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The Australia Work Visa offers opportunities vast, Bringing skilled individuals from around the world to cast. Get a job in Australia and make around AUD 85,000 - 95,000 every year with an Australia Work Permit.The attractive lifestyle and plenty of job opportunities in Australia attract a lot of international students who choose to live and work there. You are permitted to reside and work in occupations that are on the government's lists of skilled occupations for a maximum of four years if you have a work visa.


This blog strives to give you all the information you need to start your road towards a successful career in Australia by outlining the prerequisites, application process, types of visa, and related costs for Indian residents seeking an Australia work visa.


Why Australia Issues Work Permits

An Australia Work Permit is more than simply a visa; it's a key to a thriving economy and a rewarding career that opens up a world of potential.


Australia Work Visa for Indians


  • Obtaining benefits for healthcare

  • Savour the social advantages

  • Gorgeous cities with a thriving multicultural community

  • There are 38.5 hours worked per week.

  • Multiple industry employment prospects

  • Fantastic opportunity to become a permanent resident of Australia 388,800 skilled positions are available.

  • 2.5% annual GDP growth is anticipated in 2024. 


Indian Students' Requirements for Australia Work Visa

The conditions for an Australia work visa differ according to the type of visa, but generally speaking they include age restrictions, character and health checks, English language ability, appropriate skills, and work experience. In addition to these, there are specific requirements for Australia work visa for Indians, as well as for individuals from other countries. 


In 2013, the Australian government created the Skillselect programme to choose skilled workers for immigration to Australia. The previous skilled worker visa programme was replaced by this one.Understanding the Australia work visa requirements is crucial for individuals looking to pursue employment opportunities in the country.



Here's how the points work: 

  • Age: The age group that receives the highest points is 25 to 32. Individuals 

above 45 receive no points.

  • English Proficiency Test: The IELTS is the exam you must take. You receive 20 points if your score is 8 or above.

  • Work Experience: Points are awarded depending on length of service in positions that are included on the Skilled Occupations List. You can receive up to 20 points in total.

  • Education: You receive points if your degree and employment match. A doctorate is worth twenty points, but a bachelor's or master's degree is worth fifteen.

  • Australian Education: You receive five points for studying there.

  • Regional Study: You receive five points if you were born and raised in a rural area of Australia.

  • Language Proficiency: Five points are awarded for speaking a language that is widely spoken in Australian communities.

  • Spouse's Skills: You can score more points if your spouse is skilled and not Australian.

  • Professional Year: You receive five points if you completed a Professional Year programme in Australia. 



Age group of 25 to 32 years


IELTS Band 8


8-10 years of work experience in Australia


8-10 years work experience outside Australia


Doctorate degree outside Australia


Research level degree from Australia


Accredited community language


State Sponsorship (190 visa)


Studied in regional area


Professional year in the skilled program in Australia


De facto partner (Skilled)


De facto partner (Competent English)


No De facto partner/ Partner is an Australian citizen or PR holder


Regional Sponsorship/ Relative (491 Visa)


Types of Australia Work Visa

For Australia, there are two types of work permits: temporary and permanent. These visas are designed to make it easier for foreign nationals to be nominated or get job offers from employers. Because they can advance in their careers, discover great job opportunities, and receive decent pay, many talented people want to work in Australia.


Permanent Australian Work Visa Options

Distinguished Talent Visa: The Distinguished Talent Visa is an Australia Work Permit granted to those who have achieved international recognition for their outstanding contributions in academics, research, the arts, sports, or other sectors.


Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) Visa: This visa allows skilled people to live and work permanently in Australia when they get an employment offer from an employer.


Skilled Nominated Visa: Skilled individuals who have vocations that are in demand in Australia are eligible to apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa. They are entitled to live and work in Australia permanently and can be nominated by a state or territory government or a qualified relative.


Visa for Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: Under this visa, skilled workers are permitted to reside and work in regional Australia. Regional employers are able to nominate them for this visa.


Skilled Independent Visa: This visa allows skilled professionals to work and reside continuously in Australia without the need for sponsorship or an invitation.


