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International students who are planning to study in Italy and enrol for courses whose duration is more than 3 months have to apply for an Italian student visa. In addition to a visa, students will also require an Italian residency permit.


However, many students lack appropriate information about visas. Therefore, in this guide, let’s discuss all the information about Italian student visas.


Why apply for a Italian Student Visa?

Italy is one of the most preferred study-abroad destinations in Europe among international students. Below are some of the main reasons why one should choose to study in Italy.


Types of Italy Student Visa

The non-European international students had to apply for a student visa to study in Italy. Basically, there are two types of Italian student visa for which you can apply as an international student:


You must apply for one of the following visas, depending on what you want to study and how long you want to remain in Italy.


Short-stay visa (type C): If you want to enrol in a course that lasts fewer than ninety days, such as a language course.

Long-stay visa (type D): If you apply for any degree program that lasts more than 90 days and requires 20 hours of coursework per week (or 80 hours per month).


Intakes in Italy

Italy offers two study intakes to international students every year. Candidates must select the intake that most closely matches their needs and make their application appropriately.


Intake 1: September Intake in Italy - This is the main intake when admissions to all Italian universities are accepted. The application deadline for this intake usually falls between September and December of the last year.


Intake 2: Spring Intake in Italy - This is the secondary intake in which admissions in January are also considered by various universities, depending on the program. The application deadline for this intake usually falls between January and May of the previous year.

Higher Study Options


Intake Months

Deadline to Apply


3 Years

Sep (Major) & Feb (Minor)

6-8 months before the intake month

Master (MS/MBA)

2 Years

Benefits of Studying in Italy

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose to study in Italy as an international student.


Some other benefits of studying in Italy are mentioned below.

Higher Study Options

Part-time work duration allowed

Post-study work permit

Can departments work full-time?

Is schooling free for department children

PR option available for post-study and work


20 Hours per week

Six months


Yes (public schools are free, but the language of instruction is local language)


Master (MS/MBA)

Top Universities in Italy

Here is the list of the top 10 universities in Italy for international students who secured a ranking in the QS World Ranking.

QS Rank 2024



Politecnico di Milano


Sapienza University of Rome


Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna


Università di Padova


Politecnico di Torino


University of Milan


University of Naples - Federico II


University of Pisa


University of Florence


University of Turin

Italy Universities and Programs

Below is the list of Italian universities and their popular bachelor’s as well as master’s programs.


Bachelor’s Programs

Check the list of Bachelor’s programs below.


Popular Programs

Estimated Fees

Politecnico di Milano

  • Architecture

  • Design

  • Civil and Land Management Engineering

EUR 3.891,59

Sapienza University of Rome

  • Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry & Computer Science for Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Global Humanities

EUR 2.821 - EUR 2.924


Università di Padova

  • Psychological science

  • Biology of Human and Environmental Health

  • Earth and Climate Dynamics

EUR 2,739

Politecnico di Torino

  • Chemical and Food Engineering

  • Architecture 

  • Computer Engineering 

EUR 50 - EUR 300 

University of Milan

  • International Politics, Law and Economics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • International Politics, Law and Economics

EUR 300.00

University of Trento

  • Business Management

  • Computer, Communications and Electronic Engineering

  • Economics and Management

EUR 0 - EUR 4500.00

University of Pisa

  • Veterinary medicines

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

EUR 2,400.00

University of Florence

  • Architectural Science

  • Textile and Fashion Design

  • Computer Engineering

EUR 2,600.00

University of Turin

  • Food Technology 

  • Computer Science 

  • Biotechnology 

EUR 1100 - EUR 4200 

Master’s Programs

Check the list of master’s programs below.


Popular Programs 

Estimated Fees 

Politecnico di Milano

  • Architecture 

  • Design 

  • Civil and Land Management Engineering 

EUR 3.891,59 

Sapienza University of Rome

  • Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering

  • Financial institutions, international finance and risk management

  • Green Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Development

EUR 2.924

EUR 2.821

EUR 2.924

Università di Padova

  • Forest Science

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Control Systems Engineering


Politecnico di Torino

  • Data Science and Engineering 

  • Architecture 

  • Energy and Electrical Engineering 

EUR 2601 to EUR 3821

University of Milan

  • Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics

  • Finance and Economics

  • International Relations 

EUR 300.00

University of Trento

  • Art history and museum studies

  • Computer Science

  • Master in Energy Engineering

EUR 0 - EUR 4500.00

University of Pisa

  • Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering

  • Masters in Computer Science

  • Masters in Economics

EUR 2,400.00

University of Florence

  • Data Science and Statistical Learning (in English)

