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07 April 2022



The United Kingdom is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the whole world. Over six Lakhs international students study in the UK every year. Students who pursue their studies there are known to earn a lot of money. Especially in the health field, the salary is higher. There are different areas and methods to earn money in the UK.

Reasons to Study in the UK

There are several reasons why people prefer to work in the UK. Some of the reasons are:


Jobs in UK


The culture in Britain is diverse as there are people from different countries. Since there is a wide range of people, employment and business opportunities are higher



The UK economy is the fifth largest in the world and it is a global economy. They have liberalized markets, lower tax rates and control


Working Environment

He has a good working environment and little work is forced on you until it is very important. The UK is also home to giant corporations such as Rolls-Royce, Unilever, etc.
Working hours in the UK are 8 to 9 in the morning. and the working days ate from Monday to Friday.
Employees can take vacation for up to 30 days and it depends on the company they work for


Health Care

The United Kingdom has an excellent healthcare system and doctors. Public health care or hospitals are free and for certain emergencies.
Areas That Offer High-Paying Jobs:
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the needs for health services have increased rapidly. So it became a well-paid job. Apart from this, there are several fields that also offer high pay, some of them being

  • Technology
  • Investment bank
  • Management consulting
  • Social media
  • Banking

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

Medical Practitioners

Working in the medical field is a well-paying job because there is a constant need for doctors, especially during this pandemic. Apart from doctors, there are also other jobs in the medical field. The surgeons and physicians are the highest paid in this field. Doctors diagnose patients while surgeons perform surgeries.
Apart from being a doctor, there are other requirements in the medical field such as anesthesiologist, clinical director, pharmacist and much more. To work as a medical staff or a doctor in the United Kingdom you must:

  • Complete the required education qualifications and submit these documents to the General Medical Council to obtain a medical license. GMC has a record of practicing doctors in the UK.
  • You must be licensed by the UK National Health Service to practice medicine.
  • Since most medical care in the UK is in the public sector, doctors are paid by them and it is higher.


The average doctor's salary is £50,445 a year.

General Practitioner




Clinical Director


Director of Nursing






Plastic Surgeon






Medical Director


C-suite jobs

As the letter explains, the jobs here start with the alphabet C. These jobs are all about running a business, especially a senior executive. These people are responsible for running a business, making important decisions regarding the financial needs of the business, several strategies, and other crucial decisions.

The jobs in UK are:

CEO - The CEO or Managing Director is responsible for managing the overall success of the business entity and making other responsible decisions such as the legal aspects of a business

  • Degree: MBA
  • Salary: £387,435


CFO - The CFO or Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the company's financial system. They are responsible for the financial flows in the company and analyze the other financial needs of the company.

  • Degree:, ACCA
  • Salary: £1, 30,219


CMO - The CMO or Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the marketing activities in a company. They are also called the global officer or marketing manager.

  • Degree: MBA in Marketing or Business
  • Salary: £222,373


CIO - The CIO or Chief Information Officer is responsible for implementing strategy, running the business and is in charge of a company's information technology.

  • Degree: MBA in Information Technology Management
  • Salary: £100,451


COO - The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day tasks and operations of a business, reviewing corporate objectives and establishing policies.

  • Degree: MBA
  • Salary: £1, 15,972

Aviation careers

When you think of aviation jobs, the first thing that comes to mind may be a pilot or a flight attendant. Well, there are other jobs such as air traffic controller, ground crew, and other important jobs in the aviation industry where people get a high salary.



A pilot is a person who flies the aircraft and is responsible for flying the aircraft in a safe and responsible manner. This is a high demand job in the UK and it only requires people with specific qualifications. This career requires a huge investment but once you become a pilot, the salary you will receive will be higher. To become a pilot you can start your training at 18 but you must be 21 to obtain your ATPL license.
The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is required to be a co-pilot. Then you have to accumulate your flight hours to become the captain of the plane

  1. A period of 16 to 18 months of flying experience is required and two years part-time training on the modular route is available.
  2. A minimum of class two medical certificates are required.
  3. To be an international pilot, you must obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) which will be issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
  4. You must pass background checks and other physical requirements to be a pilot.
  5. You must work 39 to 41 hours per week.
  6. A background in physics and mathematics is required.
    • Pilot - £48,000
    • Captain - £54,000 to £75,000


Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe flight of aircraft in the air. They have information about the aircraft in flight and they guide them to when each aircraft should land and depart to make this process smooth and hassle-free. Being an air traffic controller is a crucial job as you will be responsible not only for air traffic control but also for passenger safety, aircraft speed and altitude, and pilot assistance. This requires specialized knowledge skills.

