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Do you wish to study architecture in UK? Many students want to study in UK at various degree levels. UK is among the top countries to pursue higher education in architecture.  A UK architecture degree will concentrate on the engineering and design principles that go into building construction. Technology, design, and theory are all incorporated into the study of architecture. Students will benefit from cutting-edge resources such as labs for creating prototypes (3D printing and laser cutting) and distinctive workshop areas.

This blog provides information about the top 10 universities to study architecture in UK.


Architecture Courses UK


Various architecture degrees are available at the top universities in the UK. Studying architecture in the UK will give you the essential knowledge necessary to design and construct an array of towers, buildings and structures. This is vital for the world as it allows for practical application to design buildings. The skills can be used across a range of distinct sectors.

Various master's and bachelor's architecture degrees in UK are

  • Architectural Engineering BSc (Hons)

  • Architecture and Urban Design BA (Hons)

  • Architecture and Landscape BA (Hons)

  • Architecture and Environmental Design BSc (Hons)

  • Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)

  • Architecture and Planning BA (Hons)

  • M. St. Architecture Apprenticeship

  • M. Arch Architecture

  • M.Arch in Architecture Studies

  • M. Arch Architectural Design

Architecture Masters degrees in UK are generally of one year but can extend up to two years depending upon the mode of instruction. An architecture bachelor’s degree is of seven years, combining five years of study followed by years of practical and professional training before final exams. After their initial three-year undergraduate degree, students will become members of the RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, before enrolling on a BArch, Diploma or March degree.


Best Architecture Universities in UK


To study in UK is a dream of many. Architecture courses in UK are some of the best provided in the field. The study of architecture teaches fundamentals like technology, theory and design. Students can also take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities like labs for building prototypes and workshop spaces.
The below table lists the top 10 universities to study in UK ranked by the Guardian, along with their location.


Best Architecture Universities in UK


University Name



University of Cambridge

Cambridge, England


University of Leeds

Leeds, England


University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland


University College London

London, England


University of Sheffield

Sheffield, England


Cardiff University

Cardiff, Wales


UWE Bristol

Bristol, England


Queen’s University Belfast

Belfast, Northern Island


University of Liverpool

Liverpool, England


Oxford Brookes University

Oxford, England


University of Cambridge


If you wish to study architecture in the UK at the top institute, the University of Cambridge is the place for you. The institute is the ideal place to learn and study in UK. The University of Cambridge rankings are at the top spot in the list of top 10 universities to study architecture in the UK ranked by The Guardian. There is one undergraduate architecture course called BA (Hons) architecture. You can check out the course requirements and curriculum on the university's official website.


The University of Leeds


The University of Leeds, ranks second in the list of the top 10 universities to study architecture in UK by the Guardian. The university offers three courses in the field of study at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

The three courses are:

  1. MEng (Hons) architectural engineering

  2. BEng (Hons) architectural engineering  (optional sandwich year)

  3. MEng (Hons) Architecture (optional sandwich year)


University of Edinburgh


The institute is one of the most prominent universities in the UK. University of Edinburgh rankings are amongst the top in the country. The Guardian ranks the university 3rd in the list of top 10 universities to study architecture in UK. The university offers a total of five courses in the field of architectural studies at different study levels.

The courses are

  1. MA (hons) architecture (optional year abroad)

  2. MA (hons) architectural history & heritage (optional year abroad)

  3. MA (hons) landscape architecture (optional year abroad)

  4. BEng (hons) structural engineering with architecture (optional year abroad)

  5. MEng (hons) structural engineering with architecture (optional year abroad)


The university is one of the few institutions in the country to connect teaching, practice and research in architecture and landscape architecture. Their professional programs are accredited by the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA), the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Landscape Institute.


University College London


The institute offers five courses in architecture, providing unique teaching and great creative culture. The university ranks 4th amongst the top 10 universities to study architecture in UK. You can check out the details of the provided courses on the university's official website.


University of Sheffield


The university stands proud as a centre of life-enhancing research, education and innovation, transforming the lives of its graduates. The university is amongst the top five universities for excellence in architectural education. It ranks 5th amongst the top universities to study architecture in UK. The courses prepare students with professional and academic skills to further their careers and are tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of students. There are around five courses available at various study levels at the university. Some of these courses include

  1. MEng (hons) structural engineering & architecture (optional foundation year)

  2. MEng (hons) structural engineering & architecture (optional foundation year, sandwich year)

  3. BA (hons) architecture

  4. BA (hons) architecture & landscape


Cardiff University


Cardiff university rankings are amongst the top in the UK. The university is a great place to live and study, providing outstanding scenery, art, culture, and sports entertainment. 

The university offers a five-year architecture course called BSc/MArch (hons) architecture. Its Architecture (BSc/MArch) is full-time with work-based learning. Once students finish their last year studying a BSc degree, they spend the first year of the MArch degree following an architectural practice.


UWE Bristol


The university ranks 7th amongst the top 10 universities to study architecture in UK. The university offers various foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of study with different specialisations.

Architectural courses teach you the theoretical, historical, environmental, technological and professional factors influencing architecture. This is one of five courses that cover different specialisms in architecture. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses provided by the university are:

  1. Architectural Technology and Design - BSc(Hons)

  2. Architecture - BSc(Hons)

  3. Architecture and Environmental Engineering - BEng(Hons)

  4. Architecture and Planning - BA(Hons)

  5. Interior Architecture - BA(Hons)

  6. Architecture - MArch

  7. Computational Architecture - MSc

  8. Facade Engineering - MSc

  9. Professional Practice and Management in Architecture - Postgraduate Certificate


Queen’s University Belfast


The institute is a part of the prestigious Russell Group of the UK. It’s the ninth oldest in the UK and has a historic campus complemented with modern facilities and world-class education and research facilities. Currently, the university offers the following architectural degrees.

  1. BSc(Hons) Architecture

  2. Master of Architecture(MArch)

  3. Building Information Modelling Project Management MSc

  4. Building Information Modelling Project Management Higher Level Apprenticeship MSc

  5. Construction and Project Management MSc

  6. Construction and Project Management Higher Level Apprenticeship MSc

  7. Professional Practice in Architecture PgCert

  8. Architecture MPhil

  9. Architecture PhD


University of Liverpool


Ranked 9th in the UK for architecture courses according to The Guardian 2023.

The university is the first UK school to award RIBA-accredited degrees in architecture.

There is one course available called BA (hons) architecture (optional year abroad) at the university. The course is a full-time, three years bachelor’s degree leading to a 2-year master's degree in the subject.


Oxford Brookes University


Oxford Brookes University’s school of architecture is a vibrant community of staff and students. The university ranks 10th in the list of top 10 universities to study architecture in UK. It has world-class research facilities in the UK. RIBA, LAM and ARB accredit the courses. The school is also associated with ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture). The facilities offered by the university include

  • 2 floors of studio spaces, designated 1st studio (undergraduate) and Interior Architecture studio

  • Computers that have the latest software such as CAD, Rhino and 3D Studio Max for modelling,

  • A fully equipped print room with industry standard printers and 3D printers,

  • A dedicated workshop for machining/joining materials.


The courses are:

  1. BA (hons) architecture (optional foundation year)

  2. BA (hons) interior architecture.


You can check the entry requirements for these courses at the university portal.


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