  • Trichological Sciences (in Italian and English)

  • Periodontology and Implantology (in Italian and English)

EUR 2,600.00

University of Turin

  • Agricultural Science 

  • Food Science and Technology

  • Computer Science 

EUR 1,500 - EUR 4,500 

Best Courses in Italy for International Students

Some of the popular courses to study in Italy are as follows - 


Popular courses 


Fashion & Design Courses 


Hospitality & Tourism


Social Science & Humanities


Business & Management


Popular Masters courses in Italy


Scholarships in Italy for Indian Students

Below are some of the best scholarships to study in Italy for Indian students.

Scholarship Name

Offered By 

Scholarship Amount

Application Deadline for Scholarship

Bocconi International Awards Undergraduate

By Bocconi University 

50% tuition fee reduction

4 April

Bocconi Graduate Merit Awards

By Bocconi University 

worth €14,000 per year 

25 May

Padua International Excellence Scholarship

By University of Padua 

€8,000 for each year 

11 March 

UniTo for Students at Risk Scholarships

By University of Turin 


UG: 30 April, PG: 31 January 

Politecnico di Milano Merit-based Scholarships: PLATINUM Scholarship

By Politecnico di Milano 

€10.000 per year + full tuition waiver 

FIRST TIMEFRAME: March 1st 2024

SECOND TIMEFRAME: April 8 2024 to April 30 2024

politecnico di Milano Merit-based Scholarships: GOLD Scholarship

By Politecnico di Milano 

€5.000 per year + full tuition waiver 

FIRST TIMEFRAME: March 1st 2024

SECOND TIMEFRAME: April 8 2024 to April 30 2024

Politecnico di Milano Merit-based Scholarships: SILVER Scholarship

By Politecnico di Milano 

Full tuition fee waiver

FIRST TIMEFRAME: March 1st 2024

SECOND TIMEFRAME: April 8 2024 to April 30 2024

The Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship for Art and Design

DEL RIO council for the arts


1 April 2024 

Marconi Scholarship for Communication and Journalism

Marconi International

10% and 50% of tuition fees for both graduate and undergraduate students

December 1

Eligibility to Study in Italy

If you are also planning to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s course at an Italian university, then check the basic eligibility criteria below to understand. 

Higher Study Options

Minimum Educational Requirement

Minimum Required Percentage


Backlogs Information

Other Standardized Tests


12 Years of Education (10+2)/ 10+3 years of diploma


 Overall, 6 with 5.5 in each band

Up to 10 backlogs (some private hospital universities may accept more)


Master (MS/MBA)

3/4 Years of Graduate Degree


Overall, 6.5 Sscore with no band less than 6 

Italy Student Visa Requirements

In order to study in Italy, students may be required to submit any or all of the following paperwork with their application for a student visa.


How to get a Student Visa for Italy?

Below is the procedure to get a student visa for italy.


Step 1: Determine if you are qualified to apply for a visa to Italy.

Step 2: Prepare by gathering all necessary paperwork.

Step 3: Apply online for a student visa to Italy.

Step 4: Await the approval status.

Step 5: Take a plane to Italy to complete your dream of studying abroad.


Italy Student Visa Fees

A student visa for Italy can be obtained for between EUR 80 and EUR 100 for a short-period visa and between EUR 76 and EUR 110 for a long-term study visa. A modification in the visa fee is anticipated depending on different government policies.

Type of Expense 

Cost in INR

HRD (Done from the State Secretariat of your recent education state) 

0-1500, mostly free 

HRD is generally free, but in some places, an urgent procedure might be chargeable

MEA Apostille (Academic Documents)

500 – 600 per Document 

required on Final degree and  Transcript / Consolidated Marksheet 

SDM Apostille (Scholarship and Financial Documents)

500-600 per Document 

2 scholarship documents and 1  bank statement

Italian Translation 

1200 -1500 Per Page

Two Scholarship Documents

Health insurance 1 Year of health insurance with 48000  Euros of health cover

1 Year of health insurance with 48000  Euros of health cover

Embassy Charges

90 - 100 euros, depending upon the embassy 

Cost of Studying in Italy

It is quite important to know the cost of studying and the cost of living in Italy before applying. Therefore, below, we have mentioned the cost of studying as well as living in Italy for international students.