Temporary Australian Work Visa Options

Interim Employment in International Relations Visa: Under the terms of a deal between the governments of Australia and another nation, foreign nationals are permitted to work in Australia.

The Temporary Australia Work Visa (Short-stay Specialist) : The Temporary Australia Work Visa (Short-stay Specialist)  is intended for individuals who need to work in Australia for highly specialised purposes.


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS): If sponsored by a company, skilled workers under 45 with at least two years of experience in their area can work in Australia for two to four years on this visa.


Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa: Skilled workers who wish to work and reside temporarily in regional Australia may apply for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa. 


Benefits of an Australia Working Visa

Australia Working Visa unlocks a world of opportunity: high salaries, quality life, career growth, and a potential pathway to permanent residency.


Here are some good things about working in Australia:

  • High standards of living: Australia offers lovely residences, top-notch schools, and secure neighbourhoods.

  • Acknowledgment of your credentials: Australia will accept and provide opportunities for you to use your foreign-born abilities and education.

  • Work 38.5 hours a week: The majority of jobs in Australia have a 38.5-hour work week, which is reasonable and leaves time for other pursuits.

  • Pension benefits: You can receive money from the government to support yourself after you retire. Pensions are meant to help people live comfortably once they retire from the workforce.

  • Benefits related to healthcare: Everyone in Australia has access to healthcare. This implies that you won't have to worry about incurring large medical bills when you need to visit a doctor or the hospital.

  • Fantastic study opportunity: You can continue your education while working in Australia because the country boasts top-notch universities and schools.

  • Social Security benefits: In hard times, such as when you become unwell or lose your work, the government may provide financial assistance or other forms of support. Social security is this, and it provides assistance to people when they most need it.


Australia Work Visa Cost

The table below shows how much it costs to apply for different types of working visas in Australia, and also gives the amounts in Indian rupees (INR).




Temporary Skill Shortage Visa



Employer Nomination Scheme



Skilled Independent Visa



Temporary Work (Short Stay)



Global Talent Visa



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Jobs in Australia 

The table below shows the most wanted jobs in Australia across different industries, along with the average yearly salaries they pay:


Annual Salary in (AUD)


$103,711 - $149,349

Marketing & Sales

$84,396 - $141,141


$112,358 - $155,308


$72,998 - $113,301


$105,000 - $160,000

Accounting & Finance

$110,309 - $171,576

Human Resources

$100,331 - $135,244


$104,132 - $160,000

Professional and Scientific Services

$106,404 - $141,226 

How to apply for working visa in Australia

Explore how to apply working visa in Australia to assess your skills, gather documents, and apply online through the official portal.


How to apply for working visa in Australia


Steps to apply for an Australia Work Visa for Indian students:


Step 1: Establish Your Eligibility

First, use the occupation lists to see if your type of work is in demand in Australia. Next, have your talents evaluated by the appropriate authority for your position.


Step 2: Select the Correct Type of Visa

Select the appropriate work visa for you based on your circumstances. A state-nominated visa, the skilled independent visa, or the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa are your options for an working visa Australia.


Step 3: Compile the necessary paperwork

A few key documents are required in order to obtain a working visa in Australia. Among them are:

  • Evidence of fluency in English

  • Certified copies of the credentials you hold.

  • Evidence of professional background.

  • Results of the skills assessment

  • Certifications of health and morality.

  • additional corroborating records

  • Create an ImmiAccount in Step Four.


Step 4: Create a new ImmiAccount

Create a new ImmiAccount by visiting the Australian Department of Home Affairs website. Using this account, you can submit an online visa application. To keep your account secure, make sure you enter all the information they ask for accurately and create a strong password.


Step 5: Fill out the application online

Go to your ImmiAccount and select the appropriate work visa option to get started. Next, fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Before sending the form, make sure you thoroughly check it for errors or any missing information.


Step 6: Provide corroborating documentation

Arrange all the necessary documents on the computer for your online application. Verify that the size and format of each paper are correct. Organise your documents so that the person evaluating your application may easily understand them.


Step 7: Pay the application fee for a visa

Navigate to the payment section of your online form. Make use of a functional credit or debit card. The type of work visa you desire will determine how much you pay. Do not forget to preserve the receipt for future reference.


