Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada

Mount Saint Vincent University or the Mount was established in 1873. It is a public-owned university, situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The University is dedicated to serving as an example of innovative education and research that develops socially conscious global citizens. The Mount, a small institution with a broad perspective, encourages academic achievement and trains tomorrow's leaders.

About the University
The Mount, founded in 1873 by the Sisters of Charity, was one of Canada's few schools of higher learning for women. Since its foundation, the University has indeed been concerned with the well-being and prosperity of communities and individuals both at local and global levels. The University has the longest-running and second-largest recognised co-operative education programme in Atlantic Canada.

The Mount's research facilities offer students unparalleled academic opportunities while also advancing vital improvements in food and nutrition security and healthy ageing.

The Mount has one of Canada's lowest class sizes. Class numbers are small due to the distinctive community spirit and tailored approach to teaching, and students enjoy access to the highest quality instructors and chances to participate in research.

Considering the diverse curriculum offerings by the MSVU, undergraduate research prospects, and a few of the smallest class sizes in Canada, MSVU seems to have the optimum approach for you - It is Canada's only four-year bachelor's degree providing university in public relations (PR); The Mount's Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Child and Youth Study course is the only one in the Atlantic area; It offers Atlantic Canada's sole independent Cultural Studies programme; MSVU was the very first institution in Canada to develop a Tourism and Hospitality Management curriculum.

With a 92% admission rate and a 54% graduation rate, MSVU has a 16% population of foreign students originating from more than 64 countries from around the world, with a total student enrolment of 4,418 desiring to study in Canada.

To be admitted to MSVU, international students must demonstrate their English language proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, or CAEL exams, as well as additional papers such as prior academic records, a statement of purpose, a reference letter, and a visa. To be eligible to take the TOEFL iBT exam, candidates must have a minimum score of 86 for UG and 93 for PG.

Mount Saint Vincent University has a lovely green campus that spans 40 acres and is located at the centre of Nova Scotia, Canada. It provides a range of resources to its students, including financial help, physical and emotional well-being, and academic advice at no cost. The following are the other key elements of Mount Saint Vincent University's campus:

  • It has four housing complexes that provide both off-campus and on-campus housing.
  • The counselling services team's job is to give free academic and personal counselling while maintaining client anonymity.The Rosaria Student Centre offers a variety of amenities, including student unions, the Fountain play centre, lounges, Vinnie's Pub, and many others.
  • LifeMark Physiotherapy is also included in the list of free health treatments.
  • The leisure and exercise centres guarantee that students at the institution are both intellectually and physically fit.
  • The MSVU campus's Athletics Centre has sporting equipment for a variety of sports activities. Furthermore, the sports team has earned several championships and medals.
  • According to Mount Saint Vincent University reviews, The Mount Health Office, located in Assisi Hall, provides health services to both students and staff members.

Mount Saint Vincent University provides housing resources to both foreign and local students through its four residential buildings on campus: Assisi Hall, The Birches, Westwood, and Evaristus Hall. Students have the option of single, double, or apartment rooms. Except for the single Birch and Westwood Apartments, meal plans are offered within the residential complexes.

Foreign students at Mount Saint Vincent University apply in the same way as local students. However, there are certain extra requirements that international students must meet, such as proof of English language competency, proof of sufficient funds, a reference letter, and a visa.

Mount Saint Vincent University Fees

Last but not the least, the average cost of tuition for undergraduate courses at MVSU is between 8,415 and 8,833 CAD-6,326 CAD for graduate programs. An extra sum of at least 6,000 CAD is required for living costs in the nation. MSVU provides financial support up to 16,000 CAD based on the student's achievements, qualifications, skills, intellectual ability, and need.



Nova Scotia, Canada





International Students

BSc, BSc (Hons), Foundation Degree, MA(Hons), MSc, MA, MSc(Hons)

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International Fees

  • Going by the calendar released by the University’s official website, the Fall Term 2021 was supposed to kick-start on August 16, 2021.
  • Furthermore, the Spring Term of 2022 is expected to commence from January 10, 2022.
  • Planning well in advance, the MVSU has also released the dates for the Summer Term 1 of 2022, with the commencement date being May 31, 2022.



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