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Europe is one of the most chosen study abroad destinations. The degrees from European Universities are recognised worldwide and provide you with a pathway to a global career. With around 50 countries, Europe has a great scope for higher education. The rich culture and compelling history, academic excellence and affordable cost are the core reasons to study in Europe. Here are some of the top countries to study in Europe for international students.

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With many historical places to explore, eat and enjoy, Italy is one of the top destinations to study in Europe. It is one of the most affordable countries to study in Europe. The country is proudly home to some of the oldest universities in the world. For hundreds of years, it has been recognised as a hub for arts, architecture, fashion, and science-related higher education.

Italy has a rich historical culture as well as a historical method of teaching, which attracts a large number of international students to study in Italy. International students can get a 100% scholarship in Italy. The average tuition fee to study in Italy after scholarships is between €150 to €400. Most Italian universities offer only one intake to international students, i.e. in September.

To study in Italy, the student gets a Schengen Visa, which allows them to travel to 26 European countries. International students can also do part-time jobs to manage their expenses in Italy. A part-time job for 20 hours per week is allowed for international students. If the student even knows a beginner's level of Italian then it makes it easier for them to get a part-time job in Italy.

Some of the top universities in Italy for international students include the Sapienza University of Rome, the University of Bologna, University of Padua, and University of Padua. Apart from studies, the students can also explore Italian cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and historical museums.


Germany is the top destination to study in Europe. More than four lacs international students from different parts of the world choose to study in Germany. It has a unique culture and offers an incredible new experience. Students can learn about the country's history and explore the diverse modern society of today.

In Germany's public universities, most courses do not have tuition fees. This is a great advantage for international students who wish to gain a top-quality education on a friendly budget. Whereas the fee for private universities in Germany is between €3,000 to €4,000. Germany is the best country to study computer science in Europe. German Universities offer admission in two intakes: Winter (January) and Summer (September).

Most German universities have the International Office and Studentenwerk, which can assist international students' studies and living arrangements. No matter what sector you choose to enter, German universities have many courses to support your dream career. Moreover, the degrees from German universities are recognised worldwide.

Some of the top universities in Germany for international students include Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin Institute of Technology, University of Freiburg, and University of Cologne


Poland is a centrally located European country known for its warm and glorious culture. With over 450 institutions, it is one of Europe's most famous places to pursue higher education. Every year thousands of international students choose Poland as their study abroad destination.

Accounting and Engineering are some of the top courses that international students choose to pursue in Poland. The universities in Poland focus on providing practical knowledge, creative skills, and exposure to real-world scenarios. The high-quality education in Poland exceeds the tuition fee cost, making it a great option for international students to study. The average tuition fee to study in Poland is between €3,000  to €4,000  per year. The universities in Poland offer admissions in two intakes: February and October.

Moreover, Poland's economy has constantly been growing for 2 decades. Currently, it has a lower cost of living than most European countries. A total amount of €200-€400  is enough to cover the basic cost of accommodation, food, and transport monthly.

The hospitality that polish people serve and the various aesthetic cities to explore also add to reasons to study in Poland. Some of the top universities in Poland for international students include Vistula University, Kazimierz Wielki University, and Jagiellonian University. 


Malta is an incredible country with a diverse and rich education history. The degrees from the Universities of Malta are recognised worldwide. It is also recognised as one of the most peaceful places in the world, providing an ideal environment for international students to study.

The official language of Malta is English, and international students can easily find part-time jobs in Malta. The students can do their part-time jobs for 20 hrs per week, and the average earning through part-time jobs is between €800  to €1,000  per month. The average tuition fee to study in Malta is between €6,000  to €7,000 . Generally, the universities in Malta offer admission in two intakes, i.e. in February and October.

The Maltese Universities offer an exciting range of courses related to digital and innovation. It is considered the easiest country to get PR after studying in Europe. With a degree from Maltese Universities, the students can enter into future industries such as gaming, blockchain, and AI. Some of the top universities in Malta for international students include University of Malta and American University of Malta.


Considering the lifestyle and great internship opportunities, Latvia is an excellent study abroad destination. It is one of the best countries to study in Europe. The Latvian universities focus on providing relevant knowledge and core practical skills. When an individual chooses to study in Latvia, they get an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and cultures. Generally, Latvian Universities offer admission in two intakes to international students: February and October. Latvia's average tuition fee cost is between €2,500  to €3,000.

Apart from a great education, the students can explore some of Latvia's world's best architecture. Some of the top universities in Latvia for international students include University of Daugavpils, University of Latvia, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, and Riga Technical University

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