Top 5 Scholarships in Italy for International Students

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Italy is one of the most exciting places to study abroad. It is Europe's most cost-effective and standardised study destination for various reasons. Every year, Italy hosts numerous international students.

Every second aspiring international student wants to study in Italy because of its ancient and incredible universities. Italy universities offer prestigious courses in almost every sector. In fashion, architecture and travel courses, no other country beats education in Italy.

One does not need to be financially strong to study in Italy; all one needs to do is be academically strong, as the Italian government or universities offer numerous scholarships for international students. International students can get their full tuition fees and other expenses

Italian Government Scholarships for International Students

Italian government and Universities both offer several scholarships to international students. These scholarships are sometimes higher than the total tuition fees of the student. Scholarships are provided for different types of courses; Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and PhD.

Scholarships in Italy cover various expenses for international students. Scholarships usually cover Tuition Fees, Health Insurance, and a Monthly Allowance

How to Study for Free in Italy

Some students get full-fledged scholarships in Italy that cover their tuition fees to living expenses. Not all students are eligible for this full-fledged scholarship, but they get a partial scholarship. Partial scholarships cover tuition fees to some extent and do not give any other allowance. To make up for this, one can work in Italy and get their expenses covered without depending on the family.

International studens can do part-time jobs in Italy for 20 hours per week. The average wage rate for international students is €9-€15. One can easily get to study in Italy and also afford their lifestyle by working there. One just needs to learn basic Italian to survive in Italy.

Scholarships in Italy for International Students

Various international students' scholarships in Italy can give them financial aid. It depends on the university and the type, of course, one opts for. Here are the top 10 scholarships for international students:

The Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

The students get full tuition fees covered and a monthly stipend of €1,000 in this scholarship. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched several programmes. This includes one of the top Italian scholarships to aid international students financially. This scholarship programme in Italy also aims to promote cross-border collaboration in the arts, sciences, and technology. Scholarships are available for qualified international students enrolled in various Italian universities.

Link for the Scholarship: The Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students

Students get the amount of €13,000 and a tuition fee waiver in this scholarship. This scholarship is only for students who want to pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree at the University of Bologna. Some of the students at various Italy universities are also eligible for institution-based financial help. Students must meet the requirements to get scholarships from the University of Bologna.

Some students may also be eligible for full tuition waivers for the duration of their current programmes' academic years. Anyone enrolled in First, Single, or Second Cycle Degree Programs at the University of Bologna is the only group eligible for the scholarship. To qualify for this Scholarship in Italy, the applicant must have academic credentials that satisfy the standards of the course they have chosen. When applying, students must make sure they are prepared with their paperwork. Additionally, only individuals who have never received this scholarship previously are eligible.

Link for the ScholarshipUniversity of Bologna Study Grants for International Students

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

In this scholarship, a student gets a €9,000 annual stipend and a full tuition fee waiver under this scholarship. Students applying for a bachelor's or master's degree in Italy can apply for this scholarship.

Padua University initiated this scholarship programme to provide 50 scholarships to highly qualified applicants who want to pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Since all of the courses are taught in English, many qualified international students apply for this scholarship.

The battle for this scholarship is intense because so many students apply. Students with the highest accomplishments and stellar academic records are chosen for this scholarship, which is highly exclusive. The maximum time frame for this scholarship is roughly three years for bachelor's degrees and about two years for candidates for master's degrees.

Link for the ScholarshipPadua International Excellence Scholarship Program

University of Calabria Scholarships

Only students aspiring to pursue a master's degree in Italy are eligible for this scholarship. The student gets a full-tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend in the University of Calabria Scholarship.

Italy's University of Calabria is a public institution for higher studies. It is one of the top colleges in Europe for international students and was established in 1998. Additionally, it offers a number of award programmes for different academic fields like science, engineering, the arts, the humanities, law, and economics. Scholarships are given out according to the candidate's talent and financial situation. The institution has a beautiful campus with cutting-edge academic and recreational sports facilities. Additionally, the tuition costs are low compared to other universities in Europe, making it a great option for international students studying abroad on a tight budget.

Link for the ScholarshipUniversity of Calabria Scholarships

University of Pisa Scholarships

Aspiring undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for this scholarship at the University of Pisa. The university grants €8,000 to undergraduate students and €6,000 to postgraduate students under this scholarship.

A variety of undergraduate, doctoral, and master's programmes are available at the University of Pisa. The university has nearly 80 departments spread over its 9 schools, which provide programmes in the humanities, sciences, engineering, and medicine. Highly skilled faculties teach Italian and English-language courses to students from all across the world. International students who intend to continue their education at this esteemed institution are eligible for scholarships from the university. A student must submit an online application form with an official transcript from their previous university, a personal statement, documentation of their financial need, a copy of their passport, two letters of recommendation, and official admission documentation to be considered for this Italy scholarship. The applicant must also submit an essay explaining why they want to attend the University of Pisa.

Link for the ScholarshipUniversity of Pisa Scholarships

These were just the top 5 scholarships to study in Italy for international students. One can get many other scholarships to study in Italy for free. Meridean Overseas Education Counsellors can help you in choosing the best university and suitable scholarship for you to study in Italy. Call us at 1800-1230-00011 (toll-free) or mail your queries at

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