Part Time Jobs in Italy

Part Time Jobs in Italy


16 September 2021



As an International Student, finding a part-time job in Italy is a brilliant way to make money for your education. The good thing is that there are varieties of jobs from that you will be able to make money to finance your expenses, without being stuck with loads of needs and no means of offsetting them.

It is not that you cannot find a job, but the probability is very less due to less knowledge of speaking the Italian Language. Many Eu students can work without any restrictions there they are allowed to work without a work permit, however, Non-Eu students holders of a residence permit for study purposes the possibility to work as an employee is part-time only:

  • The law allows students can work part-time for only 4 hours means 20 hours per week and 40 hours during the summer holidays and 1040 hours per year.

  • The Internship hours are not counted as working hours

  • The student can work as an employee only he cannot start his/her own business.


Your job offer from an Italian-based employer and this process may be slightly complicated. Non-European students need to have a valid residence permit according to Italian Law.

What is a Full-time job Opportunity in Italy?

  • The opportunity for a full-time job in Italy is very less as compared to other European countries like France, Germany, etc. It is illegal for Non-Eu students to work without “Permesso di Lavoro" (work permit).

  • Most student’s questions like, can we convert the student visa into a work visa and continue our stay for a longer period in Italy? Yes, it is possible to convert a study visa into a work visa. If anyone wants to get a post-study work visa in Italy, must have secure qualifying education in Italy.

  • International Student residing in Italy legally when turn 18 are permitted and allowed for work without waiting for immigration, valid for one year, and renewable upon finding a job/starting a business.

You can find jobs that you can do there are you can find work at

  • If you have some basic knowledge of the Italian language then you can work in Bars, Restaurants or with newspapers & pamphlets distributing which again depends on the location of stay.

  • You can do any service jobs like fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses, etc.

  • Masters and Ph.D. students can work as research and teaching assistant jobs available.

  • However, students can make money in online gigs or digital space jobs like social media marketing, web design, digital marketing, graphics, and E-books.

  • The Native English speakers can find jobs as home tutors. The hourly rate is averagely €30 an hour which is not bad.

  • STEM students can part-time jobs in fields that where they can’t only function and showcase their skills or what they’ve been taught in the classroom, but they also gain real-time experience which will prepare them for a successful career.

  • There are so many restaurants that provide part-time Jobs.

  • You can earn online, and the best option is you can start the Affiliate marketing, Blogs, Videos there as part-time, there are good CPA and you can earn good money.

  • In Italy currently, the health system has good demand the jobs such as a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, and other high-demand professions are scope in mathematics, computing, sales, and digital marketing.

  • Work during the Winter Season: Italy has many mountainous cities, there are many activities like skiing trekking, etc. arranged that attracts many tourists during the winter, and therefore more workers are required.

  • During the spring and summer in the coast region, it has lots of job offers by bars, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist establishments our advice is to make yourself available and try to establish your network.

Average part-time salary for International Students in Italy

  • The minimum wage per hour is 7 Euros. So according to this, you can earn up to 140 Euros a week and 560 Euros a month.

  • Generally, Italian companies hire you as an intern and pay you between 500 and 1000 euros; paid internships are rare. If you want to pursue your higher education at world-class universities in Italy, or if you want to know How to Apply to Italian Universities in English-taught Programs, Book your video counseling Session and get connected with us.


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