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Being international students, most of us have the main concern of job opportunities of the desired country we dream to do our further studies. Malta is a small island which is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The culture, fabulous lifestyle, marvelous climate, and friendly environment to live in – are all that a person can wish for!!

Talking about the job opportunities, then there are numerous job opportunities with sound living standards. There are jobs in each and every sector such as banking, sales, marketing, administration, hospitality, nursing, health-related job, etc. One with good experience and expertise in the relevant field can easily attain a job with a good income. 

Why Malta Is Considered the Best Destination for Part-time/full-time Jobs for International Students?

As it's well known to everyone that Malta is a part of the Schengen countries, it's open to all the EU nationals who can stay and find work that is appropriate for them in Malta. More amazingly, the foreign students are motivated to stay in Malta and enjoy the benefits of the numerous advantages and also the lifestyle as well. It’s easy for people with adequate and relevant skills to find a job in Malta under the Malta Government’s provision.

There is no income tax on the revenue generated by the international students in Malta. Therefore, the cost of living is comparatively less in Malta in comparison to other European countries. The groceries, furniture, and domestic items are at their cheapest among the European countries.

Ways of Finding a Job in Malta

Thinking of immigrating to Malta for your job purpose? Then firstly, you need a residence permit which will be granted to you from the Malta Government. Even if you’re looking for an entry-level job, Malta has a wide number of jobs available for the job- seekers. 
There is a rapid growth in job availability in Malta and so there are thousands of job opportunities available here. Among the European region, Malta is having the lowest unemployment percentage. Finding a job in Malta is a bit difficult for the newcomers. Being from an English-speaking nation, it is not easy to attain a job in Malta as the majority of the people of Malta speak in English. So, you must have some specific skills or good working experience to hold a position. 


Required Documents

  • Appropriate application for or a job cover letter.

  • CV

  • Visa and its copy.

  • Passport along with its copy.

  • Passport size photographs.

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Job Searching Portals for International Students

Below are some of the known job portals of Malta, where you can find the latest job vacancies across Malta. You can also submit your CV for the desired post on the portal. Usually, the response rate for the application is from 0.1% to 1.0%. 

  • Malta Park

  • Times of Malta

  • Reed


  • Career Jet

  • Learn4Good

  • Just Landed

  • Overseas Jobs

  • Konnekt

  • LinkedIn


English Teaching Jobs in Malta

If you are a native English speaker, then teaching English as a job is a good option. There are some job portals that provide English teaching jobs in Malta. Some of the portals are mentioned under- 

  • Total ESL

  • Tesall

  • ESL Employment


Jobs Related to Nursing in Malta

If you’re a registered nurse and yet seeking a good job in nursing then Malta is an excellent option. Malta is hiring nurses in a very good number for various hospitals, clinics, etc. The most demanding job positions for nursing jobs are community nurse, live-in nurse, general nurse, etc. The sources where you can find nursing jobs in Malta are- 

  • Career Jet

  • Malta Recruiting Staff Nurse

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