Higher Study Options

Average Tuition Fee per Year for Public Universities

Average Tuition Fee per Year for Private Universities

Visa Fee

Living Expenses for 1 Year/Proof of funds for 1 year


EUR 900 – EUR 8000

EUR 6000 – EUR 30,000

75 - 100 Euros

5000 Euros (approximately)

Master (MS/MBA)

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Italy processes student visas substantially faster than other nations. After applying, you can receive an Italian student visa in three to six weeks. Incorrect papers can occasionally cause delays in the processing of visas. So, at the time of application, make sure you have the correct paperwork.


Permit for Working

Students from non-EU nations are permitted to work here during their studies. However, they have a job offer from an Italian employer for this to happen. The work permit takes two months on average to process, though this varies by area.


Post-Study Work Permits in Italy

Only after completing the second stage of a master's or PhD program can Indian students studying in Italy apply for a post-study employment visa in Italy. Indian students who have completed their master's or doctorate degree can get permission for a post-study work permit in Italy. They are permitted to remain in Italy for a year to look for full-time employment and can apply for a post study work visa if they are offered a job in Italy. International students must be employed prior to submitting an application for a work visa in Italy. In order to hire a candidate, an employer must apply for a work visa in Italy.


No. of years

Bachelor’s degrees

1 year after completing your degree 

Master’s degrees

1 year after completing your degree 

All doctoral qualifications

1 year after completing your degree 

How can Meridean help you?

So, if you are also planning to study in italy, you can contact our expert educational counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) to get support for your dream career. Our counsellors will assist you in choosing the top colleges and programs according to your profile and interest. Moreover, in order to help you obtain high band scores and improve your chances of being accepted into Italy’s best colleges, they will assist you in obtaining a student visa and offer you English language instruction for the TOEFL and IELTS exams.



1: Is IELTS required to study in Italy?

Numerous Italian universities admit students without an IELTS score. International applicants can gain admission to Italy more swiftly by proving their English language skills from prior academic institutions. It is advised that overseas students have a solid grasp of English. Moreover, students can also appear for any other English proficiency test, like TOEFL and PTE, if their university accepts it. 


2: Can a student get PR in Italy?

After a predetermined amount of time, you can apply for a resident permit if you come to Italy for any reason. After living in Italy for five years straight, students from any nation can apply for Italian permanent residency. The EU Long-Term Residence Permit is another name for Italy's permanent residence permit.


3: Can an international student work in Italy while studying?

Yes, it is legal for international students to work while they are in school. They are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week and 1040 hours per year. 


4: How much is the bank balance required for an Italy student visa?

Consequently, during the academic year, the bank balance needed to satisfy the financial requirements for a student visa in Italy is roughly 448,07 EUR each month, or 5824,91 EUR annually. A minimum of 3,000 EUR must remain in balance for six months. 


5: When can I apply for a National D visa to study in Italy?

The duration of stay, validity, number of entries, number of applications submitted to the embassy, and the applicant's prior travel history can all impact the time it takes to process a student permit. Student permits are often processed in 15 working days or less. To avoid any delays, it is preferable to submit your application well in advance.


6: Is study free in Italy?

If you are awarded a full scholarship, your education in Italy will be free. You can still reduce your tuition even if you don't receive free education. Payment plans tailored to your financial circumstances are available at public universities. The majority of university websites display a range of tuition costs, from the lowest to the highest sum that must be paid. 


7: What are the most popular courses in Italy?

Italian institutions are renowned for their skilled faculty and excellent academic programs. Due to the most advanced course curriculum, management and business courses are most common in Italy. The curriculum is using a skill-oriented approach. Apart from this, there are other popular courses as well, including Science and Technology, Education, Hospitality, Social Studies, Humanities, and Art and Design. 


8: Which visa do I need to study in Italy?

Based on the duration of the program, there are two categories of student visas. The Visa type C is for travel or short-term courses, suitable for one or more entries and a maximum of ninety days. Whereas a Type D visa is a Long-term visa that is good for a course whose duration is more than ninety days. 


9: Who can sponsor me to study in Italy?

Sponsors can also be first-degree relatives, such as mothers, fathers, wives, and kids. If you do not have a first-degree relative, you may submit the required paperwork to your legal guardian to serve as a sponsor.


10: Is there any visa interview for Italy?

Italy is a dream destination for many people because of its fascinating history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Before you travel to Italy, there is one very crucial thing you should know. Your visa application generally includes an interview for an Italy visa. 

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