Required Education: Certification from an aviation authority under ICAO or Majors from a four-year course at CTI or military schools

  • Salary: £97,866


Engineering is a wide field and there are high paying jobs in the UK for aeronautical engineers, civil engineers and more. Engineers build things, and they're essential to making the world work, just like other jobs. The UK also has the best engineering universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and others.


Aeronautical Engineer

These engineers are tasked with building an aircraft which can be for military or commercial purposes. They also build spacecraft. They can be employed in the fields of technology, space, military and science.

The University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and others are some of the best universities to study aeronautical engineering in the UK.

  • Salary: £38,000
  • Education: Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are the creators of buildings, bridges and various infrastructures. They specialize in different geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, and other subjects. They have a high potential to earn more.
Imperial College London, University of Leeds, University of Cambridge and others are some of the best universities to study civil engineering in the UK.

  • Salary: £45,000
  • Education: Degree in Civil Engineering


Robotic Engineer:

Robotics is an ever-evolving field with new ideas and inventions. We need new minds in this area. These engineers can work closely with the medical field and the field of information technology. They make robots for factories and other purposes. It is a high-level professional career.
The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and others are some of the best universities to study robotic engineering in the UK.

  • Salary: £40,000
  • Education: Engineering Degree in Robotics


Data Engineer

This engineer works closely with the field of information technology. They take the data, analyze it, optimize it and facilitate its interpretation. A good knowledge of coding is important and they also develop algorithms.
The UD (University of Dundee) is one of the best universities in the UK to study this course.

  • Salary: £56,418
  • Education: Degree in science, math or in business field with knowledge of multiple programing languages.


Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers work at nuclear facility operations. They specialize in the study of nuclear power sources for spacecraft and ships. They also work in nuclear power plants. They work with radiation and nuclear energy
University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of Dundee, Imperial College London are some of the best universities to study nuclear engineering.

  • Salary: £64,350
  • Education: Science degree with nuclear engineering at postgraduate level


A lawyer is a job that requires a lot of hard work and a few years of study. It is a very rewarding career. It is now possible to be an international lawyer in the UK.

  • You must pass the Lawyers Qualifying Examinations (SQE) to become a lawyer. For more you want to know, you can check official website.
  • As a solicitor you can earn £70,321 a year and this can go up to £122.00 depending on your experience
  • You can also be part of the International Bar Association (IBA) as it is very influential and part of the conversation that is global.


A good marketing strategy is essential for the growth of a business. The Marketing Manager is one of the important business executives who work here. Sales managers and marketing managers are one of the highest paying jobs in the UK. A good diploma and professional experience are essential for this position. There are different marketing managers in a company and some of them are:


Marketing Director:

They are responsible for all of a company's marketing decisions. This includes specific marketing campaigns, plans and strategies to gain more customers. As a marketing manager, you must understand the development and new trends in the market and have good business management skills.

  • Salary: £98,700


Social Media Director:

This person is responsible for the company's social media content on various social media platforms. They are required to monitor the number of posts by the company and find what is best to provide to the clients in the daily fluctuations of the market and the economy.

  • Salary: £37,000


Advertising Director:

The advertising manager sees the advertising operations that take place in a company. They work closely with the Chief Marketing Officer. They can work in newspapers, agencies and companies. A bachelor's degree in advertising or mass communication or public relations is required. You can work in internships to gain work experience and improve your position.

  • Salary: £50,360

There are a range of career options in the UK and in every field of work there are certain jobs where you can earn more. Generally, work experience can earn you more. But studying in the UK can land you better jobs as it has several excellent universities for all fields of education.
You can also apply for a job in the UK while being in your home country. If selected, they will pay your travel expenses and this varies from company to company. Even in education,

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