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Italy is Europe’s 3rd largest economy and 8th largest across the globe, making it a popular destination for study and work both purposes. Indian students are mainly concerned that attempting an IELTS exam to prove their English might seem challenging, so many of them research universities that accept students without it.


A myriad of Italian universities now accept students without IELTS scores, providing opportunities for those who may face difficulties taking the test. Yet, it is difficult for Indian students to understand the process and how to navigate it.


Applying for without IELTS study in italy requires careful research into suitable universities, looking into available courses, and applying for admissions. Thus, the blog ahead lists world-class universities that waive the IELTS requirement. With low tuition and numerous scholarships, Italy is an appealing destination for higher education without IELTS.


So, get ready to learn more about how you can get admission into Italian universities without IELTS in 2024.

Why Study in Italy?

Before you move ahead, you must study why Italy is so popular in terms of study-abroad destinations. So, let’s move forward to some stellar reasons.




  • Quality of Education: Italy has some top-notch universities and is well-renowned for its academic excellence. 

  • Cultural Experience: The country is widely recognised for its rich cultural and historical heritage.

  • Affordable Education: Italy's tuition fees and living costs are much more reasonable than those in the USA, UK, and Canada.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: The host country provides Indian students with 100% scholarships and several mind-blowing financial aids.


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Understanding IELTS and Its Alternatives

IELTS (Indian English Language Testing System) evaluates your English proficiency when applying to an English-speaking academic environment or work setting. IELTS has four papers: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. IELTS has two main modules: Academic and General Training.


The Speaking and Listening tests are identical in both modules, yet the Reading and Writing tests are distinct.


Academic Module

Select this option if you want to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels or if you want to become a doctor or nurse.


General Training Module

Choose this if you want to go to an English-speaking country or if you want to train or study at a below-degree level.


Alternatives to IELTS

You must not be comfortable with the IELTS exam, but attempting it for Italian universities is not compulsory. Instead of that, you can choose alternatives such as TOEFL, PTE, and Cambridge English, among others.


Despite choosing any English proficiency test, there’s also a high chance of universities not requiring any language test. It is possible as the main language concerned over there is Italian, only some courses are taught in English.

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List of Universities in Italy for Indian Students Without IELTS

Numerous universities without IELTS in Italy will admit you even if you don't have an IELTS score. Such Italian universities, including public and private, offer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral scholarships. Thus, the following is a list of universities in Italy for Indian students without IELTS:

List of Universities In Italy For Indian Students Without IELTS And No Application Fees


QS Ranking 2024

Sapienza University of Rome


University of Messina


University of Bergamo


University of Parma


University of Palermo


University of Pisa


University of Macerata


University of Florence


University of Cagliari


University of Camerino


University of Insubria


University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


University of Trieste


University of Brescia


University of Verona


University of Calabria


University of Udine


University of Salento


University of Salerno


University of Genoa


Note: The Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Florence have mandatory application fees.

List of Italian Universities Without IELTS


QS Ranking 2024

University of Bologna


University of Milan


University of Florence


University of Pisa


University of Padua


University of Naples Federico II


University of Trento


John Cabot University


Sapienza University of Rome


University of Verona


University of Camerino


University of Genoa


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English-Taught Programs in Italy

Are you having difficulty choosing a course and applying to Italian universities? They have a wide range of programs available in the English language catering to your needs, and they can be at various levels, such as undergraduate and postgraduate. 


The availability of programs in English has increased in recent years, making it a more attractive destination, being a non-English speaking country. Business, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, and Sciences are some of the key areas to study in English. Here are some examples of popular English-taught courses available at various prestigious Italian universities:

Italy Universities 

Popular Courses Taught in English

University of Bologna

MBA, BA in Diplomacy, Master's in International Management, Bachelor's in Economics, Politics and Social Sciences

University of Milan

Master’s in CS, BA (IPLE)

Sapienza University of Rome

MES, BSN, BA Global Humanities 

University of Padua

MA (HRG), BA (Psychological Science)

University of Pisa

MAE, BA (Management for Business and Economics)

How to Study in Italian Universities without IELTS?

Before exploring more details, you must know why English proficiency tests are given so much importance. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examines your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills to evaluate your readiness to study in an English-speaking country.


As you know, Italy is not an English-speaking country, yet it teaches some courses in the English language. Thus, it depends on whether your desired university requires an IELTS exam score. Now, let’s understand how to study in Italy without IELTS step-by-step below:


Step 1: Research Universities

Your first task is to research universities suitable to your needs and list all the universities you want to apply to that accept applications without IELTS or ask for alternative English proficiency exam scores.


Step 2: Explore Fields of Study

You must do proper research to explore courses provided by all the shortlisted universities and understand their eligibility criterion. Then, check out the websites of these universities and pick the best university for yourself according to your aspirations.


Step 3: Fill Your Application

You must go through the online application process of all the universities that accept applications to study in Italian Universities without IELTS. You must submit all the necessary documents and wait for the acceptance letter.


Step 4: Video Interviews

Some universities test your abilities once you are selected through video interviews, so once your application is shortlisted, you are required to appear for the video interview scheduled by the university. 


Step 5: Tuition Fees and Other Educational Costs

After your interview clearance, the university will send you a letter of acceptance or confirmation. You now need to pay tuition for your educational program. The average tuition fee is between 3,000 and 35,000 EUR per year.


