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US Work Visa H1 B Visa

The H1B Visa is one of the most prevalent ways to work in the United States. An employer must apply for this visa on behalf of a specialist employee. Because the visa is only granted to specialists, the majority of applicants hold a bachelor's degree and work in fields such as information technology, finance, architecture, medicine, science, and so on.

Details About H1b Visa

One of the most difficult visas to obtain is the H1B visa. Because of the annual visa cap, this visa is in high demand among US employers. Because it leads to a Green Card, it is also one of the best visas for applying for work in the United States.

Perks of Possessing an H1b Visa

1.    Work and live in the United States
2.    Extend your stay in the United States
3.    Changing jobs while on an H-1B visa
4.    Stay in the United States with their dependent spouse and children (under the age of 21).

Documents Required

The H1B visa is a point-based system, and your application must receive at least 12 points to be considered. The following items are required:
1.    A bachelor's or master's degree earned in the United States is required (or an equivalent in your country)
2.    Alternatively, a 12-year work history
3.    Alternatively, a combination of education and work experience might be appropriate.

The points awarded are as follows:
1.    For each year of college education, you will receive 3 points.
2.    1 point is awarded for each year of job experience.
Once you've acquired a minimum of 12 points, you'll be able to file your H1B petition.

H1b Visa Cost

The typical H1B filing fee is currently $460. The standard H1B filing fee applies to the 1-129 petition.

The filing fee for H1B visas is set to increase by 21%, from $460 to USD 555. The planned fee increase will take effect on October 2nd, 2020. The fee can be paid in cash or electronically through a bank transfer at a certain bank with locations across India. Create a profile on the US Visa Service website and select the planned appointment option to ensure that the correct amount is paid and the appointment is scheduled promptly. You'll find payment options and more information on how to make a payment on the payment confirmation screen. After it is paid, the charge is valid for a year. You must book an appointment for your visa interview within one year.

H4 Visa

An H4 visa is a non-immigrant visa for dependents. Although the visa does not grant you permanent residency in the United States, it does allow you to live, study, and work in the country.

Eligible Candidates

1.    a spouse of an H visa holder
2.    Children under the age of 21 who have a parent who holds an H visa

The Validity of H4 Visa

The sponsor's visa, often known as the principal applicant, determines the visa's validity. The H type visa-holding spouse or parent is typically the sponsor. The H4 visa becomes ineligible when the sponsor's visa expires.

Privileges of the H4 Visa

1.    It is possible to obtain a driver's license.
2.    You can study in the United States if you wish to.
3.    You have access to financial services such as banking and an H4 visa loan.

Work Permission for the H4 Visa Holder

1.    Part-time, full-time, or no work is permitted for H4 visa holders.
2.    An H4 visa holder can start any form of business.
3.    Even though the H4 visa holder is not looking for work, he may be eligible for an EAD.

Documents Required for Application

1.    appointment letter for a visa interview in the United States
2.    A valid passport is required.
3.    a copy of the passport of the principal visa bearer
4.    Photographs of both the primary visa holder and the applicant
5.    applicant's passport-sized photograph
6.    Page 2 of the online DS-160 form's confirmation page
7.    receipt from the applicable bank for visa fees
8.    a copy of the I-797 form for the principal visa holder
9.    A letter from the primary visa holder's employer describing the primary visa holder's and employer's connection.
10.    Pay stubs from the primary visa holder's most recent employer
11.    Original marriage license
12.    Children's original birth certificates


The L-1A Visa is a non-immigrant visa that the US issues. Foreign directors or managers who are being transferred to their company's U.S. headquarters are granted this visa by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). An L-1A visa can be used by international companies without a presence in the United States to send a manager or executive to establish one. There are two different kinds of work visas in the L-1 category: L-1A and L-1B. Employees with advanced talents who wish to work in the United States for five years are eligible for the L-1B visa, which is its counterpart. Only after working for the organization's parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate for at least one year outside the United States can the candidate reapply for L-1 visa holder status.

L1 VISA Requirements

There are two primary requirements for an L1 visa: employer requirements and employee requirements.
Employer's requirements are as follows:
A qualifying relationship must be formed between the applicant's overseas branch/subsidiary/affiliate and the employer in the United States. This demonstrates that the two organizations are connected in some way, whether through ownership or association. Furthermore, the company must be conducting business in the United States and at least one other country throughout the visa holder's stay in the country.
Employees' Requirements:
The applicant must have worked for the overseas company for at least one year in the previous three years before being allowed into the United States on an L1 visa. This job had to be in an administrative, corporate, or technological field, and their future jobs in the US had to be in those categories as well.

L1 Visa to Green Card

Because an L1A visa holder fits into the EB-1C Green Card category, obtaining a green card is rather straightforward. This eliminates the need for a PERM Labor Certificate, which can cut the processing time in half. The employer must merely file an I-140 petition to be eligible for a green card. If the candidate is accepted, he must file a request for a change of status (Form I-485).


L2 visas are also known as L1 dependent visas. The L2 visa is available to spouses and dependents of L1 visa holders. An L2 visa is a non-immigrant visa.

The L1 dependents include:

1.    Spouses of visa holders
2.    Children under the age of 21 who rely on their parents for financial support

The following activities are available to L2 visa holders:

1.    Reside in the United States temporarily
2.    You can study full-time or attend college in the United States.
3.    You must first obtain an Employment Authorization Document to work in the United States (EAD).
4.    Apply for a new visa after changing your visa status to a non-immigrant visa like F1, B1/B2, H1, or L1.
5.    Short international trips in and out of the US

Documents Required for L2 Visa Application

1.    An application for a nonimmigrant visa has been completed online.
2.    The passport must be valid.
3.    Original marriage certificate and passport photo
4.    Each dependent child's original birth certificate
5.    The primary L1 visa holder's employer must give written approval.
6.    L1 visa holder's employment verification letter L1 visa holder's Form I-797 Visa application fee
7.    Fee for obtaining a visa

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