Step 8: Finish submitting the application

Take another look at your application and all the supporting documents you've attached. Once everything is to your satisfaction, use your ImmiAccount to submit your application online. A notification confirming receipt of your application will be sent to you.


Step 9:Keep an eye on your application and reply to inquiries

Make sure to regularly check your ImmiAccount after submitting your application. In order to examine your application, the Department of Home Affairs may request further information or documentation. It is imperative that you respond to requests promptly to avoid any delays with your application.


Step10: Wait for the visa outcome

The duration of time required to process applications for a work visa may vary. It is contingent upon factors such as the kind of visa you are requesting and the volume of work at the Department of Home Affairs. Do not arrange a trip until you have received a decision on your visa application, while you are waiting for it to be completed.


Step 11: Get the approval for the visa

You will receive notification through your ImmiAccount when the government makes a decision regarding your work visa. They will notify you and provide your visa if your application is approved. However, they will provide a notice outlining their decision if they reject it.


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Australian Work Visa Processing Time

Typically, obtaining an Australian work visa takes between two and eight months. However, depending on the kind of visa and how you apply, the time may vary. It goes more quickly if you have everything they require. It is possible that various visas require different times. Factors such as the volume of work at the immigration office, security inspections, and medical examination requirements can all impact the time. In total, it may require a few weeks to many months.


Australia Skill Assessment

In Australia, proving that you possess the necessary abilities for the job is a requirement when applying for a work visa. We refer to this as skill assessment. A list of jobs that are needed in Australia must be chosen. This list indicates which jobs need sufficient skilled personnel. Every position on the list has a dedicated team that verifies your skill level. People who wish to work in IT or computers, for instance, must pass screening by the Australian Computer Society. Trade Recognition Australia and Vocational Educational and Training Assessment Services both verify trade jobs.


In order to proceed with your work visa application, a positive skill evaluation is required. You have to fulfil the requirements given forth by the team reviewing your work in order to get this. You must possess the necessary training and expertise.


The need that your employment reflect your work experience is one that is crucial. You won't receive enough points if they don't line up. Additionally, you must provide all the information requested by the checking group.


The purpose of skill evaluation is to ensure that applicants for work visas to Australia are qualified for the occupations they want to do there. It demonstrates that they can benefit the nation in their specialised fields.


You must first select a job from Australia's list of needed occupations in order to receive a skill evaluation. Next, you provide the checking group with all the information they request. Ensure that the position you choose aligns with your skills and background to avoid receiving a low grade.



To conclude, you must ensure you have to fulfil all the eligibility criteria and requirements to acquire an Australian work visa. The approval or disapproval of your application ultimately lies in the documents you submit and the validity of the information you provide. It will improve your chances of obtaining a visa. The blog discusses the whole process in detail, from the work visa, requirements, visa process and process time; everything is mentioned above.


Hope you liked reading the blog and obtained sufficient information about the Australian work permit visa. However, if you have doubts, contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011



Q1. Are Indians eligible to work in Australia?

Ans. Besides getting the right visa, people from India who want to work in Australia need to     do the following things: Have a valid passport, be good at speaking the required language, and meet the rules about health and being a good person.


Q2. Is it easy to get a working visa in Australia?

Ans. To get an Australian work visa, you usually need to do well on a test called the points test. This test helps Australia pick people who have the skills and qualities it wants. You can earn points for things like being good at English, having worked in Australia before, and having certain qualifications.


Q3. Do Indians get PR in Australia?

Ans. Right now, the Australian Government has more than 30 visa options for Indians to get a Permanent Residency (PR) visa. These visas are made for different kinds of people. Depending on what you need, an Indian citizen can apply for one of these options to get approved quickly. One of the options is called Subclass 189 - Skilled independent visa.


Q4. What is the cost of an Australian work visa?

Ans. The price of a visa can change sometimes. If the cost goes up after you apply but before the immigration department gets your application, you have to pay the new fee. So, it's important to have enough money to cover any extra charges.


Usually, visa fees are in Australian dollars (AUD), and you have to pay them when you apply. But in some cases, you might not have to pay any fees at all.

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