Step 6: Apply for Scholarships

Italian universities and governments provide diverse scholarships for Indian students. You should check each university's system before applying for undergraduate, master's, or PhD programs.


Step 7: Apply for Student Visa

If you have an acceptance letter from a university in Italy that does not require IELTS, you can apply for a student visa in Italy.


Is IELTS Required for Italy Student Visa 2024?

No, you do not need to if your university's acceptance letter does not specify the need for the IELTS score. You can study in Italy without IELTS or choose one of the alternatives given below:

  • You can submit your previous education certificate if it is in English. 

  • You can submit your Medium of Instruction certificate if your previous education was in English.

You can submit TOEFL band scores if your desired university allows.

Documents Required to Study in Italy

A student can apply for a visa after getting an acceptance letter from one of the Italian universities without IELTS. However, you need certain documents, which are:

  • Valid passport

  • Letter of acceptance from the Italian institution (without IELTS)

  • Completed visa application

  • Clean criminal record

  • Sufficient funds for living expenses

  • Medical insurance proof

  • Accommodation confirmation in Italy

  • Academic transcripts

  • Proof of fee payment

Cost of Studying in Italy

Students planning to study in Italy without IELTS must know that the cost of studying in Italy and living differs between cities and universities. Studying in a Public university may cost around €1000 per annum. However, the price of a private university may exceed €20,000 per annum. The government also offers scholarships in Italy, which attracts many Indian students.


The cost to study in italy for indian students without IELTS:



Public Universities

€850-€1000 per year

Private Universities

€6000-€20,000 per year


€30 - €45 per semester

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Italy offers diverse scholarships to study in Italian Universities without IELTS for Indian students, covering undergraduate, Ph.D. programs and master's in Italy. These include:

  • Italian Government Scholarships

  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

  • Bologna University Grants

  • University of Pavia Scholarships

  • Bocconi Merit Awards

  • Politecnico di Milano Scholarships

  • University of Padova Scholarships

  • Scuola Normale Superiore PhD Scholarships

Tips for a Successful Application to Study in Italy without IELTS

Now that you have learnt everything about how to apply to Italian universities, you should follow some tips for your successful application to study over there without IELTS. Head over to the below points:

  • Prepare Your Documents: You must check out the list of necessary documents such as transcripts, proof of English proficiency, passport, LOR, SOP, CV, etc. 

  • Highlight Your Strengths: While writing a strong motivation letter, SOP, or CV, you must stress over explaining your strengths, including academic achievements, education, work experience, and skills.

  • Meeting Deadlines: You must research universities’ application deadlines, apply early for better chances, and check emails regularly for your successful application.


To conclude, Italy is home to top-notch universities with academic prowess. There are certain exemptions to study in Italy without IELTS, yet you must pick universities after thorough research per your preferences. It's an attractive destination in Italy with a wide range of scholarships and reasonable tuition fees. By following the application and visa procedures correctly, you can quickly embark on your academic journey in the host country.


You may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) if you are seeking more information to study in Italy or intend to studying in Italy without IELTS. You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide guidance and support you for admission and visa. You can mail us at or 1800-1230-00011.

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Question: Do you need help to pass the IELTS exam?

Answer: You may find the exam hard if you haven’t solved the mock papers and practised each section enough. Although, with enough preparation, it will be easier for you to achieve the desired band score.


Question: Can we study in Italy without IELTS?

Answer: It is possible to study in Italy without IELTS. Many universities in Italy accept applications that allow Indian students to learn in Italy without IELTS. Such universities are mentioned above in the blog.


Question: Can I study for an MBA in Italy without IELTS?

Answer: Universities in Italy offer many different specifications, which you can find on their official websites. Then, you can choose the course that is specific to your requirements.


Question: Can I study for a master's without IELTS in Italy?

Answer: Yes, you can study for your master’s in Italy without IELTS in the course of your choice. Many Italian universities offer master’s specifications in different fields of study. You can check the criteria for all these universities and apply accordingly.


Question: Which is the top-ranked university in Italy that does not require IELTS?

Answer: The University of Bologna is the top university in Italy that accepts applications without IELTS.


Question: Can I get an Italy student visa without IELTS?

Answer: If you have an acceptance letter from a university in Italy that doesn't require IELTS, then you can apply for a visa in Italy. You will need a valid passport and a letter of acceptance from your institution to study in Italy without IELTS. 


Question: Are there other English proficiency tests accepted by Italian universities besides IELTS?

Answer: Yes, many Italian universities accept alternative English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, PTE, and Cambridge English. Some universities may also accept a certificate from your previous institution confirming that your medium of instruction was English.


Question: What are some popular courses taught in English at Italian universities?

Answer: Popular courses taught in English include MBA programs, Bachelor's in Diplomacy, Master's in Computer Science, Bachelor's in International Politics, Law, and Economics (IPLE), Master's in Human Rights and Governance, and various business, engineering, arts, humanities, and science courses.


Question: How can I increase my chances of getting a scholarship in Italy?

Answer: To increase your chances of getting a scholarship in Italy, research the scholarships offered by each university and the Italian government, meet the eligibility criteria, prepare a strong application with a well-written motivation letter, highlight your academic achievements and extracurricular activities, and apply early to maximise your chances.


Question: What should I do if my application is shortlisted by an Italian university?

Answer: If your application is shortlisted, you may be required to participate in a video interview to assess your suitability for the program. Prepare for the interview by researching the university and the program, practising common interview questions, and ensuring you have a seamless internet connection and a quiet environment for the interview.

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