Post Study Visa & PR in Italy

Post Study, Work Permit Visa and PR in Italy


31 August 2021



For students who want to Study in Europe, the first place that comes to their mind is to Study in Italy. In Italy, there are many top-ranked Universities that offer a variety of unique programs for international students. Here you will get all the information you need if you want to study and work in Italy. There are a variety of full-length master's programs available. After completing your course, you can apply for a post-study work permit in Italy.

Here are the step-by-step guidelines for the work permit and stay back after completing study from Italy.  I will also explain in the later part about work permits, and how to get work after completing your studies at university.


Stay back after completing study in Italy

Being a beautiful country, Italy also has top student cities where students from other nations can live an outstanding living experience. Ultimately students try to stay back for some more time duration to earn some work experience as well. But to get a stay back permit in Italy you will require to pursue a master’s course or Ph.D. degree.


Stay Back Option in Italy after Masters

The stay back option after masters is known as “Permesso di Soggiorno”, translated as Residence Permit. The stay back is allowed for up to 12 months. If any student is not able to secure a job in that period, he or she has to head back to their home country.

Work Permit After completing Study in Italy

1. For European students

For EU students, there will be no requirement for the residence permit, and specific work permit after study. They request to extend their residence permit in Italy as long as they are working there.


2. For non-European students

Non- European students a work permit after study, and a student residence permit is must require. Here are the points you should keep noted:

  • Only Ph.D. and second degree Masters's Students can apply for the temporary residence permit once the program is completed.

  • It is important to have a job during their stay back period (up to 12 months).

  • For Work Permit after completing their Study, non-EU students will require a “permesso di Lavoro”.

  • The average pay can be around 2000 Euros for 12 months, this would depend on the type of academics qualification and the experience Student possess. It is always recommended to gain a basic understanding of the Italian language for a better opportunity

Study Permit in Italy

Students from Europe

Students who belong to European Union do not require any special permit apart from the passport.


Non-EU/EEA students

International students or Non-European Students will have to apply for a study permit/visa if they want to pursue their studies in Italy

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There are two variants of Students visa in Italy:

1. Italy Type-C visa: For Short Period

The students who want to get enrolled on a short time duration program or a language course. The duration, of course, is no more than 90 days to acquire this type of visa. Students who get admitted under student exchange programs or language classes apply for a Type C Visa in Italy.

2. Italy Type-D visa: For Long Period

For long-duration degree courses, which must have 20 academic hours per week, or a minimum of 80 academic hours a month will require this type of student visa.


Visa processing time

The visa processing time is normally 1-6 weeks. A visa interview might be there before your arrival in Italy. Therefore, you must apply for a student visa before at least 1-2 months.

Student Visa Work Permit

1. Students from Europe:

Students from Europe do not require a specific work permit, however, students cannot work for more than 20 hours a week during their academics.


2. Non-EU/EEA students:

The non-European students, require an international student work permit for work while studying, students cannot work for more than 20 hours a week during their academics. 

  • In Italy, non-euro / international students will get part-time jobs and the average payout is around 500 euros.

  • Keep note that if the study program is less than 3 months of duration, then you are not eligible for a work permit.


Most of the students have questions like, can we convert the student visa into a work visa and continue our stay for a longer period in Italy?
The answer is, yes, it is possible to convert your study visa into a work visa. If anyone wants to get a post-study work visa in Italy, must have secure qualifying education in Italy.


The student should have any one of the following degrees.

  • Bachelor’s degree (Laurea, 180 university credits)

  • Special bachelor’s degree (Laureaspecialistica/Magistrale)

  • Specialization degree (Diploma di Specializzazione)

  • Doctorate degree (Dottorato di Ricerca)

  • First level Master’s degree (Master Universitario di I livello,)

  • Second level Master’s degree (Master Universitario di II livello)


The international student must meet all the given requirements:

  1. Adequate financial resources on the basis of activity to be carried out;

  2. If required then, License or membership to local associations;

  3. Minimum housing requirements;

  4. Yearly income is higher than EUR 8,500.


Student Permit into Employee Permit:

The only option to get this permit is to meet the education requirement explained above, and have at least an offer of employment or an offer for a trainee position in the related field to the degree obtained. Additionally, these requirements must be met:

  1. Terms of employment need to be mentioned in the letter of employment by the employer

  2. Most recent tax return of Employer.

  3. The business balance sheet of Employer.

  4. Company record

  5. Proof of filed VAT tax return.

  6. Employer’s contact details

  7. Minimum housing compliance

  8. Lease agreement, hospitality (Proof of housing).


How can an international student get PR in Italy?

Yes, a non- European / International student can get PR in Italy after completing the study. The temporary residency visa must be secured within 8 days when first arriving in Italy. Then only one can apply for a PR permit. EU citizens should only register with the local police department where they live, they do not need to apply for a temporary residence permit. The student must live for a minimum period of 5 years with a qualified job before applying for PR in Italy.

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