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Vintage to Vogue, the United Kingdom has evolved and changed the meaning of fashion immensely through eras. In today’s world, prominent brands such as Burberry, Marks & Spenser, Jigsaw and more have originated and made a salient place in the field of fashion. Fashion Designing is like an iceberg where only the designing part is visible on the surface, and the rest is beneath it. For instance, shoe, costume, jewellery designing, fashion management, communication and other courses are hidden in the ocean.

Let’s take a voyage through the universities and fashion design courses they offer!

Best universities to study Fashion Designing in the UK

Kingston University, London

- Fashion BA Hons

- Fashion MA

- Fashion Promotion and Communication with Placement Year BA(Hons)

 Loughborough University 

 - Fashion Designing in Technology B.A. (Hons)

- Art & Design 

 University of Central Lancashire 

 - Fashion & Lifestyle Promotion MA

- Surface Pattern & Textile MA

- Fashion Design BA (Hons) 

 University of the Arts London 

 - Bespoke Tailoring BA (Hons)

- Cordwainers Bags and Accessories BA(Hons)

- Costume for Performance BA (Hons)

- MA Global Fashion Retailing 

 University of Salford 

 - Fashion Design BA

- Fashion Image Making and Styling BA

- Fashion Design MA 

Now, before you opt for fashion designing courses in the UK, check out some of the fringe benefits you’ll have with this course.

What is Fashion Designing

Style is what you carry, and your fashion sense is what you have within!

Fashion designing is a much broader term than it seems, a beautiful art process of clothing and accessories construction. And apart from designing clothes, there are many more options, for instance, garment construction, draping & needle, apparel quality management, clothing culture and communication, and a lot more.

From diploma to masters in fashion design, you can do everything to anything in this field, such as bags, shoes, jewellery, colour, fabric, balance and rhythm and other courses. Apart from this, fashion also depends on and varies with the culture and places of the world. Over time, this industry has evolved drastically, and some big shots have changed the basic meaning of fashion design. In addition, they have given a new perspective where you can do anything from being an entrepreneur to having your label.

Now, let’s have a look on how fashion originated!

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History of Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is constantly changing from Medieval to Tudor, Georgian to Victorian, and till today. It has a long history, and there has been an advancement in each era, from tunics for men to pants and returning to tunics in Gen-Z. It is like history repeating itself.

To start with, Anglo-Saxons were masters with embroidery and bread weaving skills, which were visible in every piece of clothing. In the 1050s, men and women used to wear similar tunics, but the only difference was in their length.

Next, during the period of the 1670s, male fashion was derived from the Dutches. They were masters of laces, frills, ribbons, trimmings, and fine square lace collars for both sexes. Nobody studied design back then, it was all just hit and trial method, but now when we look back at them, they were lords of designing garments. Apart from clothing, accessories like hats, shoes, bags, and overall attire were admirable.

Later in the 1700s, these trends were no longer accepted in formal wear, and there was a shift towards more formal wear with perfect fittings. That included silhouettes, shirts, and knee breaches. During this period, embroidery and trimmings were now no longer in fashion.

Why study Fashion Designing in the UK?

No place can be better than studying in the Kingdom of Kings and Queens. It is a home for some of the prominent and game-changing designers who have changed the meaning of fashion. To name a few, Vivienne Westwood, StellaMc Cartney, Thomas Burberry, and Paul Smith have brought a new outlook derived from music, art, literature, and everyday life.

Furthermore, it is a hub for megacorps like Clarks, Burberry, and Marks & Spenser, who have won the hearts of everyone in the world.

The ample amount of exposure these companies will provide is worth a shot. So before you begin your journey and step out into the world, gain some experience by doing an internship or part-time job with the best fashion designers in the world.

Future of Fashion Designing

Don’t limit yourself by becoming a designer. Instead, expand your vision by exploring various related fields. There are more fields in which this course will add value to your skills. For instance, you can become an illustrator, textile designer, pattern cutter, journalist, stylist, or even you can become a creative director or visual merchandiser. There is no boundation as far as there is enthusiasm and a vision to build a creative world.

On average, you can build your future as a fashion designer and earn up to £20,000 - £32,629 per year.



To summarise, studying amidst these prestigious fashion designing institute will be an elite choice. Because here you can have an opportunity to work and learn with the top designers. Furthermore, you can have your hands in various other fields while Paris Fashion Week or any other fashion show is going on.

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