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Top universities, vibrant cities, incredible nature, and natural beauty make Australia a perfect study-abroad destination for international students. Every year, Australian universities receive thousands of applications from international students. One of the core reasons that international students choose to study in Australia is part-time job opportunities. Since Australia is an English-speaking country, international students can easily find part-time job opportunities there. In this blog, let's explore some of the best part-time jobs in Australia for international students.


Rules for Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students


The Australian student visa (subclass 500) allows international students to work part-time for up to 40 hours per fortnight (14 days) during the regular curriculum. Whereas they can work for unlimited time during the breaks. There are certain rules for part-time work that international students must keep in mind, which are mentioned below:

  • International students cannot start a part-time job in Australia before their course starting date. Suppose if the course commencement date is from January and the student reaches Australia in December; then they are allowed to work part-time from January only.

  • As an international student and part-time worker, you are eligible for some specific entitlements known as National Employment Standards, including; Public holidays, Annual leave, Compassionate leave and personal carer's leave, Requests for flexible working arrangements, Provision of a Fair Work Information Statement, Notice of termination and redundancy pay

  • If the fieldwork is a part of your course curriculum, then the duration of part-time allowed does not apply to you. However, this limit is applicable if the student has internships and integrated courses.

  • Students who are applying for Postgraduate Research (doctoral or PhD) can work for unlimited hours when the research work or doctoral thesis begins.


Types of Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students


Many students have a myth that it is difficult to find part-time jobs in a foreign country. Here are some options for part-time jobs in Australia for international students:



On-campus part-time jobs, as the name suggests, are offered on the university campus itself. It is a fantastic opportunity for overseas students who wish to work in a field related to their subject. Additionally, they are not compelled to move outside of campus. They easily work in the friendly and well-known environment of the university campus. The following are a few of the top on-campus part-time employment available to overseas students in the Australia:

  • Teaching Assistant

  • Research Assistant

  • Lab Assistant

  • Resident Assistant

  • Tech Support 

  • Library Assistant

  • Student content creator

  • Campus Ambassador

  • Campus Guide



Another choice for international students is an off-campus part-time job. Compared to a part-time job in college, it is simple to get employment in off-campus jobs. The biggest benefit of part-time work is that it allows overseas students to experience life in Australia and learn about the diverse culture. Following are some examples of off-campus part-time job opportunities available to international students in Australia:

  • Cashier

  • Data    

  • Personal Tutor

  • Data Entry Operator

  • Caretaker (adult or child)

  • Grocery Store Assistant

  • Cook

  • Receptionist

  • Waiter/ waitress

  • Delivery Boy

  • IT Assistant

  • Sales Assistant



This is the third option for a part-time job. It is a great opportunity for students to utilise their skills and make clients anywhere globally. There are various sources through which you can find online work and freelancing. Also, there is no limit to the duration of online part-time jobs; students can work for unlimited hours as per their comfort. A laptop and a good internet connection are all that students need for an online part-time job.


Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Australia For International Students


After graduation from any Australian university, government offers some privileges to international students. Students who are eligible for a minimum wage as stipulated under the Fair Work Act 2009, which is 21.38 AUD per hour. Some of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia for international students are mentioned below.


Part-time jobs

Average pay per hour

Aged care worker

AUD 35

Oral Hygienist

AUD 32

Sales representative

AUD 30

Admin Executive

AUD 30

Customer Service

AUD 26


AUD 25

Personal trainer

AUD 25


AUD 24

Personal tutor

AUD 21.38

Delivery driver

AUD 21.38


Benefits of Part-time Jobs in Australia


Doing a part-time job in Australia comes with its great advantages. Some of the benefits for international students of part-time jobs in Australia are mentioned below.

  • Students will be able to gain highly valued work experience in top companies along with their studies. This will make students industry-ready even before completing a degree.

  • Prior work experience will make students' CVs look more appealing and offer them higher job opportunities while they apply for them.

  • A part-time job is a great opportunity to develop skills; even if students work in a position unrelated to their degree, they will develop soft skills like problem-solving, communication, adaptability, leadership, analytical thinking, and more.

  • Working in a relevant field helps students to connect more with their subject and gain practical aspects. They will also be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world problems.

  • Since Australia is an English-speaking country, while working part-time international students will be able to have a good command of the language.

  • It is an amazing opportunity to experience the country's local culture and dynamic environment. Immersing yourself in a multicultural environment, you will learn to embrace cultural differences and respect others' points of view.

  • While working in big industries, international students can make lifelong connections with top industry experts globally. This might give them benefit in the future.

  • Part-time employment enables overseas students to support themselves financially. It also inspires confidence in you once you begin to make money.




Q: How to find part-time jobs in Australia?
A: You can find jobs through your personal connections or get help from the university's student support centre. However, there are various platforms as well through which you can find part-time jobs, like LinkedIn, Indeed Australia, Gumtree, CareerOne, Adzuna, etc.

Q: Do international students pay taxes in Australia?
A:  If an international student is enrolling in a course which lasts more than 6 months, then they may be considered an Australian resident for tax purposes; they will have to pay the taxes on their earnings. However, you'll also receive the benefits of the Australian tax system.

Q: What is the average part-time salary job in Australia?
A: The average part-time salary in Australia for an international student is somewhere between 27 AUD to 32 AUD.

Q: What is the duration of the part-time job allowed in Australia?
A: International students are allowed to work part-time for up to 40 hours per fortnight (14 days). However, during breaks, there is no limit to the duration of part-time work; students can work as long as possible.

Q: What are the options for the best part-time jobs for international students in Australia?
A: some of the best part-time job options in Australia include Cashier, Personal trainer, Tutor, Babysitter, Waiter, and receptionist.


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