Most Asked Question In US Visa Interview

Most Asked Question In US Visa Interview


18 May 2023



Do you also aspire to complete your dream of studying in USA? Well, the US is one of the best study-abroad destinations. The country is home to some top-notch universities and will definitely offer you a world-class education to help you reach your career goal. 

One of the most difficult and crucial parts of the process of getting admission to the US is the visa interview. The approval of your US student visa highly depends upon how you give your interview. Generally, the visa interview lasts for 2-4 minutes. During the interview, the visa officer asks the student some questions. In this blog, let’s explore some of the commonly asked US visa interview questions. 


F-1 US Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Generally, the questions asked at US visa interview are regarding study plans, university selection, academic background, financial capability, and career plans. So now let’s explore some US visa interview questions and answer.


Q: Why do you want to study in the US?/ Why aren’t you choosing to study in your home country?/ Why aren’t you planning to study abroad in any other country?

Tips to Answer: While answering this question, it's a good idea to be fully aware of the course structure, university facilities, and any other distinctive features that drew you to study in US. You have to mention all the positive points and perks of studying in the US, like top-notch universities, world-class education, recognised degrees, exposure to a multicultural environment, etc.

Sample Answer: I believe that studying in the US will provide me with high-quality education and exposure to diverse cultures, which will broaden my horizons and enhance my career opportunities in the future.


Q: Which university or educational institution have you been accepted into?/ Why are you pursuing this course from that particular university?

Tips to Answer: To answer this question, you have to do proper research about the university and course for which you have applied. Here you can mention the strengths and positive points of the university and your course department.

Sample Answer: I have been accepted into [Name of the University], which is renowned for its excellent academic programs in my field of study. I am excited about the opportunity to learn from distinguished professors and collaborate with talented students.What is the purpose of your study in the US?


Q: What is the purpose of your study in the US?

Tips to Answer: This is one of the most common US visa interview questions. Here, you have to be honest and mention your intention of studying in USA. However, make sure that you do not make any statement that shows your intention to stay in the USA.

Sample Answer: The purpose of my study in the US is to gain a deeper understanding of my chosen field and acquire specialised knowledge and skills that are not easily available in my home country. I intend to apply this knowledge to contribute to the growth and development of my home country's economy and society.


Q: How did you choose this particular university/college?

Tips to Answer: To answer this question, you can mention the factors which you have considered while shortlisting the university, like, fee structure, course curriculum, ranking, employment rate, etc.

Sample Answer: I chose this university/college after conducting thorough research and considering various factors such as its academic reputation, faculty expertise, relevant research opportunities, and available resources. I believe this institution aligns perfectly with my academic and career goals.


Q: What is your intended major or field of study?/ Why are you choosing this particular course?

Tips to Answer: To answer this question, you can mention about the skills that you’ll gain while pursuing that course and how it will help you reach your career goal. Moreover, you can also mention the course’s relevance to your academic background.

Sample Answer: My intended major is [Name of Major/Field of Study]. I have a strong passion for this field, and I am eager to delve deeper into it by pursuing advanced studies in the US.


Q: Have you applied to any other universities/colleges in the US?/ How many universities have you applied to, and did you get an offer letter or not?

Tips to Answer: Be completely transparent about the universities to which you have applied and whether you have got an offer or not.

Sample Answer: Yes, I have applied to a few other universities/colleges as well. However, after careful consideration, I selected [Name of University] as my top choice due to its exceptional academic programs and resources.


Q: Can you tell me about your academic background and achievements?/ Where did you complete your bachelor's?

Tips to Answer: While answering this question, mention the university and course you have pursued from there. You can also mention the special features or high ranking of the university. Be clear and to the point. Moreover, mentioning your achievement will also create a positive impact.

Sample Answer: Certainly. I completed my undergraduate studies in [Name of Degree/Major] from [Name of University] with distinction. I have consistently maintained a high GPA and have actively participated in various academic and extracurricular activities. Additionally, I have received recognition for [mention any notable achievements or awards].


Q: How do you plan to finance your education and living expenses in the US?/ Who is sponsoring your education in the US?

Tips to Answer: Through this question, the visa officer aims to find out whether you have enough financial resources to fund your education and living costs in the USA or not. If you have got any scholarship, then do mention that, as it creates a positive impact on the visa office. Another source of funds could be your personal savings, which you can show with your bank balance. However, in most cases, parents or any blood relative of a student may sponsor the education. Be clear about the sources of funds. If you are financing your studies with educational loans, then you can also mention that.

Sample Answer: I have secured funding for my education through a combination of personal savings, scholarships, and education loan [if any]. I have carefully planned my finances to ensure that I can cover both tuition fees and living expenses throughout my course of study.


Q: Do you have any relatives or close friends currently living in the US?

Tips to Answer: Be truthful while answering this question. If you have any family members or close relatives in the USA, then do mention them. However, if a distant relative is staying in the USA, then there is no point in mentioning them.

Sample Answer: Yes, my [relation with the relative] does live in the USA, and they would support me in adjusting over there as a new candidate. 


No, I do not have any immediate relatives or close friends living in the US.


Q: What are your plans after completing your studies in the US?

Tips to Answer: The main aim of a visa officer to ask this question is to check whether you have any intention of staying back in the US or not. So while answering this question, you need to be very careful and must provide a strong reason and intention to come back to your home country. If you have any intention to join your family business or start a new business in your home country, then you can mention that as well.

Sample Answer: After completing my studies, my plan is to return to my home country and apply the knowledge and skills I have gained to contribute to its development. I aim to work in a relevant field or pursue further studies, if necessary, to enhance my expertise.


So, don’t forget to prepare these F-1 Us visa interview questions to increase the chances of your visa success.


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