships like the Australia Awards and university-specific scholarships. Eligibility criteria often include academic merit, leadership qualities, and community contributions.


Q4. What is the average cost of living for international students in Australia?

Ans. International students should budget around AUD 20,000 to AUD 25,000 per year for accommodation, transportation, food, and daily expenses.


Q5. What is the expected salary for MBA graduates in Australia?

Ans. Salaries range from AUD 80,000 to AUD 120,000 annually, depending on industry, experience, and location factors..

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