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With the growing economy, financial literacy is one of the most basic and critical skills that everyone should have, as it gives you a basic idea of how to cope with your own finances in order to secure your future and play smartly with your finances. Also, it helps you manage daily financial-related tasks like budgeting, managing debt, saving and investing, loans, credit cards, insurance, etc. Being financially literate is one factor that determines the economic growth of a developing nation. It bridges the gap between the wealth creation journey and economic growth. There are more than 100 universities which provide Masters in Finance in the UK.

What is Masters in Finance?

A Master in Finance is a master’s degree that will equip you with all the knowledge and principles of finance. The master’s in finance itself covers a wide range of finance topics like accounting, corporate finance, financial valuation, behavioural finance, derivatives, capital markets, econometrics, financial modelling, quantitative methods, investment management, financial regulation, etc.

Postgraduates from finance programmes land some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK. After pursuing a master’s in finance, you can choose from a variety of job options such as corporate investment banker, financial analyst, financial advisor, stockbroker, etc. Apart from this, the finance course will equip you with various skills like business intelligence, analytical thinking, financial management, cash flow management, etc. It is the ideal degree for students who want to learn the techniques and principles of wealth multiplication.

Specialisations in Masters in Finance UK

Masters in Management and Finance

It is a key course in finance which prepares you to manage the finance department and financial resources. Also, it provides in-depth knowledge of the financial environment in the public and private sectors.


Master in Finance and Investment

The Master of Finance and Investment is a career-oriented programme that teaches students financial investment techniques and methods. It prepares students through traditional finance with expertise in the field of investment.


Master in Business with Finance

Studying a combination of business and finance will give you the knowledge to deal with the complexities of corporate financial management. It will also provide you with business intelligence and financial insights.


Masters in Accounting and Finance

A Masters in Accounting and Finance is a unique mix of accounting principles and financial literacy. It helps you to enter into the financial market or advisory or financial services industry as an analyst or professional accountant.


Masters in Finance and Banking

A Masters in Finance and Banking will provide you with the knowledge of how the financial system in banks is maintained. It will include the economic functions of banks, the global banking industry, wealth channels, standard activities of banks, regulations, and risk management.

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Why choose UK for a Master in finance?

UK is one of the most preferred destinations chosen by international students for finance-related courses. The students who wish to gain the practical and global aspects of financial literacy, there is no other better place to study than UK, which is often reffered to as the financial capital of the world. Finance courses offered by the various business schools in UK prepare students to evaluate and optimize assets and financial resources. Also, the universities have gained an unbreakable identity by developing significant theories. Apart from this, the postgraduate degrees from UK universities are recognised worldwide and provides you the pathway for global career. The Universities ensure that the students get jobs within the 3 months of the completion of the master in finance course. There are various top financial institutes like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google and many more, that are employing finance graduates from UK universities. The salaries of the freshers from the financial courses ranges from GBP 49,000 to 111,000 per year, depending upon the role and the job. There are numerous business schools in London that have the top finance courses in the world.

The course curriculum of most of the universities for Masters in Finance in UK, includes the foundation modules (like debt, equity, financial derivatives, portfolio risk, etc), core modules (like Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Financial Econometrics, Investments, etc), electives and projects. The course duration in UK is shorter as compared to other countries like US, and Canada, In UK universities it takes approximately an year to complete whereas in other countries it takes 2 years to complete the course. The average tuition fee for the master in finance course in UK is somewhere between 23,000 GBP - 47,000 GBP. There are many scholarships in UK universities but their grant depends uopn indivisual application. You can contact the counsellors at MOEC to get your profile evaluated and seek admission in these universities

Top Universities for Masters in Finance in UK

  • University of East London

  • De Montfort University

  • London Business School.

  • Imperial College London

  • The University of Warwick

  • University of Cambridge

  • Kings college London

  • Queen Marry University of London

  • Sheffield Hallam University

  • University of Manchester


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