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Doctor of Philosophy" is the abbreviation form of "PhD." It is the highest course of study a  student pursues in his/her academic life. This degree provides the students with a research  mindset. Also, it enhances the student’s knowledge and gives him an exceptional personality  in a particular field. Many students pursue this degree to choose the research field as their  career option. Many students want to study for a PhD in the UK due to its many top-tier  universities

This blog will provide all the essential information regarding the PhD in the UK program.  Students can use this blog to learn about the eligibility requirements, top universities, and  PhD costs. If you wish to apply for this program and Study in the UK, you can contact our  counsellors for the coming intake.

Why pursue PhD in UK?

Every country has its benefits, and so does the UK. The UK has a strong economy and a  tremendous geopolitical location. The country is the ideal dream destination for millions of  students due to its highly research-based universities. Students choosing the UK as their  study abroad destination enjoy a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are


Research-based universities

The UK is the global education hub of the world. It has 24 highly research-based universities  and some ancient universities that laid their foundations in the 14th or 15th century. The UK  universities are well versed in research and focus on providing quality education to their  students.


 Variety of programmes

If you search for a country with a broad range of programs, the UK will be on that list. The  UK universities provide a wide range of PhD programmes in almost all fields. For example,  the University of Worcester has PhD courses in all the significant areas in which students  wish to pursue a doctorate program.


3-year PSW

Generally, students receive a two-year post-study work permit after completing their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in the UK. However, for the PhD programme in the United  Kingdom, students are given a three-year post-study work permit. Hence, this allows students  to work more for a year and stay longer in the UK, clearly making the UK a more lucrative  choice.


Easy PR opportunity

Pursuing a PhD programme in the UK offers students high credit points. This helps the  students to gain easy PR in the UK. Students can avail of this benefit only if they have  completed their master’s degree and are looking to study for a PhD there. Also, only a few  international students apply for the PhD programme in the UK. Hence, it offers a great PR  opportunity for students who want to stay and work permanently in the UK.


Job opportunity

Students having a research degree are eligible for various job opportunities in the UK. The  research sector in the UK is very famous and demands people to pursue research and boost  their sectors. Students can also become professors at some of the top universities after  completing their PhDs in or outside UK. Hence, they receive higher remuneration than those  who have completed a master’s degree in the UK.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for a PhD in the UK programme are slightly dicey. Students need to  have high academic scores and strong applications while considering admission to get into  UK universities. The following are some of the requirements that Indian students must meet  in order to be admitted to a Ph.D. program:

  • Students must possess a master’s degree with a minimum of 60% score.
  • English proficiency test score is mandatory.
  • Accepts an IELTS score of 7.0 overall with no band less than 7.0.
  • No IELTS waiver is provided to the students of doctorate studies.
  • Must have a robust research proposal of not less than 1000 words.
  • Requires current and updated CV and two letters of recommendation

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Top Universities for PhD in UK

There are a lot of universities in the UK that offer PhD programmes in the UK. The UK  universities provide good research quality to their students and equip them with many job  opportunities. Students can apply to the University of Worcester for the PhD in UK programThe university has an affordable fee structure and provides students with a broad range of  research courses. Also, the duration of the course completion is three years for a PhD  program. 

  • University of Worcester
  • Queens University Belfast
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Edinburg


You can contact our experts to apply to the universities mentioned above in the UK.

Fees of PhD in UK

Students always worry about the cost of programmes while deciding to study abroad. The UK provides the PhD programme at very affordable prices. The fee structure may range from GBP 15,000 to GBP 25,000. Some universities, like the University of Worcester, provide the PhD programme at a cost of GBP 19,000 per year

Scholarships for PhD in UK

Students can also avail themselves of the benefits of scholarships offered by UK universities. Students with more than 65% marks in their masters are eligible for the minimum scholarship of GBP 1,000. The highest scholarship could range up to 50–60% of the tuition fee waiver. Students can check the university’s website for more information regarding the scholarship details.


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