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Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada

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Mount Saint Vincent University is a leading public University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is mainly known for its undergraduate degrees and programs. It builds its students as socially responsible citizens. University work on the vision of Truth leads to God. Mount Saint Vincent University programs come under different faculties. University’s undergraduate programs are in the field of Education, Science, Arts, & other Professional Studies. It also provides graduate degrees in 13 different majors. Mount Saint Vincent University's history started in the year 1873 as a women’s college. The Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul established it. It is one of the leading institutions in Canada that works for women's higher education. In 1966, the University got its status and powers.


Why choose Mount Saint Vincent University?

Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is committed to being a model of creative teaching and research that nurtures socially responsible global citizens. With a unique blend of passion and individuality, MSVU is a university with unparalleled social impact at home, across the country and around the world. Its research centres provide unique learning opportunities for students while facilitating critical advancements in food security, healthy ageing, Alzheimer's disease, literacy, childhood development, and more.The University is committed to helping its students throughout their timespan on campus. Students can get academic, financial aid, and accommodation-related support from the University. The team provides the best piece of advice in related matters. The campus community support students with their emotional, financial, social, and psychological need.

  • College of Mount St. Vincent is ranked 11 out of 54 Regional Colleges North.

  • It ranked 67 in the nation.

  • It ranked 2328 in the world.



The campus has academic buildings that provide high-quality education to all students. Students also have access to campus food courts where they can enjoy their breaks from classes. An athletic centre, fitness centre, and gymnasium help students stay active and energetic.It offers off and on-campus accommodations through its four residential complexes.

It even has a library which has collection of videos, images, music, eBooks, literature, and special books. The library offers document delivery, borrowing, scanning, and printing services.Library provides peaceful study spaces to conduct research and study. The library inside the E. Margaret Fulton Communications Centre is enriched with a collection of around 59 articles, 25 e-journals, 34 e-books, more than 4,000 full-text journals, and a subscription to around 20 videos.

They have furnished rooms with beds, tables, desks, and other essential amenities to the students. Students can also get high-speed internet, kitchen, local phone, flat screen TV, and many more things. Students can access the study spaces and the fitness rooms of the residences.


Key Features

  • Only University in Canada to hold a Chair in Learning Disabilities

  • Home to a nationally recognized art gallery

  • First Women’s Studies department to be established at a Canadian University

  • Only Masters of Public Relations program in Canada

  • Faculty-to-Student Ratio of 1:20

  • Over $2.08 million earned by undergraduate and graduate students in research positions over the past three years

    • The Mount Saint Vincent University offers average salary is range from CAD $41,540 - CAD $61,435.

Mount Saint Vincent University Courses & Fees

Mount Saint Vincent University Courses

Mount Saint Vincent University courses come under different faculties.It has courses in the field of Science, Arts and other studies. University provides variety of undergraduate courses.

It also provides graduate degrees in 13 different majors.MSVU was the first university in Canada to establish a tourism and hospitality management program.

Mount Saint Vincent University Fees

One of the important factors when considering a degree is the cost of study. Charges vary by degree program and the service choices you select. The application fees of undergraduate program is around $80 CAD and postgraduate program is around $90 CAD. The Mount is among the most affordable places to get a higher education. Mount Saint Vincent University helped many students figure out what they needed to pay and how they could pay for their education.


Mount Saint Vincent University


19,452- 19,895 CAD per year (approx.)


12,852 CAD per year (approx.)


$750 - $900

Cost of Living

Mobile phone per person (approx. 6GB of data) $55;

Groceries, household goods and personal items (single person) $300-500;

Groceries, household goods and personal items (family of 4) $800-1,000;

Dining out and entertainment $150



Mount Saint Vincent University Ranking & Intakes

Mount Saint Vincent University Rankings

Mount Saint Vincent University has been featured in the lists of a few ranking bodies. The 2022 rankings of MSVU are as follows:


Mount Saint Vincent Ranking

Ranked By


Regional Colleges North (The US News & World Report 2022)


Times Higher Education



Mount Saint Vincent University Intakes

Students are encouraged to submit all the required documents before the deadline. Mount Saint Vincent University offers two intakes. Intakes with their application deadline are mentioned below:


Mount Saint Vincent University


Month of Intake

Application Deadline





May 1


August 1








Admission Criteria

Mount Saint Vincent University admissions is less selective with an acceptance rate of 93%. A student fulfilling all the university requirements can easily get into the university. International applicants are expected to have completed a preparatory program that leads to university entrance in their own country. Criteria to apply in Mount Saint Vincent University are mentioned below:

Admission Criteria




Doctorate (PHD)


Above 70% Above 70% Above 70%


Above 6.5 Above 7.0 Above 7.0


Above 86-92 Above 93 Above 93


Required Required Required

Work Experience

Accepted Accepted Accepted

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships

Most of the scholarships at the university are awarded through their automatic award programs. Most scholarships available are merit-based. International students are eligible for most funding through the Mount in both scholarships (merit-based awards) and bursaries (awards based upon your finances). If you are coming directly from high school. In that case, you may be eligible for entrance scholarships which are automatically considered based on an admission, and you can also apply for our bursary programs.


New York University has the highest acceptance rate of 32% and it is the most accessible universities to get a admission.

The Mount Saint Vincent University acceptance rate is 93%.

It is a Private University that was founded in 1857 with campus size over 70 acres.

You have to fill a form that contains all the necessary details are listed below:- - A legible coloured copy of Bio-page of Passport. - A standard Passport size photo (A 2” x 2” photo taken within the last six (6) months) - Letter from Sponsor - Charter Agreement (If Applicable) - A VALID Police Certificate of Character - Financial Statement - Hotel/Accommodation Booking (If Applicable) - Itinerary (If needed)

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is the city where the popular University located.

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