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Many students search for a study abroad destination that provides education at low cost or free of cost. There are many European countries which provide education at a low price. But if the students need good exposure to culture and architecture, they can apply to Study in Italy. Most Italian universities for international students offer a rich education system and placements opportunity to the students.

Studying in Italian universities provides the students with a wide range of cultural exposure. However, Italy is famous for its top universities. There are a lot of universities in Italy which possess a good ranking and lie on the list of top 200 universities. Moreover, Europe has other countries also where students can study at affordable prices. However, students from different countries search for Italy as their study destination. , go after its prestigious MBA courses.

Why choose to study in Italy

There are exemplary reasons to choose Italy as one's study abroad destination. Italy is located on the European continent and has an exciting history. The country is situated near the Mediterranean Sea, marking the longest coastline. It has a Mediterranean climate. Thus, students will not suffer from any weather-related issues in Italy. Mostly, Italy is chosen by international students due to its affordable and low-cost fee structure.

Students also receive high scholarships in Italy, which make their education free of cost. Italy also attracts students due to its tempting cuisine and attractive tourist destination. One must visit Italy to gain a vibrant exposure to the culture. Students who love to explore architecture can also study in Italy. University in Italy offers a wide range of programs at a very economical fee structure.

Also, cities like Milan, Florence, and Rome are famous for their attractive business opportunities. All this combine provides ample reasons to choose Italy for education. It is also a prosperous country which has less population. Hence, this provides high employment opportunities to international students. Students can quickly get a high-paying jobs in Italy. Also, they can earn part-time simultaneously with their studies.

Top 5 Universities in Italy

Students always search for the top universities in any country. Italy is famous for providing free education to students. Also, the students need not pay high fees to the universities for pursuing any degree. Here are the top 5 most prestigious universities in Italy especially for Indian Students that provide affordable education. The names are:

Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome is Europe's oldest and most prestigious University. It was established in 1303 in the centre of Rome. Sapienza University is a public university in Italy. Located in the centre of Rome, it allows students to explore Rome's culture. Everything is situated very close to this University. Hence, students can easily connect with other Italian cities while studying in Sapienza.

Sapienza University is famous for its classics and ancient history courses. As it is one of the ancient universities, it provides a traditional education to the students of ancient history. Also, the University is ranked 1st worldwide for providing Ancient history courses. The University also has a top 10 ranking for its archaeological courses. Hence, students interested in the History and archaeology courses can apply to Sapienza University in Italy.

The University has a limited number of programs. It provides 40 courses for masters and 4 to 5 courses for bachelor's degrees. More than 17,000 students study at this University. Also, the University offers excellent internship opportunities to the students. Sapienza University has produced many Nobel Prize winners. Also, the University is famous for its ancient architecture. The University has an affordable fee structure ranging from 800 - 1000 euros. Students can quickly pay the tuition fee by themselves through part-time jobs in Italy.

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio is located in the beautiful city of Cassino. The University was set up in the year 1979. Hence, it is the youngest University in Italy with new technology. The University is famous for its research and practical-based education system in Italy. Also, it is the public University of casino city.

The University is famous for its engineering courses. It provides various programs in the engineering field. Courses like Civil and environmental engineering, Mechanical engineering and Telecommunication engineering are the top programs of this University. Students interested in the engineering program can apply to Cassino University. The University has a fee structure which ranges from 1000- 1500 euros. The University in Italy also provide good placement and ample internship opportunities to international students.

The University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

The University of Rome "Tor Vergata" commonly called the University of Rome II, is located in the capital city of Italy. The University was established in 1982 and is a public university in Italy. It provides research-based education to the students. Moreover, the University has more than 37,000 students on its campus. The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs to international students.

The University is ranked in the top 300 best universities in the world. Also, the University has various famous courses like law, humanities, engineering, etc. The main aim of the University is to provide high-skill education to the students. This helps them benefit from getting high-paying job opportunities in Italy. Also, scholarships are available at this University. Hence, students can apply to this University due to its low cost.

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Ca’ Foscari University or Università Ca' Foscari Venezia is the university of the 19th century. It was established in 1868 and became a full-fledged university after 100 years, i.e. 1968. Ca' Foscari University is a state university in Venice. The University is known for providing economics & business, humanities, and modern language courses. The campus of the University is well equipped and has lovely architecture.

Students interested in business and economics courses can apply to this University. The University has a good ranking worldwide. It is the 5th top University in Italy. More than 21,000 students study at Ca' Foscari University due to its rich research education system. The University has produced 6 Nobel laureates, again providing an excellent reason to study at this University. Also the cost of living in Italy is minimal as compared to other countries.

The Indian Nobel laureate Amartya Sen is an alumnus of Ca' Foscari University. He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. Also, he was the Bharat Ratna awardee in 1999, the highest civilian award in India. The University has an affordable fee structure which suits every student. However, the elgibility criteria for admission is pretty tough.

Messina University

The University of Messina is located in the Messina state of Italy. It is the most prestigious state university in Italy. It was set up in 1548 by Pope Paul III. The University has a dynamic environment and is known for its top ranking. It is ranked in the top 500 best universities in the world. Also, it possesses a ranking of 32 at the national level. The University has a large campus area in the Messina state.

Messina University was the first Jesuit University in Italy. The University has more than 27,000 students studying on its campus. Also, the University accepts many international students from all parts of the world. The University offers a number of programs for undergraduates, graduates and doctorates courses. Messina University offers more than 80 programs to students.

The University of Messina has four campuses in Messina city. All four campuses offer different programs to the students. The University is famous for providing Engineering, data science and international management courses to the students. All these courses are offered at a very affordable price ranging from 1500 to 2100 euros.

All the Italian universities provide scholarships to students if they are eligible. To know more about the Post Study, Work Permit Visa and PR in Italy you can vist our site.


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